DL4763A-GT3 vs DL4763C feature comparison

DL4763A-GT3 Sangdest Microelectronics (Nanjing) Co Ltd

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DL4763C Excel (Suzhou) Semiconductor Co Ltd

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Rohs Code Yes
Part Life Cycle Code Obsolete Contact Manufacturer
Package Description O-LELF-R2
Reach Compliance Code unknown unknown
Case Connection ISOLATED
Configuration SINGLE
Diode Element Material SILICON
JESD-30 Code O-LELF-R2
Number of Elements 1
Number of Terminals 2
Package Body Material GLASS
Package Shape ROUND
Package Style LONG FORM
Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel) NOT SPECIFIED
Power Dissipation-Max 0.5 W
Qualification Status Not Qualified
Reference Voltage-Nom 91 V
Surface Mount YES
Technology ZENER
Terminal Form WRAP AROUND
Terminal Position END
Time@Peak Reflow Temperature-Max (s) NOT SPECIFIED
Voltage Tol-Max 5%
Working Test Current 2.8 mA
Base Number Matches 1 1
HTS Code 8541.10.00.50

Compare DL4763A-GT3 with alternatives

Compare DL4763C with alternatives

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