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Single Color LED, Green, Water Clear, 1.1mm,

Manufacturer Wurth Elektronik
Price Range $0.1520 / $0.1770

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Very High




  • 1. United States
  • 2. India
  • 3. China
  • 4. Taiwan
  • 5. Bulgaria
  • 6. Venezuela
  • 7. Netherlands
  • 8. Hong Kong
  • 9. Latvia
  • 10. Albania

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Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • Universal Digital Interface to Absolute Position Encoders Reference Design
    TIDA-00179: The TIDA-00179 reference design is an EMC compliant universal digital interface to connect to absolute position encoders, like EnDat 2.2, BiSS®, SSI or HIPERFACE DSL®. The design supports a wide input voltage range from 15-60V (24V nom). A connector with 3.3V logic I/O signals allows for direct interface to the host processor to run the master protocol. The design allows the host processor to select between a 4-wire encoder interface like EnDat 2.2 and BiSS or a 2-wire interface with power over RS485 like HIPERFACE DSL. To meet the selected encoder's supply range, the design offers a programmable output voltage with either 5.25V or 11V. This design’s power supply offers protection against over-voltage and short circuit according to the selected encoder’s voltage range to prevent damage during a cable short. TIDA-00179 has been tested up to 100m cable length with EnDat 2.2 and 2-wire HIPERFACE DSL encoders.
  • Small 5W Wireless Power Transmitter Reference Design
    TIDA-00623: The TIDA-00623 wireless power reference design is a practical layout in a compact 1 sq inch area. The solution uses the bq500511 digital chip and bq50002 analog front end Gen3 transmitter solution, combined to provide ease of use and product quality with a cost competitive solution. The design can be used as a starting point or prototype design for customer applications such as personal electronics, industrial and medical systems.

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