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Single Color LED, Bright Green, Water Clear, 1.1mm, HALOGEN FREE, ROHS AND REACH COMPLIANT, SMD, 0603, 2 PIN

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Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • Ultrasonic Distance Measurement BoosterPack Reference Design
    TIDA-00462: The TIDA-00462 ultrasonic distance measurement reference design can measure the distance up to 99 inches with an accuracy of ±1.5 inches. The scope of this design guide is to give system designers a head-start in integrating TI’s industrial ultra-low-power MCU, analog signal conditioning, and power management technologies into their end-equipment systems. This design guide describes the principle of operation and basic design process for a low cost distance measuring system based on ultrasonic sound utilizing the MSP430 ultralow-power microcontroller. This design guide also addresses component selection, design theory, and test results of the TI Design system. All the relevant design files like Schematics, BOM, Layer plots, Altium files, Gerber and MSP430 MCU firmware are provided.
  • Small Wireless Power Transmitter for Low Power Wearable Applications
    TIDA-00334: TI design TIDA-00334 wireless power supply transmitter is an application of the bq500212A IC in a small form factor design targeted at low power wearable devices. Input voltage to the unit is 5V from a Micro USB connector. The low power design will support output power at the receiver up to 2.5W. All key transmitter circuits are laid out in a 30mm area which matches the diameter the Wurth coil P/N 760308101103. This area is slightly larger than a US Quarter or 2 Euro coin. PCB is 38mm X 76mm (1.5” X 3.0”) but area for the circuit is inside the 30mm coil diameter is about 700mm2.
  • Low Power Wearable TX Reference Design
    TIDA-00415: The TIDA-00415 is a wireless power transmitter using the bq500212A IC in a small form factor design targeted at low power wearable devices. Input voltage to the unit is 5V from a Micro USB connector. The low power design is recommended for operation with receiver (load) devices at up to 1W (5V @ 200mA).
  • 4-20mA Current Loop Transmitter Reference Design
    TIDA-00648: The TIDA-00648 TI Design is an industry standard 4-20 mA current loop transmitter. It also allows injection of FSK modulated digital data into the 4-20 mA current loop for HART communication. External protection circuitry is deployed in-place for compliance with regulatory IEC61000-4 standards – EFT, ESD and Surge requirements. EMC compliance to IEC61000-4 is necessary to ensure that the design not only survives but also performs as intended in the harsh/noisy industrial environment.
  • Electric Toothbrush Controller Reference Design
    TIDA-00602: This TI Design uses Texas Instruments’ low-voltage H-Bridge motor driver with an integrated LDO voltage regulator and an ultra-low-power microcontroller (MCU) to demonstrate a full implementation of a battery powered electric toothbrush.
  • Thermocouple AFE Using RTD or Integrated Temperature Sensor for Cold Junction Compensation (CJC)
    TIDA-00168: The sole objective of this reference design is to provide comprehensive details on how to design a simple, robust, and accurate analog front end (AFE) circuit for making precision temperature measurements with thermocouple sensors. TIDA-00168 explains the theory, operation, and complications involved in a step-by-step manner. Additionally, this reference design emphasizes topics like error analysis, the necessity of an anti-aliasing filter, biasing resistors for sensor diagnostics, CJC, linearization technique for sensor data, and the design challenges of printed circuit boards.
  • Data Isolation for Loop Powered Applications Reference Design
    TIDA-00245: The focus of this design is the bidirectional communication across an isolation for loop powered applications. The challenge of such a solution is first of all the limited size within sensor transmitters and in case of a loop powered system the overall current consumption.
  • IO-Link Sensor Transmitter Booster Pack
    TIDA-00339: This TI Design offers a rapid prototyping platform for IO-Link sensor transmitter. Thanks to its design it can be connected to TIs LaunchPad / BoosterPack ecosystem on which the fully validated IO-Link stack is implemented. The system has easy access to all interface and status signals. The different optional settings make the TI Design flexible to adjust for several use cases. With the ability to connect sensor front-ends the design can be used either as an evaluation platform of the IO-Link interface or as an entire sensor transmitter system. With the industry standard M12 connector the sub-system can be quickly connected to an IO-Link Master System. For more information on TMG: Click here.
  • Optimized Latency, Power and Memory Footprint Thermocouple Sensing Front-end Reference Design
    TIDA-00468: The TIDA-00468 Reference design shows how to build an isolated thermocouple sensing front-end with optimized power-consumption for loop powered application while: • reducing footprint from classical look-up table approach and • keeping the fast response time of linear piece wise interpolation
  • Highly Efficient Power & Data Transmission for Isolated Low Power Applications Reference Design
    TIDA-00459: TIDA-00459 provides a turnkey solution for the design and evaluation of sensor transmitters and other applications requiring isolated data transmission and isolated power conversion. The design is based on the LaunchPadTM form factor and showcases a unique power saving methode for transmitting the data accross the isolation barrier. The highly efficient on-board isolated DC/DC converter enables its use in low power applications and applications with limited input power budget like 4- to 20-mA loop powered systems. Watch a TIDA-00349 Overview video, covering the same isolated power topology as used in TIDA-00459 NOW
  • Load Switch Based Ship Mode Reference Design for Wearables
    TIDA-00556: The purpose of this design is to showcase a low power, space saving "ship mode" solution targeted specifically for wearables and other small portable electronics that can be implemented with a simple, low cost load switch.
  • 5W WPC (Qi) Compliant Wireless Power Transmitter for 5V Applications Reference Design
    TIDA-00259: This reference design showcases the bq500212A in a 5W WPC (Qi) compliant wireless power transmitter for 5V applications. The transmitter circuits are laid out in a 50mm X 50mm configuration which matches the dimensions for WPC Type A11 TX Coil. The design is Qi certified and has been certified to WPC v1.1 standard.
  • Inductive Linear Position Sensing Booster Pack Reference Design
    TIDA-00460: Typical implementations of distance measurements use expensive rare-earth magnets. To lower overall system cost, this reference design walks through the implementation of industry’s first inductance-to-digital converters from TI for linear position sensing without the use of any expensive rare-earth magnets. Linear position sensing determines the position of a target that moves laterally across an inductive sensor that is generating a magnetic field. An inductance-to-digital converter (LDC), like the LDC1000 or LDC1101, senses inductance changes of an inductor that comes into proximity with a conductive target, such as a piece of metal. The LDC measures this inductance shift to provide information about the position of a conductive target over a sensor coil. The inductance shift is caused by eddy currents generated in the target due to the magnetic field of the sensor. These eddy currents generate a secondary magnetic field that opposes the sensor field, causing a shift in the observed inductance.

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