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Reference Designs

  • Series Driver (350mA@20) for PAR30/PAR38 Light Bulb Replacement
    PMP4304: The PMP4304 is 7W TRIAC dimming LED lighting Driver with 180 to 264Vac input. It has only 50 components counts with low BOM cost,and it is TRIAC dimmable solutions without flicking. PMP4304 has a primary side that controls without opto-coupler and Constant On-time control with high power factor.
  • 220VAC in 28W Non-Isolated T8 Tube LED Driver Solution
    PMP4362: The reference design presents non-isolated LED driver solution for 28W T8 tube application. The valley switching mode controller TPS92314 is used to achieve high effiency (>93%) over input range. Inherent PFC achieves high PF>0.92. The design includes EMI driver board and LED driver board. The overall size is around 100mmx16mmx14.5mm.
  • 30W Smart Current Equalizer with color temperature selection for panel lamp application
    PMP8009: This demonstration board is aimed to drive 30W 6 channels LED system powered by constant current power supply. Thanks to the intelligent circuitry inside LM3466, the solution can provide accurate adjustable current branch equalization, well controlled current limit protection, adjustable color temperature and smart open string light intensity control. Meanwhile, the solution is power efficient and EMI friendly. It is especially suitable for street light application, eye care desk lighting and other multi-channel LED systems.
  • Universal AC input High Efficiency 18W isolated LED driver for T8 Tube. (42V @ 0.42A)
    PMP4347: This reference design demonstrates low cost, high PF LED Driver solution for T8 tube application, which includes single stage Flyback with Primary Side Regulation topology using TPS92314(SOIC-8). The input range is 85~265Vac and output is 38~42V 420mA. Typical 90% efficiency and PF>0.9.

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