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Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • Efficient, Step-down, High-power LED Driver with Strobe and Synchronization for Fire Alarms
    PMP9762: This TI Design demonstrates an efficient, step-down, high-power LED driver with strobe & synchronization for fire alarms. A 3-A LED is driven from a common, quasi-regulated 12-V input bus at over 85% efficiency. The circuit supports a clock input for the strobe function, which allows synchronization of multiple LED drivers to a common clock source. As seen at APEC
  • Envelope-Tracking Power Supply Reference Design for Audio Power Amplifiers with TPS61088
    PMP9774: This reference design delivers an envelope-tracking power supply circuit for audio power amplifier (PA) with TPS61088. By adding an audio envelope signal to the FB pin, the TPS61088’s output voltage can change in accordance with the envelope of the audio signal. So the TPS61088 provides a dynamically changing supply voltage to the PA. Thus the PA can always keep high efficiency in the whole output power range.

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