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RF Small Signal Bipolar Transistor, 0.8A I(C), 1-Element, Very High Frequency Band, Silicon, NPN, TO-18, METAL CAN-3

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Part Number Description Manufacturer Compare
2N2222 Transistors Small Signal Bipolar Transistor, 0.8A I(C), 30V V(BR)CEO, 1-Element, NPN, Silicon, TO-18, Central Semiconductor Corp 2N2222 vs 2N2222
Part Number Description Manufacturer Compare
2N2222 Transistors Small Signal Bipolar Transistor, 0.8A I(C), 30V V(BR)CEO, 1-Element, NPN, Silicon, TO-18, Central Semiconductor Corp 2N2222 vs 2N2222

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  • 1. India
  • 2. United States
  • 3. Slovenia
  • 4. China
  • 5. Azerbaijan
  • 6. Ghana
  • 7. Faroe Islands
  • 8. Netherlands
  • 9. Canada
  • 10. Gabon

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Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • High Resolution, Portable Light Steering Reference Design using DLP Technology
    DLP4500-C350REF: This reference design, featuring the DLP® 0.45” WXGA chipset and implemented in the DLP® LightCrafter™ 4500 evaluation module (EVM), enables flexible control of high resolution, accurate patterns for industrial, medical, and scientific applications. With a free USB-based GUI and API, developers can easily integrate TI’s innovative digital micromirror device (DMD) technology with cameras, sensors, motors, and other peripherals to create highly differentiated 3D machine vision systems, 3D printers, and augmented reality displays.
  • 220W Synchronous 4 Switch Buck-Boost Converter
    PMP9490: PMP9490 is a 225W four Switch Buck –Boost Design utilizing best in Class Synchronous Buck Boost Converter LM5175. The design accepts an input voltage of 9.5Vin to 20Vin and provides the outputs of 15V@15 A for Constant Voltage Output Application such as Voltage stabilizer or as Power amplifier SMPS, 10.8V to 15V@12.5A for CC/CV Battery Charger application, and 12.5 A for Constant Current LED Drive application. It features an inexpensive and more efficient solution to using discrete Buck and boost converters. The average current regulation loop of the IC at the output is used for Battery Charging profiling with no external circuit being involved.
  • Powering the TMS320DM335 and TMS320DM355 with the TPS650061
    PR2047: Low cost integrated power solution for TI - DM335/355 processors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: Where can I find a 2N2222 pinout diagram?

    A: Pin Configuration: more

  • Q: How do I connect a 2N2222 to Arduino?

    A: Your transistor is backwards. The reason you are getting 4.7 volts is because of the PN junction between the base and emitter in the transistor. When D8 is high, this junction is forward biased and drops about 0.7 volts. Try something like this: more

  • Q: Is there a 2N2222 SMD equivalent?

    A: The 2N2222 (NPN) and 2N2907 (PNP) are complementary transistor pairs. more

  • Q: Where can I find an equivalent of the 2N2222 transistor?

    A: This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:0000-00011-049, 00002SC373, 00002SC537, 00002SC735, 00002SC828, 00002SC870, 00002SC870A, 00002SC870B, 00002SC870C, 000-04, 000073090, 000073100, 000073120, 000073130, 000073230, 000073231, 000073290, 000073310, 000073332, 000073333, 000073390, 000073391, 0002SC373, 0002SC458B, 001-02118, 001-021211, 0044028-014, 0044028-14, 0103-0531-4460, 0103-0531/5462, 0103-0531-6438, 01030710, 01031687, 01-117001, 011219-000, 011306-000, 01-209014, 01-209023, 01-349423, 02-524, 029-JA, 029-LL, 029-RT, 03008-1, 03A07, 03AO2, 03AO3, 03AO7, 04440028-002, 04440028-007, 0444028-010, 0444028-014, 05320023, 05320074, 05-500310, 05-508534, 06120096, 087-1(SYL), more

  • Q: What is the 2N2222 current Beta gain?

    A: DC Current Gain (hfe) - 100 to 300 more

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