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5000 Keystone Electronics Corp

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5000 Keystone Electronics Corp Interconnection Device

Pbfree Code Yes
Rohs Code Yes
Part Life Cycle Code Active
Reach Compliance Code compliant
Contact Finish Termination Silver (Ag)
JESD-609 Code e4

Resources and Additional Insights

Reference Designs

  • TIPD114 1KHz 交流、1mW、18 位、1Msps 条件下的数据采集
  • Wide Vac input Flyback with an Integrated MOSFET Reference Design
    This reference design uses an off-line switcher with an integrated MOSFET to provide 5 V and 200 mA output from an ultra-wide 40-VAC to 270-VAC input. The board is in a small form factor of 30 mm × 41 mm × 12 mm with minimized populated parts.
  • PMP5665 MR16 LED 更换
    “PMP5665 是 MR16 卤素灯泡的替代品,具有 350mA(约 18V) 的稳压输出电流。该设计基于 TPs40211 的工作电压为 12V AC 和 7-20V DC。”
  • PMP2796 负输出反激,130mA 时 5V 输入至 -150V,使用 UCC3813
    PMP2796 uses the UCC3813 low side driver to create a negative output flyback converter. This flyback is a non-isolated version that generates a high voltage negative output.
  • Low Voltage Flyback Converter Provides 5KV Isolation Reference Design
    This isolated flyback converter provides a regulated 5V @ 1A output from a low voltage input (3.5V - 5.5V). The PMP8871 is built on the TPS55340 boost converter EVM.
  • Boost Converter (2.5V to 3.6V to 4.1V@2.4A)
    This very small 10W sync. Boost converter has an almost flat efficiency through the load (96% full load: 3.6Vin) and showing still 92% efficiency at 20mW load: 3.3Vin.
  • Range boost converter reference design to drive two strings of automotive LEDs
    This wide input voltage range boost operates from an input of 9V - 32V and regulates current in two strings of 13 LEDs. A second control loop monitors and regulates the input current during drop outs or faults. Discrete linear regulators at the bottom of each string control the individual string current while feedback minimizes the output voltage based on the LED voltage mismatch or shorts. This low cost design operates at near 94% efficiency.
  • Flybuck Power Supply Using LM5017: Primary 5V@0.25A Output: Secondary 15V@0.1A Output
    This reference design uses the LM5017 Flybuck regulator to generate two outputs: one on the primary side is 5V at 250mA: and the other on the isolated secondary is 15V at 100mA. The input range is from 17V to 32V.
  • 2.5A Dual-Input Single Cell Switchmode Li-Ion Battery Charger with Power Path Reference Design
    This reference design is a complete charger solution for evaluating compact: flexible: high-efficiency: USB-friendly: switch-mode charge management solution for single-cell: Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries used in a wide range of portable applications. The solution integrates a synchronous PWM controller: power MOSFETs: input-current sensing: high-accuracy current and voltage regulation: charge termination and power path management into a small WCSP package.
  • PMP4334 具有 DHC 功能的 110W 交流输入、6 通道可调光 LED 驱动器
    PMP4334 is the combo solution that provides single stage PFC and 6-channel LED drivers total solution with 110W output power. It delievers 350mA/channel with typical 50V output voltage. Overall PF>0.95 is achieved with the help of TM PFC UCC28810. Dynamic headroom control(DHC) feature of LM3463 controls DC input from UCC28810 and achieves high efficiency > 90% over wide range. It also presents good dimming linearity and accuracy. PMP4334 provides the dimming interface which can also support wireless dimming mode.
  • TIDEP0008 PROFINET 通信开发平台
    Targeted for PROFINET slave communications, this development platform allows designers to implement PROFINET communications standards in a broad range of industrial automation equipment. It enables low foot print designs in applications such as industrial automation, factory automation or industr
  • 4-Switch Buck-Boost Delivers High Transient Power for Wireless Base Station Reference Design
    This four switch buck-boost converter functions as both a buck or a boost: with a smooth transition between modes. It delivers a 28V (typical) output voltage at 2-3A continuous (4.5A peak) from a 22V-32V input.
  • PMP15022 适用于工业红外 LED 应用的高级可调光降压 LED 驱动器参考设计
    此 TI 参考设计展示的 TPS92515 小尺寸 LED 驱动器经过优化,可为工业相机和其他普通照明设计驱动 5 个红外 (IR) LED。它可以通过 24V 输入源驱动高达 1A 一直到高达 9.5V 的 LED 负载。此设计的降压拓扑的实现方式为次级 LED 驱动器,因此可提供一种简单、高性能且具有成本效益的照明解决方案。其他设计灵活性包括模拟和 PWM 调光(包括分流 FET 调光)支持以及 EMI 滤波(旨在满足 FCC 第 15 部分 B 类传导要求)。
  • PMP4011_1V5 3.3V 输入、1.5V/0.5A 输出、1.5MHz 同步降压
    此参考设计使用 TPS62510 1.5MHz 同步降压转换器从 3.3V 电源产生 1.5V 输出电压。这种紧凑型设计效率可达 91%,且输出波纹电压低于 10mVpp。
  • 9 to 36Vin: 24Vout at 0.85A: 20.4W SEPIC Reference Design
    The PMP5647 single-ended primary-inductor converter (SEPIC) reference design based on the TPS40210 controller. It operates over a 9V to 36V input range and delivers 24V at 0.85A maximum output current.
    This haptic driver reference design for LRA and ERM motors helps eliminate the design complexities of haptic motor control with features like reduced solution size, high efficiency output drive, closed-loop motor control, quick device startup and auto-resonance frequency tracking. This reference
  • PMP10202 面向电信应用的 56W 有源钳位
    This reference design provides 28V out of 48V input voltage to supply noise sensitive loads
  • DM368IPNC-MT5 达芬奇 DM368 IP 网络摄像机参考设计
    Texas Instruments offers multiple highly optimized reference designs based on the TMS320DM3x DaVinciT video processors for the IP camera market to enable developers to speed through the design process as well as reducing overall bill of materials costs.
  • PMP9643 用于工业轨的 24V 离线反激电源
    24V Output, Constant Voltage / Constant Current, 65W Flyback power supply with 130W surge capability. Primary side regulation eliminates feedback opto-coupler and provides 1% regulation down to no-load. Average efficiency of > 89% and no load power of < 70mW are achieved. Voltage input rang
  • PMP5610 微控制器电源
    Simple, low power, dual output supply w/ TPS54060 to supply low power DSPs, ASICs or similar outputs from wide input voltage range.
  • PMP7376 52V-60Vdc 输入、12V/22A 有源钳位正向
    此参考设计可从 54V DC 输入生成 12V/21.7A 输出。UCC2897A 可控制有源钳位正向转换器功率级。CSD18531Q5A 的低栅极和低导通电阻用作自驱同步整流器,可允许此设计实现接近 95% 的最大负荷效率。此设计布局在与 1/4 砖型模块类似的封装中。
  • PMP7004 36V 至 75V 输入,26V 至 33V 输出 (1A)
    30W telecom active clamp forward converter w/ 4-bit VID i/f to modulate output voltage in a range 26Vdc to 33Vdc
  • PMP6588 通用 AC 输入音频电源 24V/30Wavg (70Wpk) (3.3V (100mA))
    此参考设计可为 70W(峰值)音频系统提供紧凑型电源解决方案。该电源可接受通用交流输入,并采用 UCC28610 准谐振反激式控制器来产生 24V 隔离输出。此外,还提供辅助的 5V/1.5A 和 3.3V/0.1A 输出。该设计可为 30W 持续负荷以及 70W 高峰负荷供电,效率最高可达 85%。
  • PMP9009 具有 23-56V 输入电压、5V 输出/0.6A 的高效初级侧稳压反激
    PMP9009 has been designed as a competitive open-frame alternative for the communications market with 23-56Vin to 5Vout/0.6A. PMP9009 has a basic insulation system from input to output making it suitable for a wide variety of applications. UCC28700 is used as the controller for primary-side regulation Flyback converter. PMP9009 has a 81% converter efficiency.
  • SEPIC (14.4V@3.2A) for LED Lighting
  • TIPD105 交流耦合比较器,输入 2kHz 至 32MHz
  • 55V-90VDC Input: 12V/5A Active Clamp Forward
    This reference design uses the UCC2897A active clamp controller to generate an isolated 12V/60W output from a 55V to 90V input. Synchronous rectifiers allow this converter to achieve efficiencies up to 93%.
  • TIDA-01378 适用于上行 DOCSIS 3.1 应用的宽带接收器参考设计
    此参考设计包括用于宽带接收器应用的模拟前端 (AFE) 信号链,其中使用 LMH2832 数字控制可变增益放大器 (DVGA) 和 ADS54J40 模数转换器 (ADC)。此设计主要针对适用于电缆调制解调器终端系统 (CMTS) 的上游 DOCSIS 3.1 接收器应用,并支持高达 196 MHz 的上游信号带宽。该电路满足了 DOCSIS 3.1 标准的滤波和模拟信号处理要求,使得系统设计人员更容易将设计立即整合在上游信号路径的 CMTS 侧。
  • 12Vin: 1.2V/1.7A Low Cost: Small Form Factor: Synchronous Buck Reference Design
    This reference design generates a 1.2V output from a 12V input: using the TPS562209 synchronous buck converter.  This converter uses the DCAP2 control method to minimize output capacitance while eliminating feedback compensation components and still providing an excellent load transient response.  The converter switches at 650kHz.  The peak efficiency of this design is 83%.
  • Boost: 100.0V @ 10mA
    A non-synchronous boost converter with high output voltage and low current.
  • DRV8824EVM DRV8824 评估模块
    The DRV8824EVM is a stepper motor controller evaluation module that includes device, cabling and software to ease the evaluation of the device when driving a customer's motor.
  • 6.6 kW: bi-directional: dual-active-bridge CLLLC resonant converter reference design
    This reference design is a 6.6 kW: bi-directional: dual-active-bridge resonant converterdesign that allows 380 VDC to 600 VDC input and 280 VDC to 450 VDC output. This design uses the C2000 micro-controller TMS320F280049 along with silicon-carbide (SiC) driver UCC21530-Q1 to drive bridges both on primary and secondary sides. The design implements the daughter card approach to the C2000 controller (TMDSCNCD280049C) and SiC drivers (PMP21553 and PMP21561) and applies a Rogowski coil for synchronous rectifier (SR) optimization along with high bandwidth OpAmp LMV116MF. With 500 kHz resonant frequency and 300 kHz~700 kHz operational frequencies: this design is able to reach peak 98% efficiency.
  • TIDA-01347 采用 TI DLP® 技术的 4K 超高清高亮显示参考设计
    4K 超高清显示参考设计为 DLP Cinema® 技术新兴应用(如数字标牌、激光电视以及办公或教育投影仪,这些应用需要具有成本效益的高分辨率解决方案来实现大而明亮的数字显示效果)带来了成熟可靠的性能。由于可提供高于竞争产品两倍的像素水平,DLP 微镜技术的先进图像处理和高速开关功能可在屏幕上实现 830 万像素的分辨率,为任何场景呈现清晰而细腻的图像。无论是独立显示系统还是嵌入到现有设计中,完整的参考设计和开发指南都可以加速显示产品的创新。
  • TIDA-00236 用于 PLC 的低侧栅 0.5A、8 通道数字输出模块
    Digital Output Modules are a standard component in a PLC/PAC or DCS to control actuators, motors and other resistive, capacitive or inductive loads. Customers will benefit from this integrated protected low side drivers and the low pin count control interface which saves pins and isolation channe
  • Reference design synchronizing data converter DDC and NCO features for multi-channel RF systems
    This reference design provides the solution for synchronization design challenges associated with emerging 5G adapted applications like massive multiple input multiple output (mMIMO): phase array RADAR and communication payload. The typical RF front end contains antenna: low noise amplifier (LNA): mixer : local oscillator (LO) in analog domain and analog to digital converter: numerical controlled oscillator (NCO) and digital down converter (DDC) in digital domain. To achieve overall system synchronization these digital blocks need to be synchronize with system clock. This reference design uses ADC12DJ3200 data converter: achieve less than 5-ps channel-to-channel skew across multiple receiver with deterministic latency by synchronizing on chip NCO with SYNC~ and uses noiseless aperture delay adjustment (tAD Adjust) feature to further reduce skew. This design also provides a very low phase noise clocking solution based the LMX2594 wide band PLL and the LMK04828 synthesizer and jitter cleaner.
  • DUALOUTPUT-ISOFLYBACK-REF 双路输出隔离反向设计:5V(0.2A)、12V(2.1A),具有2 路 addl 输出 3.3V(0.5)、5V(0.5A)
    This design utilizes the LM5020 Current Mode PWM Controller configured in a dual output Flyback converter.  This isolated design operates at 300 kHz and uses a custom transformer to convert the input voltage, via flyback action, to an output voltage level of 12V at 2.1A, as well as produce a
  • PMP4791 55Vdc-80Vdc 输入、2 通道 350mA LED 驱动器(10V 至 50V 灯串)
    此参考设计包含两个相同的 LED 驱动器。每个电路均在 350mA 时驱动 10V 至 50V 串联的 LED。输入范围为 55VDC 至 75VDC。TPS40210 升压控制器用于“反向”降压拓扑,提供简单、低成本的解决方案。此电路包括使能端、PWM 调光、电流微调和电流感应功能,用于与外部微处理器连接的接口。
  • TPS54040A Inverting Buck/Boost Reference Design
    This reference design operates within 12-V to 20-V input voltage and delivers -14 V/200 mA at the output.
  • PMP8727 具有 1.2V/400mA 输出的降压转换器
    This design is a synchronous buck converter providing 1.2V @ 400mA from an input voltage of 3.3V.
    This Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reference design outlines the required components, layout considerations, and provides firmware examples to implement RFID into applications for extracting RFID data from transponders. RFID enables access control, prepayment, and inventory management. Th
  • PMP8678 高输入电压 (184Vac…707Vac)、12V/1A、3.3V/100mA 输出、非隔离反激参考设计
    The UCC28720 is a quasi resonant controller and is specialized to drive high voltage BJTs. When the drain voltage is higher than 1KV, BJTs are the best choice for low to mid power flyback converters. In this case two voltages are supplied: 12V@1A and 3.3V@100mA.
  • PMP5212 反向 (12V@1A)
    The PMP5212 reference design uses the UCC28610 green-mode flyback controller to generate an isolated 12V/1A from a universal AC input source. The maximum load efficiency is over 85%, while the no load power consumption is less than 150mW.
  • 150W 51.5V Bus Voltage Generator
    A transition mode (TM) Boost PFC and a TM Buck deliver from high line a clean 80mA current to a LED string: max. voltage 312V. The PCB board has been developed to fit into a T8 fluorescent tube: suitable for retrofit purpose. A PWM dimming input is also included.
  • PMP6703 240W 同步降压转换器,可实现 98% 的效率
    此参考设计使用 TPS40170 同步降压模式控制器,以便将 24V 标称(最大 35V)输入步降至 12V/20A。外部控制信号可以允许电路在空载或接近空载时进入滞回模式操作,从而将输入电流降低为低于 1mA。此转换器可实现全负荷时接近 98% 的效率。
  • PMP5711 用于模块替换的电信总线转换器
    Highest performance, highest power 175W telecom active clamp forward, 5V @35A w/ lowest form factor
  • Class 4- 3.3V/7.6A Active Clamp Forward Converter Reference Design for PoE Applications
    This converter reference design is used for Class 4 PoE applications where high efficiency is required. The active clamp forward converter with synchronous rectifiers provides excellent efficiency and small size for PoE applications such as a wireless access point. The TPS23754 contains both the PoE Powered Device and the PWM controller functions.
  • PMP7931 标称输入电压为 12V,输出电压为 50V/0.8A 的隔离型反激转换器 - 参考设计
    PMP7931 is an isolated flyback converter accepting an input voltage of 12Vin +/-10% and providing an isolated 50Vout capable of supplying up to 0.8A of current to the load.
  • PMP7848 多路输出反激转换器 (-24V@.7A)
    This is a flyback converter with an input voltage range of 10.8V-to-14.4Vin and three outputs: 80Vout @ 0.4A, -58Vout @ 0.7A, and -24Vout @ 0.7A
  • PMP5327 用于数字音频的 PFC、谐振半桥接、降压 (PFC, 42V@6A)
    PMP5327 参考设计可在通用交流输入电压范围内提供带有功率因数校正的 42V/6A 输出。该设计采用 UCC28019A 控制前端 PFC 升压级。 PFC 输出后面是 UCC25600 LLC 谐振半桥接。输入至输出的总效率达 92% 以上(230VAC 输入)和 89% 以上(115VAC 输入)。该电源还生成了额外的 12V/250mA 输出。
  • Inverting SEPIC reference design for noise sensitive loads
    This reference design is an inverting SEPIC (Cuk) Converter powering 50-W continuous and up to 70-W peak. The used Cuk topology provides continuous currents at input and output: which allows the lowest conducted emissions in both directions.  Compared to an inverting flyback radiated emissions are low as well due to no RF ringing at the switch node.
  • 15-W: wide-input flyback reference design
    This reference design uses a UCC28742 flyback controller and an ATL432LI shunt reference to produce an isolated 24-V output capable of 0.625 A from an 85-V to 480-Vac input. All components are placed on one side of the board to reduce complexity and cost. The design can achieve 80% efficiency across various input conditions.
  • Universal input reference design for 12-V lead acid battery charger
    This reference design takes a Universal AC input (85 VAC - 265 VAC) and converts to a 17.5-V isolated output using a PSR flyback topology. It is then followed by a battery charger circuit: which outputs up to 15 V to a lead acid battery. This is a fast-charge design capable of delivering 12 V @ 2.5 A (30 W) to the battery.
  • TIDA-00320 用于 PLC 的 8 通道并行 0.5A 低侧数字输出模块
    Digital Output Modules are a standard component in a PLC/PAC or DCS to control actuators, motors and other resistive, capacitive or inductive loads. Customers will benefit from this integrated protected low side driver with parallel interface as it makes the MCU interface easy to test together wi
  • TIDA-00271 采用远程摄像机和雷达模块的 ADAS 传感器互连参考设计板
    The ADAS Sensor Interconnect Board is intended for applications where remote sensors like cameras, LIDAR or radar modules need to be connected to a central processing ECU. The board supports up to 3 coaxial and 1 LVDS twisted pair data inputs as well as 3 FMC cable and 1 board to board connector
  • PMP8571 Altera Cyclone V (Cyclone 5) SOC 的电源 (.75V@.75A)
    PMP8571 is an easy to use power solution designed using integrated inductor power modules for Altera’s Cyclone 5 FPGA. This design used TPS84621 and TPS84320 along with TPS51200 to generate 5 rails to power the FPGA.
  • TMDSSGI-EVML138 智能电网基础设施评估模块 (SGI EVM)
    Smart Grid Infrastructure (SGI) Evaluation Module is based on OMAPL138/AM1808 as the main processor and has interface capability with C2000 PLC and Low Power RF modules which are sold separately. This evaluation module is a development platform for smart grid infrastructure applications including data concentrator, power analytics, quality monitoring, circuit breakers, power protection, substation and power automation.
  • Sepic: 7.8V @ 0.8A
    A Sepic converter with wide input voltage range and an output of 7.8V @ 0.8A.
  • 108-VDC - 411-VDC Input non-isolated flyback reference design
    This offline flyback reference design uses the UCC28910 controller to generate 2 non-isolated outputs (6.5 V at 600 mA: 15 V at 67 mA) from a DC input (108 VDC - 411 VDC). The UCC28910 incorporate a 700-V power FET and a high-voltage current source for startup to achieve low stand-by power. The valley-switching technique reduces switching losses and keeps the efficiency high. The controller provides constant-voltage and constant-current regulation without the use of an optical-coupler.
  • Automotive input range (10V - 50V) SEPIC LED driver
    This reference design uses the TPS40211 current mode controller in a SEPIC converter to regulate the current in a series string of 12 to 14 LEDs (44V) at 0.5A. Efficiency is greater than 88%.
  • Safety power supply for motor drives reference design
    This reference design implements a safe-power supply for powering up microcontrollers in an architecture featuring two MCUs. The design has several protection features including overvoltage protection and short circuit protection to prevent the MCUs from getting damaged. The DC/DCs: LMR36515 and LMR36015 convert the 5-V and 12-V rail into 3.3 V: which is monitored by the TPS3703 and TPS3702 voltage monitors respectively.
  • PMP5123 "8V-36V Input 12V/7A; 93% Efficient Active Clamp Forward
    This reference design generates an isolated 12V/7A output from an 8V to 36V DC input.  The UCC2897A controls an active clamp forward converter power stage.  The low gate charge and low RDSon of the CSD19533Q5A and CSD19534Q5A allow this design to achieve a max load efficiency over 93%,
  • TIDA-00527 RS-485 总线供电参考设计
    This design demonstrates the implementation of a buspowered RS-485 application and allows to evaluate different filters for the DC power. This saves the cost and space for a separate power wiring.
  • TIPD215 具有自适应电源管理功能、功耗低于 1W 的四通道模拟输出模块参考设计
    该四通道模拟输出模块使用高度集成的 DAC8775 数模转换器 (DAC) 提供电压和电流输出。集成的自适应电源管理以及 LM5166 降压转换器可以将参考设计的总功耗降低至低于 1W,即使在以 20mA 的电流同时驱动全部四个通道时也是如此。
  • High efficiency boost converter power supply reference design for automotive DC/AC inverter
    This single-phase boost converter operates over an input voltage range of 120 V - 350 V and provides a non-isolated output of 221 V / 0.87 A. Input voltages above 221 V are passed through to the output. With an efficiency of greater than 97%: component losses are reduced: which results in lowers operating temperatures and minimal heat sink requirements. 
  • PMP11399 面向企业级以太网交换机的 PMBus 电源系统参考设计
    PMP11399 is a complete PMBus power system for 3 ASIC/FPGA cores, DDR3 core memory, VTT termination, and auxiliary voltages commonly found on high-performance Ethernet Switches. The hardware is accompanied by a GUI that allows the user to perform real-time configuration and monitoring of the power
  • 20-W: 2-switch buck boost reference design with variable output voltage
    This reference design uses the LM25118-Q1. The input voltage is between 9 V and 16 V (withstanding pulse to 32 V). The output voltage is variable from 2 V to 18 V by means of a DAC control input. If the DAC control input is left open: the output voltage is about 13.26 V. With shorted DAC control input: the output voltage is around 18 V.
  • Tiny -60-V cuk reference design for automotive applications
    This tiny reference design delivers -60-V output voltage from an input voltage around 5 V. It is typically generated by an automotive pre regulator. The LM5001-Q1 is the controller: TLV271-Q1 converts the negative output voltage to be suitable for positive feedback (FB) input of the LM5001.  In general: this converter is used as auxiliary supply for LIDAR applications.
  • TIDA-00229 用于保护继电器、MCCB 和 ACB 的自供电/双路供电电流或辅助直流电源参考设计
    This power supply solution for Protection Relays & MCCBs handles both the current input from a Current Transformer (CT) or input from an Auxillary (Aux) source. The "self-powered" capability comes from being able to harness the power available in the grid through the CT. The flexibility of th
  • Small: Efficient Power Supply Reference Design for Altera&trade; MAX&reg; 10 FPGA for up to 125&deg;C
    TIDA-01366 (also known as PMP9799) was designed for Altera's MAX® 10 FPGA. This reference design uses three DC/DC converters to power the MAX-10 cost-effectively. This design supports numerous industrial applications and any application that requires a small: high efficiency: high-temperature power supply.
  • 200-V at 400-mA LED lighting from a 24-V input reference design
    This boost LED reference design uses the UCC28C42 controller to generate a non-isolated output (200-V at 400-mA) from a DC input (20-V - 28-V). The UCC28C42 provides a cost effective and precise constant-current regulation and is able to drive a 400-mA LED string up to a LED voltage of 200-V. An open LED protector circuitry provides overvoltage protection.
  • TIPD116 用于 ECG 系统、离散 LEAD I ECG 实现的数据采集模块
  • TIDA-00525 具有无传感器正弦控制的 12V BLDC 服务器风扇
    This is a reference design for a 12V 3-phase brushless DC fan, intended for server cooling applications.  It is based on a single IC controller, the DRV10975, which drives sensorless BLDC motors with sinusoidal current that minimizes acoustic noise and torque ripple.  The design require
  • PMP11328 用于基站应用中 Xilinx Ultrascale+ ZU9EG FPGA 内核电源轨的 30A PMBus 参考设计
    The PMP11328 is a high power density 30A PMBus power supply meeting the Xilinx Ultrascale+ ZU9EG FPGA core rail power specifications for Base Station Remote Radio Unit (RRU) applications. The power supply regulates 0.85V for the core rail at 25A in 55mm x 40mm total power supply PCB area. PMBus c
  • PMP7996 10.8V 至 13.2V 输入电压;0.9V 输出电压 (30A);非隔离型同步降压转换器
    A single-phase synchronous buck converter accepting an input voltage of 10.8Vin to 13.2Vin and providing an output of 0.9Vout capable of supplying 30A of output current.
  • TIDA-00403 采用 TLV320AIC3268 miniDSP 编解码器的超声波测距参考设计
    The TIDA-00403 reference design uses off-the-shelf EVMs for ultrasonic distance measurement solutions using algorithms within the TLV320AIC3268 miniDSP. In conjunction with TI’s PurePath Studio design suite, a robust and user configurable ultrasonic distance measurement system can be design
  • PMP5353 用于无线电控制 LED 灯泡的 SEPIC 和 LDO (3.3V@40mA; 15V@2mA)
    PMP5353 参考设计在不到 1 平方英寸的电路板空间中,从 120VAC/60Hz 输入提供非隔离 3.3V(电流:40mA)和 15V(电流:2mA)。该设计使用 UCC38C44 来控制 SEPIC 拓扑。SEPIC 钳位电容减少 MOSFET 排出上的振荡,并重新捕捉泄漏能量来改善效率。TPS72901 LDO 用于最小化 3.3V 输出上的噪声。
  • SEPIC (12V@1.5A) for Access Points
    This SEPIC converter provides a regulated 12V output from a 9V – 24V input and achieves efficiency greater than 92%. Possible applications include wireless: telecom and automotive.
  • TIDM-HAHSCPTO 高度可用的高速计数器 (HSC) 和脉冲序列输出 (PTO) 参考设计
    此 TI 参考设计为有关运动控制的两种不同工业 IO 功能提供了参考解决方案(固件和测试平台):高速计数器 (HSC) 和脉冲序列输出 (PTO)。此参考设计基于适合在高可用性和/或功能安全也属于重要要求的工业应用中使用的微控制器平台。
  • TIDA-00227 用于保护继电器的小尺寸 12W 超宽范围电源 - 参考设计
  • TIDA-00928 采用光纤或双绞线接口、符合 EMI/EMC 标准的 10/100Mbps 以太网砖型模块参考设计
    这一以太网砖型参考设计提供了一种简化的解决方案,因而无需多个铜线或光纤接口板。该设计采用小尺寸、低功耗的 10/100Mbps 以太网收发器来减小板尺寸,提供成本优化且可扩展的解决方案,降低高温工业应用的功耗。DP83822 提供发送和接收数据所需的所有物理层功能—无论是通过标准双绞线电缆,还是连接至外部光纤(SC 或 ST 或 SFP)收发器。此设计可采用固定或可编程的 LDO 为模拟和 IO 电源配置不同的供电水平。砖型结构通过内部 MAC 连接到 TM4C129X TIVA™ MCU。此设计依照 IEC61000-4 标准级别 4 针对辐射发射、ESD 和 EFT 进行了测试。
  • PMP20550 配有两条隔离式电压轨的汽车类输入 SEPIC 电源参考设计
    PMP20550 是一种简单的设计,使用 SEPIC 产生 3 个电源轨,其中 2 个与输入电源隔离。此设计完全使用汽车级 IC 和磁性元件。PMP20550 参考设计采用可选组件设计而成,允许用户根据需要调整输出电压精度。
  • PMP15004 具有模拟和 PWM 调光功能的 7.5W、1.25A 汽车类降压 LED 驱动器参考设计
    此 TI 参考设计展示的 TPS92515HV-Q1 小尺寸 LED 驱动器经过优化,可为雾灯设计驱动两个 LED。降压拓扑的实现方式为直连到电池的单级 LED 驱动器,因此形成一种简单而具有成本效益的照明解决方案。额外的设计灵活性包括模拟和 PWM 调光支持,以及逐周期电流限制和集成式热关断保护。此设计包含 EMI 滤波,旨在满足 CISPR-25 3 类传导要求。
  • PMP5191 用于组网的反向 (5V@2A)
    The PMP5191 reference design uses the UCC28600 green-mode controller to generate a 5V/10W regulated output. The quasi-resonant switching of the UCC28600 allows this low-cost design to achieve maximum load efficiency over 78%, while the no load losses are less than 175mW.
  • TIDA-00252 基于电压的电量监测计参考设计
    The Texas Instruments bq27621-G1 is an easy to configure microcontroller peripheral that provides system-side fuel gauging for single-cell Li-ion batteries. This device requires minimal user configuration and system microntroller development. The design will provide State of Charge indication for
  • TIPD107 低电平 V-I 转换器,0V-5V 输入至 0uA-5uA 输出
  • 156-VAC - 440-VAC input magnetically resistant anti-tamper flyback reference design
    This offline flyback reference design uses the UCC28740 controller to generate an isolated output (12 V at 1 A) from a wide AC input (156 VAC - 440 VAC). The design was developed to be resistant to large magnetic fields (200mT) near the transformer. The transformer: the frequency and modulation modes were optimized for improved magnetic resistance.
  • PMP4856 针对小型尺寸优化的 TPS54418 参考设计
    The PMP4856 reference design uses the TPS54418 DC/DC converter and features a double-sided, small form factor layout requiring only 65 square millimeters of board space. The design is optimized for a 3.3 V input and 1.8 V output, and contains all necessary external components, includin
  • TIDA-00519 65W 高效 CoC-5 tier2/DOE VI 级交流适配器
    This is a high efficiency 65W AC/DC design for a Universal input (85Vac to 265Vac) to 19.5V @3.33A output exceeding CoC-5 Tier2 and DOE Level VI requirements for external power supplies using the LM5023 Quasi-Resontant Flyback Controller with UCC24630 Synchronous Rectification Controller and CSD1
  • TIPD103 桥接负载 V-I 转换器,0.5 至 4.5 V 输入,+/- 2A 输出,5% 误差
  • 12.8-GSPS analog front end reference design for high-speed oscilloscope and wide-band digitizer
    This reference design provides a practical example of interleaved RF-sampling analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) to achieve a 12.8-GSPS sampling rate. This is achieved by time-terleaving two RF-sampling ADCs. Interleaving requires a phase shift between the ADCs: which this reference design achieves using the Noiseless Aperture Delay Adjustment (tAD Adjust) feature of the ADC12DJ3200. This feature is also used to minimize mismatches typical of interleaved ADCs: maximizing SNR: ENOB: and SFDR performance. A low phase noise clocking tree with JESD204B support is also featured on this reference design: and it is implemented using the LMX2594 wideband PLL and the LMK04828 synthesizer and jitter cleaner.
  • TIDA-00517 具有过热检测功能的基本风扇控制器控制器参考设计
  • TIDA-01014 适用于低功耗工业物联网现场计量的增强型高精度电池电量监测计参考设计
    The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is efficiently connecting applications and instruments, enabling battery powered, wide scale very low power sensor deployment.  New technologies, such as TI’s advanced sensor and low power connectivity devices, are enabling these instruments to b
  • TIDA-01237 汽车类多开关检测接口 (MSDI) 参考设计
  • TIDEP0035 具有集成 HIPERFACE DSL 主接口的 ARM MPU 参考设计
    Implementation of HIPERFACE DSL Master protocol on Industrial Communication Sub-System (PRU-ICSS). The two wire interface allows for integration of position feedback wires into motor cable.  Complete solution consists of AM437x PRU-ICSS firmware and TIDA-00177 transceiver reference design.</
  • TPA3244 Dolby Atmos Soundbar Reference Design
    The TPA3244 Dolby Atmos® Soundbar Reference Design combines Ultra-HD audio and high dynamic range to create room filling audio experience from a small form factor system. The design leverages TI's high-performance TPA3244 amplifier: PCM5252 high-performance DAC with processing: and an integrated SoC for decoding and rendering Dolby Atmos®. The soundbar reference board provides 10 DAC + amplifier channels using TI's integrated audio DSP for independent channel processing which includes digital active crossovers: DRCs: and biquads to support the 5.1.2 soundbar output configuration. The design uses the 66AK2G audio SoC for Dolby Atmos® decode and rendering.
  • PMP6596 12V 至 19V/0.5A 升压转换器
    此参考设计使用 TPS40210 电流模式控制器,以便从 12V 输入电压中生成 19V/0.5A 输出。此电路实现了全负荷时 95% 以上的效率。
  • High efficiency: ultra-wide input (20 VDC to 375 VDC) isolated power supply reference design
    This reference design uses the UCC28C42 boost controller and the UCC28780 active-clamp flyback controller to generate an isolated output of 24 V at 3.5 A over an ultra-wide input voltage range of 20 V to 375 V. The design also uses the UCC24612 synchronous rectifier controller on the secondary side. Zero voltage switching (ZVS) ensures high efficiency over a wide operating range.                                                                                  
  • 230 V in to 180 V out at 200 mA constant-current LED driver reference design
    This reference design is a low-side Buck (the output voltage is referenced to the positive DC input (+Vin node): not to the GND node). The controller drives a LED string up to 180V with 200mA constant current. The low-side Buck topology simplifies the schematic thanks to direct-driving of the FET: without the need of high-side driver.
  • PMP9385 12.5V 至 15.5V 输入、24V/8A 输出同步升压转换器参考设计
    PMP9385 is a Single-Phase Synchronous Boost Converter which accepts an input voltage of 12.5Vin to 15.5Vin and provides an output of 24Vout capable of supplying a maximum of 8A of current to the load. Design uses an LM5122 Synchronous Boost controller and CSD18531Q5A FETs.
  • 25/50 Watt flyback reference design for audio applications
    The quasi-resonant flyback design is a dual output converter with a 24 Volt output and a 6 Volt output. The voltages that are supplied are important for supplying power in audio applications. The design is very low noise for sensitive audio signals with less than 2.5 % voltage ripple on the 24 V output.

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