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Heat Sink, 13.4ohm, Extruded, Radial, Aluminum, Anodized, ROHS COMPLIANT

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  • 1. United States
  • 2. China
  • 3. EUR
  • 4. Malaysia
  • 5. Albania
  • 6. Trinidad and Tobago
  • 7. Mongolia
  • 8. Dominican Republic
  • 9. Jordan
  • 10. Italy

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  • 1. Sager $0.8217 Buy Now
  • 2. Heilind Electronics $1.0554 Buy Now
  • 3. Interstate Connecting Components $1.0554 Buy Now
  • 4. element14 Asia-Pacific $3.4895 Buy Now

Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • PSR Flyback using UCC28710 for Universal 85-265VAC Input with 12V/60W Rated Output Reference Design
    PMP10350: This design uses the PSR controller UCC28710 for a 12V/60W DCM Flyback converter. The valley switching of the UCC28710 allows this low-cost design to achieve a maximum load efficiency of 84.3% at 120VAC/60Hz input and 86% at 230VAC/50Hz input.
  • Primary Side Regulated Flyback Reference Design with 120VAC Input and 24V/4A Rated Output
    PMP10804: This reference design implements the UCC28630 PSR controller in a flyback power supply. The UCC28630 is capable of operating in both Continuous and Discontinuous Conduction Modes which enables high efficiency while reducing inductor size and cost. Safety standards such as EN60950 require that any X-capacitors in EMC filters on the AC side of the bridge rectifier quickly discharge to a safe level when AC is disconnected. Typically, this requirement is achieved by including a resistive discharge element in parallel with the X-capacitor. However, this resistance causes a continuous power dissipation that impacts the standby power performance. In order to reduce standby power and eliminate the standing loss associated with the conventional discharge resistors, the UCC28630 device incorporates active X-capacitor discharge circuitry. In this design, less than 100mW no load power comsumption and over 88% converter efficiency is achieved.
  • PSR Flyback using UCC28630 for Universal 85VAC-265VAC Input with 12V/75W Rated Output Ref. Design
    PMP10335: This design uses the PSR controller UCC28630 that is capable of operating in both CCM and DCM. With the help of X-cap discharge function of UCC28630, the safety discharge resistor can be elimiated. Full load efficiency is 83.5% at 120VAC/60Hz input and 86% at 230VAC/50Hz input.

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