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6.3V 1000UF 8MM

Manufacturer Nichicon Corporation

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NIC Components Corp

Also for: NMC0603X5R105K16TRP, NMC1206X5R225K25TRPLP, 1206(X5R,16V) and 6 others.
  • NMC0805X5R106K10TRP,
  • NMC1206X5R106K16TRPLP,
  • 0805(X5R,10V),
  • NMC0805X5R105K6.3TRP,
  • NMC0603X5R475K6.3TRP,
  • 1206(X5R,25V)

United Chemi-Con Inc

Also for: LXZ16VB562M18X30LL, LXZ25VB222M12X35LL, LXZ6.3VB682M16X25LL and 21 others.
  • LXZ6.3VB682M18X20LL,
  • LXZ6.3VB123M18X30LL,
  • LXZ16VB681M10X16LL,
  • LXZ6.3VB681M8X12LL,
  • LXZ35VB102M12X25LL,
  • LXZ16VB822M18X35LL,
  • LXZ10VB682M18X25LL,
  • LXZ35VB56RM6X11LL,
  • LXZ6.3VB822M16X30LL,
  • LXZ25VB332M18X25LL,
  • LXZ25VB182M12X30LL,
  • LXZ16VB332M12X35LL,
  • LXZ16VB101M6X11LL,
  • LXZ35VB33RM5X11LL,
  • LXZ16VB272M16X20LL,
  • LXZ10VB123M18X40LL,
  • LXZ35VB222M16X30LL,
  • LXZ25VB221M8X12LL,
  • LXZ10VB682M16X30LL,
  • LXZ25VB392M16X35LL,
  • LXZ16VB272M12X30LL
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