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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: Where can I find an 74HC14 pinout?

    A: The Device are high-speed Si-gate CMOS devices and are pin compatible with low power Schottky TTL (LSTTL). They are specified in compliance with JEDEC standard no. 7A. The Device provide six inverting buffers with Schmitt-trigger action. They are capable of transforming slowly changing input signals into sharply defined, jitter-free output signals. more

  • Q: How do I use a 74HC14 as an oscillator?

    A: When a capacitor and resistor are added to a Schmitt Trigger gate, as shown in the first circuit of Fig: 5 above, the result is an oscillator called a MULTIVIBRATOR. A multivibrator has the feature of producing a square wave and this waveshape can have equal high and low periods (called 50:50 mark:space ratio) or any ratio of high and low periods. The HIGH period is called the MARK and the LOW is called the SPACE. more

  • Q: Where can I find various 74HC14 VCO circuits?

    A: This is Simple VCO circuit using schmitt trigger as Figure 1 is Voltage controlled Oscillator (VCO) by use the 74HC14 IC, which inside the IC include up to 6 schmitt trigger, but applied just only one can also be the frequency controller by voltage. more

  • Q: How do I hookup the 74HC14 to Arduino?

    A: Here are the signals you get when the button is pressed (top) or released (bottom). Yellow is the output of the RC filter and red is the (digital) output of the schmitt-triggered buffer. Note that the 74HC14 is an inverting buffer so the output signal goes from low to high when the button is pressed. more

  • Q: Where can I find 74HC14 application notes?

    A: The MM74HC14 utilizes advanced silicon-gate CMOS technology to achieve the low power dissipation and high noise immunity of standard CMOS, as well as the capability to drive 10 LS-TTL loads. The 74HC logic family is functionally and pinout compatible with the standard 74LS logic family. All inputs are protected from damage due to static discharge by internal diode clamps to VCC and ground. more

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