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CMOS, ±5 V/+5 V/+3 V, Triple SPDT Switch

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Price Range $1.2115

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Part Number Description Manufacturer Compare
MC74LVX4051DG Signal Circuits Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer (Mux/Demux), SOIC 16 LEAD, 48-TUBE ON Semiconductor ADG633YCPZ vs MC74LVX4051DG
MAX4630EUD Signal Circuits SPST, 4 Func, 1 Channel, CMOS, PDSO14, 4.40 MM, 0.65 MM PITCH, MO-153AB, TSSOP-14 Maxim Integrated Products ADG633YCPZ vs MAX4630EUD
BU4016B Signal Circuits SPST, 4 Func, 1 Channel, CMOS, PDIP14, DIP-14 ROHM Semiconductor ADG633YCPZ vs BU4016B
CD4051BDMS Signal Circuits 8-CHANNEL, SGL ENDED MULTIPLEXER, CDIP16, BRAZE SEALED, DIP-16 Intersil Corporation ADG633YCPZ vs CD4051BDMS
7901502EA Signal Circuits Differential Multiplexer, 1 Func, 4 Channel, CMOS, CDIP16, CERAMIC, DIP-16 Defense Logistics Agency ADG633YCPZ vs 7901502EA
HEF4066BDB Signal Circuits IC QUAD 1-CHANNEL, SGL POLE SGL THROW SWITCH, CDIP14, Multiplexer or Switch NXP Semiconductors ADG633YCPZ vs HEF4066BDB
CD54HC4051H/3 Signal Circuits 8-CHANNEL, SGL ENDED MULTIPLEXER, UUC16 Intersil Corporation ADG633YCPZ vs CD54HC4051H/3
74HC4066D,653 Signal Circuits 74HC(T)4066 - Quad single-pole single-throw analog switch SOIC 14-Pin NXP Semiconductors ADG633YCPZ vs 74HC4066D,653
CD4051BF3A Signal Circuits Single-Ended Multiplexer, 1 Func, 8 Channel, CMOS, CDIP16 Harris Semiconductor ADG633YCPZ vs CD4051BF3A
CD4051BF9 Signal Circuits 8-CHANNEL, SGL ENDED MULTIPLEXER, CDIP16, CERAMIC, DIP-16 Texas Instruments ADG633YCPZ vs CD4051BF9

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  • 1. China
  • 2. United Kingdom
  • 3. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 4. Spain
  • 5. Egypt
  • 6. Bahamas
  • 7. Bhutan
  • 8. Slovakia
  • 9. Romania
  • 10. Norway

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  • 1. Rochester Electronics $1.2115 Buy Now

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