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RF/Microwave Antenna, 2400MHz Min, 2500MHz Max, 3.20 X 1.60 MM, 0.50 MM HEIGHT, COMPACT PACKAGE-2

Manufacturer TAIYO YUDEN
Price Range $0.6900 / $3.2231

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  • 1. United States
  • 2. China
  • 3. India
  • 4. Belgium
  • 5. Estonia
  • 6. Ukraine
  • 7. Dominican Republic
  • 8. Trinidad and Tobago
  • 9. Hong Kong
  • 10. Ecuador

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Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • Non-Isolated RS-485 to Wi-Fi Bridge with 24 VAC Power Reference Design
    TIDA-00485: The TIDA-00485 TI Design uses Texas Instruments SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 Internet-on-a-chip Wireless MCU module to create a data bridge between an RS-485 network and a Wi-Fi network. An SN65HVD72 transceiver provides the RS-485 Interface with 12 kV of ESD protection, and additional protection is provided on board. The design can be powered with AC or DC power up to 30 V RMS or 48 V peak. A version of this design with an isolated RS-485 interface is presented in TIDA-00486.
  • SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Enabled NFC Card Reader
    CC3200_NFC_CARD_READER: This TI design combines TI’s Wireless microcontroller (CC3200) and the TRF7970 NFC BoosterPack from third party provider DLP Design, in order to emulate a near field communication (NFC) reader, which securely transfers the data scanned from an NFC card to any remote location or database, in real time over Wi-Fi networks. Disclaimer: DLP Design, Inc. is not associated with DLP® products of Texas Instruments.
  • SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3200 Module LaunchPad
    TIDC-CC3200MODLAUNCHXL: The CC3200MODLAUNCHXL is a low-cost evaluation platform which hosts the CC3200MOD. The SimpleLink™ CC3200MOD is a wireless microcontroller (MCU) module that integrates an ARM® Cortex™-M4 based MCU, allowing customers to develop an entire application using a single device. The module LaunchPad also features programmable user buttons, RGB LED for custom applications, temperature and accelerometer sensors, as well as onboard emulation for debugging. The LaunchPad stackable headers interface demonstrates how to expand the functionality of the CC3200MOD when interfacing with other peripherals on existing BoosterPack add-on boards, such as graphical displays, audio codec, antenna selection, environmental sensing, and more.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled IoT Node With NFC Connection Handover Reference Design
    TIDM-TM4C129XNFC: Configuring Wi-Fi network connection parameters in embedded applications can be completed with a simple tap using NFC technology. This reference design illustrates NFC connection handover (pairing) and URL sharing with a Wi-Fi node using a TM4C1294 high-performance microcontroller, CC3100 network processor and TRF7970A NFC Transceiver or RF430CL330H NFC Transponder.
  • Microstepping Stepper Motor Control With MCU and Wi-Fi for IoT Reference Design
    TIDM-TM4C123IOTSTEPPERMOTOR: A system example to show how to control a stepper motor via Wi-Fi connectivity. The TM4C123x MCU is integarated with the DRV8833 stepper motor driver to drive the stepper moter in full step, half step and microstep (up to 256) modes. The SimpleLinkTM Wi-Fi CC3100 network processor is also integrated into the system to demostatrate the capability of remotely controlling MCU/stepper motor operation via the Internet.
  • WI-FI Power Strip/Energy Monitor Reference Design
    TIDC-WIFI-METER-READING: The TIDC-WIFI-METER-READING TI Design adds Wi-Fi® communications to the TIDM-3OUTSMTSTRP smart power strip design. Wi-Fi connectivity is provided by the SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC32000 wireless MCU. A remote user can monitor the electricity consumption of the loads plugged into each of the three outlets and control a relay to switch power on/off. Smart power strips require connectivity to maximize their role in improving energy efficiency for applications such as data centers. The TIDM-BLE-MTR-READING TI Design offers another connectivity option.
  • SimpleLink Wi-Fi Antenna Selection
    TIDC-CC3ANTENNA-SELECTION: The SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Antenna BoosterPack (CC3ANTENNABOOST) enables evaluation and development of end applications requiring antenna diversity. When used with the SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 Launchpad (CC3200-LAUNCHXL) or the CC3100 Boosterpack (CC3100BOOST) rev 3.1 or higher, the user can select the best antenna to use, based on the signal strength of the connection with a specific access point. There are two sets of orthogonal antennas on the board. The board supports the selection of on-board chip antenna, or external antenna via u.Fl connector. This board is useful for Wi-Fi antenna evaluation for applications requiring an extended Wi-Fi range.
  • CAN to Wi-Fi Gateway Reference Design
    TIDA-00380: The TIDA-00380 CAN to Wi-Fi Gateway is a reference design that shows how to add Wi-Fi connectivity to a CAN network. The design provides a simple way for users to gain access to the CAN bus traffic via a web page. This connection can be used for diagnostics or to add the capability to control the CAN bus. This TI Design provides a complete solution with design files and test results.
  • Isolated RS-485 to Wi-Fi Bridge with 24 VAC Power Reference Design
    TIDA-00486: The TIDA-00486 TI Design uses Texas Instruments SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 Internet-on-a-chip Wireless MCU module to create a data bridge between an RS-485 network and a Wi-Fi network. An ISO15 transceiver provides an isolated RS-485 interface with up to 2500 VRMS of isolation. The LM5160 Fly-Buck™ power supply provides both isolated and non-isolated 3.3 V outputs for the two portions of the circuit. The design can be powered with AC or DC power up to 30 VRMS or 48 V peak A version of this design with a non-isolated RS-485 interface is presented in TIDA-00485.
  • Wi-Fi Camera Application for SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 Launchpad
    TIDC-CC3200CAMBOOST: This SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 Launchpad & Camera BoosterPack based design brings Wi-Fi camera capability to new applications as well as existing ones such as door bells. It enables the capture, remote control and transmission of JPEG (VGA or QVGA) images via Wi-Fi.

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