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Solid State Relay (with MOSFET Output) 6pin DIP (Form A, Normally-Open)
  • Controls low-level analog signals. PhotoMOS relays feature extremely low closed-circuit offset voltage to enable control of low-level analog signals without distortion.
  • Control with low-level input signals
  • Controls various types of loads such as relays, motors, lamps and solenoids.
  • Optical coupling for extremely high isolation. Unlike mechanical relays, the PhotoMOS relay combines LED and optoelectronic device to transfer signals using light for extremely high isolation.
  • Eliminates the need for a counter electromotive force protection diode in the drive circuits on the input side
  • Stable on resistance
  • Low-level off state leakage current
  • Eliminates the need for a power supply to drive the power MOSFET. A power supply used to drive the power MOSFET is unnecessary because of the built-in optoelectronic device. This results in easy circuit design and small PC board area.
  • Low thermal electromotive force (Approx. 1?V)
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  • High-speed inspection machines
  • Telephone equipment
  • Data communication equipment
  • Computer
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