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Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M4F MCU based Small form factor Serial-to-Ethernet Converter
    TIDA-00226: Serial communications have been widely used in grid infrastructure equipments. But the limitation of transmission distance and bandwidth of serial communication leads to demand for a more flexible and high-speed method to meet modern smart grid network migration. Ethernet has been accepted as an efficient communications method across industries in the last decade. This design demonstrates bi-directional switching and transmission between serial ports and Ethernet ports, which can enable legacy equipment that has only serial communication in their power grid to communicate with modern, Ethernet-based equipment without any changes to the existing hardware or software.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled IoT Node with High Performance MCU Reference Design
    TIDM-TM4C129XWIFI: A system example to show how to build a Wi-Fi Node by integrating the TM4C1294 MCU from the TM4C product family and the CC3100 network processor. This reference design demonstrates the capability of remotely controlling MCU operation via the internet.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled IoT Node With NFC Connection Handover Reference Design
    TIDM-TM4C129XNFC: Configuring Wi-Fi network connection parameters in embedded applications can be completed with a simple tap using NFC technology. This reference design illustrates NFC connection handover (pairing) and URL sharing with a Wi-Fi node using a TM4C1294 high-performance microcontroller, CC3100 network processor and TRF7970A NFC Transceiver or RF430CL330H NFC Transponder.
  • Microstepping Stepper Motor Control With MCU and Wi-Fi for IoT Reference Design
    TIDM-TM4C123IOTSTEPPERMOTOR: A system example to show how to control a stepper motor via Wi-Fi connectivity. The TM4C123x MCU is integarated with the DRV8833 stepper motor driver to drive the stepper moter in full step, half step and microstep (up to 256) modes. The SimpleLinkTM Wi-Fi CC3100 network processor is also integrated into the system to demostatrate the capability of remotely controlling MCU/stepper motor operation via the Internet.
  • BLE Enabled IoT Node With High Performance MCU Reference Design
    TIDM-TM4C129XBLE: A system example to show how to build a BLE Node by integrating a TM4C1294 MCU from the TM4C product family and a CC2650 device. This reference design demostatrates the capability of remotely controlling MCU operation via the internet.
  • Compact CAN-to-Ethernet Converter using 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F MCU Reference Design
    TIDA-00203: This reference design demonstrates a small form-factor Controller Access Network (CAN)-to-Ethernet converter using the TM4C129XNCZAD 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M4F MCU. Supporting 10/100 Base-T compliant with IEEE 802.3 standard, this reference design is useful for industrial drives monitoring and control, as well as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. The same hardware can be used as a CAN-to-Ethernet gateway or bridge with simple changes in the firmware. The gateway application is useful for monitoring remote CAN networks over Ethernet, while the bridge application is useful for coupling CAN networks via the the internet or local area netowork (LAN).
  • Driving a Stepper Motor Reference Design with High Performance MCU
    TIDM-TM4C123STEPPERMOTOR: An system example to show how to drive a stepper motor in full step and halfstep modes using a TM4C123 MCU and DRV8833 stepper motor driver.

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