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Newark 38,090 1 TAPE & REEL CUT
  • 1 $0.2830
  • 10 $0.2370
  • 50 $0.1000
  • 100 $0.0690
  • 500 $0.0500
  • 1,000 $0.0430
element14 Asia-Pacific 43,200 100 Reel
  • 100 $0.1510
  • 500 $0.1060
  • 1,000 $0.0760
  • 5,000 $0.0660
element14 Asia-Pacific 43,200 5 TAPE & REEL CUT
  • 5 $0.2640
  • 10 $0.2130
  • 100 $0.1510
  • 500 $0.1060
  • 1,000 $0.0760
  • 5,000 $0.0660
Farnell 57,863 100 Reel
  • 100 $0.0785
  • 500 $0.0549
  • 1,000 $0.0393
Farnell 57,863 5 TAPE & REEL CUT
  • 5 $0.1380
  • 10 $0.1100
  • 100 $0.0785
  • 500 $0.0549
  • 1,000 $0.0393

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Reference Designs

  • Bi-Directional Non-Isolated Buck Boost Converter
    TIDM-BUCKBOOST-BIDIR: This design implements a bi-directional, non-isolated buck boost power converter, ideal for solar microconverters, hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) including Regeneration (Regen or Recuperation), and battery charging applications.
  • Isolated IGBT Gate Driver Evaluation Platform for 3-Phase Inverter System Reference Design
    TIDA-00195: The TIDA-00195 reference design consists of a 22kW power stage with TI’s new reinforced isolated IGBT gate driver ISO5852S intended for motor control in various applications. This design allows performance evaluation of the ISO5852S in 3-phase inverter incorporating 1200V rated IGBT modules of current ratings ranging from 50A-200A. Some of the important functionality and performance evaluated are short circuit protection using DESAT detection, Soft-shutdown, effectiveness of the Active Miller Clamp at different inverter dv/dt, and ESD/EFT performance of IGBT gate driver at system level derived from adjustable speed electrical power drive systems (IEC61800-3). Piccolo launch pad LAUNCHXL-F28027 is used to generate the PWM signals required for controlling the inverter.
  • TI WiLink™8 Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth®/Bluetooth Smart audio multi-room cape reference design
    TIDC-WL1837MOD-AUDIO-MULTIROOM-CAPE: The TI WiLink™ 8 WL1837MOD ( http://www.ti.com/product/wl1837mod ) audio cape is wireless multi-room audio reference design used with BeagleBone Black (http://www.ti.com/tool/beaglebk featuring TI Sitara™ AM335x). The WiLink 8 device's WLAN capability to capture and register precise arrival time of the connected AP’s beacon is used to achieve ultra-precise synchronization between multiple connected audio devices. The WiLink 8 module (WL1837MOD) offers integrated Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® /Bluetooth Smart solution featuring 2.4 GHz MIMO and antenna diversity on 5 GHz band. It offers best in class audio solution featuring multi-room, Airplay® receiver, full audio stack streaming, support for online music services and much more. This TI Design will enable customers to design their own audio boards with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth /Bluetooth Smart connectivity from our WiLink 8 module (WL1837MOD) and evaluate audio multi-room software on it. The BeagleBone Wi-Fi Audio Cape extends a standard TI Sitara processor-based BeagleBone Black with WiLink 8 Wi-Fi /Bluetooth /Bluetooth Smart connectivity and an audio subsystem. The cape and relevant SDK are available at an additional cost from StreamUnlimited.

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