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Capacitor, Ceramic, Chip, General Purpose, 0.1uF, 50V, ±10%, X7R, 0603 (1608 mm), -55º ~ +125ºC, 7" Reel/Unmarked

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C0603C104K5RACTU KEMET Corporation
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C0603C104K5RACTU KEMET Corporation Capacitor, Ceramic, Chip, General Purpose, 0.1uF, 50V, ±10%, X7R, 0603 (1608 mm), -55º ~ +125ºC, 7" Reel/Unmarked
Source Content uid C0603C104K5RACTU
Pbfree Code Yes
Rohs Code Yes
Part Life Cycle Code Active
Part Package Code 0603
Package Description , 0603
Reach Compliance Code compliant
HTS Code 8532.24.00.20
Factory Lead Time 13 Weeks, 3 Days
Capacitance 0.1 µF
Dielectric Material CERAMIC
Height 0.8 mm
JESD-609 Code e3
Length 1.6 mm
Mounting Feature SURFACE MOUNT
Multilayer Yes
Negative Tolerance 10%
Number of Terminals 2
Operating Temperature-Max 125 °C
Operating Temperature-Min -55 °C
Package Style SMT
Packing Method TR, PAPER, 7 INCH
Positive Tolerance 10%
Rated (DC) Voltage (URdc) 50 V
Size Code 0603
Surface Mount YES
Temperature Characteristics Code X7R
Temperature Coefficient 15% ppm/°C
Terminal Shape WRAPAROUND
Width 0.8 mm

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Part Number Description Manufacturer Compare
0603X104K500ST Capacitors Ceramic Capacitor, Multilayer, Ceramic, 50V, 10% -Tol, X7R, 15% TC, 0.1uF, Surface Mount, 0603, CHIP Capax Technologies Inc C0603C104K5RACTU vs 0603X104K500ST
MCH185CN104KK Capacitors Ceramic Capacitor, Multilayer, Ceramic, 50V, 10% +Tol, 10% -Tol, X7R, 15% TC, 0.1uF, Surface Mount, 0603, CHIP ROHM Semiconductor C0603C104K5RACTU vs MCH185CN104KK
MCH185CN104KC Capacitors Ceramic Capacitor, Multilayer, Ceramic, 50V, X7R, -/+15ppm/Cel TC, 0.1uF, 0603 ROHM Semiconductor C0603C104K5RACTU vs MCH185CN104KC
MCH185CN104KL Capacitors Ceramic Capacitor, Multilayer, Ceramic, 50V, X7R, -/+15ppm/Cel TC, 0.1uF, 0603 ROHM Semiconductor C0603C104K5RACTU vs MCH185CN104KL
CQ1608X7R104K500NRB Capacitors Ceramic Capacitor, Ceramic, Samwha Electronics C0603C104K5RACTU vs CQ1608X7R104K500NRB
VCMS0603104K050XT Capacitors Ceramic Capacitor, Ceramic, 50V, X7R, -/+15ppm/Cel TC, 0.1uF, 0603 Vatronics Technologies Limited C0603C104K5RACTU vs VCMS0603104K050XT
C0603T104K5RCL7867 Capacitors Ceramic Capacitor, Ceramic, 50V, X7R, -/+15ppm/Cel TC, 0.1uF, 0603 KEMET Corporation C0603C104K5RACTU vs C0603T104K5RCL7867

Resources and Additional Insights for C0603C104K5RACTU

Reference Designs related to C0603C104K5RACTU

  • PMP8730 具有同步功能的 6W 汽车类升压 LED 驱动器参考设计
    The PMP8730 reference design shows how a 6W automotive LED driver for 200mA load current can be realized. The input voltage can be in a range of 6V to 18V and also withstands surge up to 42V. The LED driver can be synchronized to an external clock.
  • Analog Front End for Motor Electronic Overload Relays with Enhanced Current Range
    This reference design is the analog front end (AFE) for an electronic overload relay: used for monitoring and protecting motors from overcurrent or undercurrent events. It is an ideal tool for developers creating overload relays for sensitive AC motors in industrial applications. This programmable gain amplifier (PGA) based analog front end is intended to be an easy evaluation platform for an accurate: industry-leading 10:1 full load ampere (FLA) range and is repeatable over a -10 to +70 °C temperature range.
  • OAD_FB_REFDES OAD 闪存板参考设计
    The OAD (Over the Air Download) flash board reference design demonstrates how to connect an external SPI flash to the SoC debug/flash connector on several Chipcon development boards.
  • PMP5716 用于 TI 音频演示的高线路反向
  • PMP10229 高开关频率同步降压稳压器,3.3V/2.5A 参考设计
    The PMP10229 reference design is a synchronous buck converter for automotive applications. It uses the TPS57114-Q1 to deliver an output voltage of 3.3V@2.5A. The switching frequency is 1.8MHz.
  • TIDA-01471 适用于 PLC 模拟输入的 IEPE 振动传感器接口参考设计
    预测性维护需要监控状态,而工业振动传感更是其中不可或缺的组成部分。集成电子压电式 (IEPE) 传感器是工业环境中最常用的振动传感器。本参考设计采用完全模拟的 IEPE 传感器接口前端,展示了如何通过提供低功率和低占用空间来实现灵活高速的高分辨率转换。
  • PMP8999 12V 输入电压、1V、60A,采用 TPS40422 和电源块 II CSD87384:双相,带 PMPBus 接口
    It is a two phase Synchronous Buck converter to provide high current with low ripple and fast dynamic response for high speed processor core applications. Same approach can also be used to power Memory and Input / Output power voltages, typically 1.2V to 3.3V. The two phase interleave reduces out
  • TIDA-00461 采用 MSP430 FRAM 技术的 IO-Link 固件更新参考设计
    IO-Link 为系统控制和现场级之间的通信提供了新的选项。如今,即便是最小的传感器,也具有强大的微控制器和数千行软件代码。可能偶尔需要固件更新,例如,为了修复错误或启用新功能。此参考设计展示了与使用具有闪存的 MCU 相比,使用 MSP430 微控制器(采用 FRAM 技术)并利用 IO-Link 进行固件更新的好处。
  • TPS61013EVM-157 固定 2.5V 高效升压转换器
    The Texas Instruments TPS6101x evaluation modules (EVM) helps designers evaluate the different operating modes and the performance of high-efficiency boost converters. If any other output voltage is to be evaluated, the TPS61010 adjustable version can be set up to provide an output voltage betwee
  • ADC Voltage Reference Buffer Optimization Reference Design for High Performance DAQ Systems
    The TIDA-01055 reference design for high performance DAQ Systems optimizes the ADC reference buffer to improve SNR performance and reduce power consumption with the TI OPA837 high-speed op amp. This device is used in a composite buffer configuration and provides a 22% power improvement over traditional op amps. Voltage reference sources with an integrated buffer often lack the drive strength required to achieve optimal performance in a high-channel count systems.  This reference design is capable of driving several ADCs: and achieves a system ENOB of 15.77 bits using an 18-bit: 2-MSPS SAR ADC.
  • TIDA-00467 通过同步多个 JESD204B ADC 实现发射器定位参考设计
    A common technique to estimate the position of emitters uses the amplitude and phase shift data of a signal derived from an array of spatially distributed sensors. For such systems, it is important to guarantee a deterministic phase relationship between the sensors to minimize errors in the actua
  • TIDA-00169 车用 TFT LCD 显示屏解决方案
    This reference design implements a video over LVDS solution for automotive infotainment applications.It highlights the support of multi-touch with haptic feedback, LCD backlight control, and ambient light sensing, without the introduction of dedicated support lines back to the host processor. Thi
  • High Accuracy ±0.5% Current and Isolated Voltage Measurement Ref Design Using 24-Bit Delta-Sigma ADC
    The TIDA-00835 reference design allows for accurate voltage and current measurement using a bipolar input configuration by incorporating a four- channel: 24-bit simultaneously-sampling differential input Delta-Sigma ADC over wide dynamic range. The ADC is configured to measure ±2.5 V bipolar input.  The inputs are scaled to ADC measurement range of ±2.5V using a fixed gain amplifier. This AFE chains two ADCs together using a common external clock to expand the number of input channels to eight while simultaneously sampling all of the input channels. By having more measurement channels per module: overall system cost is reduced.
  • TIDA-00753 采用电流互感器的三相交流电流测量参考设计
    The TIDA-00753 reference design demonstrates high accuracy wide range AC current measurement for a three phase motor using the INA199 zero drift current shunt monitor. The design also has low power consumption of 25mW for Gain stage of 200 as compared to a discrete solution. The design footprint
  • TIDM-GBD-ROBUST 耐用的破损玻璃检测器
    This reference design describes a simple as well as a robust glass breakage detector designs using the MSP430F2274 (online only) and was developed to operate at low power, allowing long battery life. The simple desig
  • TIDA-00030 电池组端 Impedance Track 电量监测计集成保护装置参考设计
    This reference design, using BQ27741 along with GaugeStudio software, provides the customer with tools for developing a battery fuel gauge module for placement inside a lithium-based battery pack. Customers are able to configure the solution so that it can provide accurate battery fuel gauging in
  • TIDA-00878 超薄背光驱动器参考设计
    The TIDA-00878 TI Design shows a step by step procedure for designing a white LED backlight driver circuit.  The focus is on picking components for an ultra low profile circuit with a total circuit height of less than 0.7mm.  Data is shown for efficiency, transient operation, and limits
  • USB Type-C™ DFP 5V3A Charger Reference Design
    The PMP11594 is a low cost 5V3A charger reference design which provides Type C DFP feature and is compliant with BC1.2 device.  The design includes a non-synchronous step-down regulator LMR14030 and highly integrated USB type-C controller TPS25810. The PMP11594 demonstrates high efficiency: good line/load regulation and thermal performance.
  • High and Wide AC Vin Quasi-Resonant Isolated Flyback Reference Design
    PMP7991 is a quasi-resonant isolated flyback using the LM5023 controller IC. The design accepts an input voltage of 85VAC to 265VAC and provides a selectable output of 12Vout or 5Vout capable of supplying 2A of current to the load. The quasi-resonant switching scheme helps to reduce EMI.
  • Isolated Flyback Converter for Industrial Bias Supply - Reference Design
    PMP7932 is an isolated flyback converter which accepts an input voltage of 12Vin to 24Vin and provides dual polarity ouputs of +12Vout @ 0.25A and -12V @ 0.25A.
  • 120V AC input and 24.5V output LED Driver
    It is an offline AC-DC LED driver. It has TRIAC dimming capability. It is basically a low sidebuck which has valley filled PFC. It takes an input voltage of 120V AC. This circuit usesLM3445 which is an adaptive constant off-time AC/DC buck (step-down) constant current controller designed to be compatible with Traic dimmers.
  • AC Offline Converter Providing 5VDC or 12VDC Output at 2A
    The following design: driven by the LM5023: takes an AC input: like the ones located in the common US power outlet: and generates 5V/12V out: 2A DC signal: outputs commonly used for USB connections.
  • 200W Natural Interleaving Transition-Mode PFC Flyback LED Driver Reference Design
    The PMP10116 reference design uses the UCC28063A transition-mode pfc controller to drive LEDs up to 700mA current from an AC input. This flyback PFC topology provides isolation and uses quasi-resonant mode control. It supports analog dimming on the output side.  Refer to LED Driver Based on UCC28060 Interleaved ACDC Single Stage Flyback for design guide
  • 20-bit: 1-MSPS Isolator Optimized Data Acquisition Reference Design Maximizing SNR and Sample Rate
    TIDA-01037 is a 20-bit: 1 MSPS isolated analog input data acquisition reference design that utilizes two different isolator devices to maximize signal chain SNR and sample rate performance. For signals requiring low jitter: such as ADC sampling clocks: TI’s ISO73xx family of low jitter devices are used whereas TI’s high speed ISO78xx family of devices are used to maximize data sample rate. By combing these two isolator solutions: high frequency performance is significantly improved by minimizing sample clock jitter across the isolation boundary: and data throughput is improved by maximizing isolator signaling rate. Additional improvements are realized by utilizing TI’s advanced ADC multiSPITM and source-synchronous features. Finally: all key design theories are described and measured results presented.
  • 20-bit Isolated Data Acquisition Reference Design Optimizing Jitter for Max SNR and Sample Rate
    The TIDA-01035 is a 20-bit: 1 MSPS isolated analog input data acquisition reference design demonstrating how to resolve and optimize performance challenges typical of digitally isolated data acquisition systems.Significantly improves high frequency AC signal chain performance (SNR  and THD) by effectively mitigating ADC  sample clock jitter across isolation boundaryMaximizes sample rate by eliminating/minimizing  propagation delay introduced by a digital isolatorProvides option to evaluate performance with and without jitter mitigation technique with jumperIncludes detailed timing analysis detailing the isolator’s additive jitter impact on data throughput
  • 25W Automotive Start-Stop Reference Design Operating at 2.2 MHz
    Automotive 12V batteries typically operate in the range of 9V-16V. However this voltage can vary widely due to transient conditions such as cold crank and load dump. This reference design creates a well-regulated 25W (5V:5A) output: regardless of large input voltage transients: utilizing the LM5150-Q1 and LM5141-Q1. The LM5150-Q1 is implemented as a pre-boost: only switching when the input voltage is below 6.8V: and utilizes the inductor as a differential EMI filter when not switching. The LM5141-Q1 operates as a buck controller regulating  the 5V output. Both devices switch at 2.2 MHz.
  • Low Voltage: 50A Sensorless FOC Reference Design for PM or BLDC Motors
    The design is a 30V to 54 V Brushless DC motor (BLDC) or Permanent-magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) controller for low voltage: high current: high power ebike: power tool: fan: and pump applications. The design uses the Texas Instruments UCC27211D MOSFET drivers: CSD19506KCS 80V NexFET™ power MOSFETs: TMS320F28027F MCU with InstaSPIN™ technology: TPS54360 buck converter: and LDOs. The design utilizes InstaSPIN-FOC technology to identify and tune PMSM or BLDC motor parameters: as well as control motor speed via an external throttle. Overall: the design focuses on demonstrating highly efficient control of high power: low voltage BLDC or PMSM motors.
  • Zero drift PGA based Analog Front End Design for Circuit Breakers (ACB/MCCB-ETU)
    This reference design is intended for use in molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) electronic trip units.  The programmable gain amplifier based design acts as the current monitoring for over-current earth fault relays. Utilizing a zero drift programmable amplifier: this design provides a ±10 % pick-up (A) accuracy  and time delay (s) accuracy of 0 to -20%. Additionally: this solution was designed to handle harsh environment conditions by including features such as ambient insensitivity from -10 to 70 ⁰C and high electromagnetic immunity. Finally the analog front end of this design interfaces seemlessly with the TI MSP430 MCU for quicker evaluation and faster time-to-market.
  • High Performance MCU for an HEV/EV Battery Management System Reference Design
    A system example for an active cell balancing battery management system. The TMS570LS0432 microcontroller commands EMB1402 EVM to monitor the battery cells and perform charge/discharge from one battery cell to an external 12V supply. The user can view the cell status and control cell balancing from a GUI running on the host PC.
  • Adaptive Power Supply for PLC Analog Output Module with Output Channel Protection
    TIDA-00231 is a reference design for an industrial Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) analog output module. The design provides a unique power saving solution for a digital-to-analog converter (DAC)-based analog current output module with an adaptive power supply. This adaptive power supply dynamically regulates the AVDD supply of the DAC and limits power losses to  300Ω. The analog output can source current up to 24mA. This reference design includes the necessary on-board protection circuit and has been tested to IEC61000-4 standard EFT: ESD: and surge requirements with IO Controller platforms. The protection circuitry does not negatively affect the design and Test results showed typical unadjusted errors were less than 0.2% FSR and calibrated accuracy is 0.05%.Watch a TIDA-00231 overview video on the Isolated DC/DC Converter reference design NOW
  • Automotive High Current: Wide VIN Synchronous Buck Controller Reference Design Featuring LM5141-Q1
    PMP15019 uses the LM5141-Q1 low Iq synchronous buck controller as the centerpiece of a high current automotive DC/DC power supply. The PMP15019 operates over the input voltage range of VOUT + 0.5V to 42V. The EVM provides a 5.0V output (default) with a maximum load current of 15A: 20A transient.  The device offers configurability and VOUT can be set to 3.3V and the oscillator frequency can be set up to switch at 440 kHz (default) or 2.2 MHz.
  • 137W Holdup Converter for Storage Server Reference Design
    PMP20818 is a holdup reference design that uses the LM3481 non-synchronous boost and LM5141-Q1 synchronous buck controllers. When the 12V input supply is available: the buck converter is disabled: and the boost converter charges a capacitive holdup bank. In the event of a power outage: the boost converter is disabled: and the buck converter is enabled to holdup the 12V input rail for 15ms with a load of 12.5A.
  • Compact: Non-Isolated 3 Phase Inverter Reference Design for 200-480 VAC Industrial Drives
    This reference design realizes a 3 phase inverter subsystem for variable frequency AC inverter drives and servo drives. This design is particularly suited for drive architectures in which the microcontroller and inverter ground are non-isolated. The basic isolated gate driver UCC5320S is used for driving the high side inverter switches: and the compact: six pin UCC27531 low side gate driver is used for driving the bottom switches. The result is for reinforced isolation to move to the UART communication channel. Inverter half bridge leg current sensing is done in two phases using shunt resistors and the dual operational amplifier TLV9062. This drive architecture results in a reduced number of reinforced isolated channels and enables a cost optimized: compact solution. This design is controlled by a C2000 microcontroller.
  • Isolated Power Supply for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) IO Modules Reference Design
    The TIDA-00400 isolated power supply reference design provides multiple isolated outputs to supply the bias voltage needed in a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) IO module. It generates 3 isolated outputs: ±15V@30mA and +5V@40mA. These voltage rails can satisfy most of the required voltage rails in the IO modules: such as the Op-Amp: DAC bias: RS-485 transmitter and digital isolator power supplies.
  • 12V @ 0.35A Isolated Primary-Side Regulated Flyback Using UCC28910 Reference Design
    The PMP30044 reference design uses the UCC28910 quasi-resonant flyback converter to generate an isolated output (12V @ 0.35A). The UCC28910 incorporates a 700V power FET and provides primary-side regulation: eliminating the need for an opto-coupler and reducing the total component count. This results in a compact and cost effective design.
  • Temperature Sensor Interface Module for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
    The TIDA-00018 reference design enables faster development of high precision temperature measurement solutions using 24-Bit delta-sigma ADC and most widely used temperature sensors like thermocouple and RTD. The design guide will address the sensor signal conditioning: thermocouple cold junction compensation: ratiometric measurement technique for RTD: recommended software flow: sensor linearization: sensor diagnostics: transient protection: PCB layout and other practical design considerations for achieving high precision robust design for temperature measurement in industrial applications.  The Temperature Sensor Interface Module is a fully isolated design: which is essential for small sensor signal measurement. The heart of this reference design is a 24-Bit delta-sigma ADC that provides a high resolution: high integration: low noise: and low cost complete sensor analog front-end (AFE) for DC sensing applications. This ADC also makes it suitable to interface with different types of sensors: thus saving board space: reducing design efforts: decreasing the time to market: and lower BOM cost. Furthermore: external protection circuitry has been successfully tested for compliance with regulatory IEC61000-4 EFT: ESD: and surge standards. Compliance to IEC61000-4 is necessary to ensure that the design not only survives but also perform as intended in the harsh/noisy industrial environment.
  • 16-Bit Analog Mixed Input and Output Module for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Reference Design
    The TIDA-00170 is a reference design for industrial control Analog Mixed Input Output Modules. The design implements four channel analog input & two channel analog output. The analog input channels can measure all standard industrial voltages up to ±10V and current inputs up to 24mA. The two simultaneous analog outputs can source voltage up to ±10V and current up to 24mA.The reference design includes the necessary on-board protection circuit & is tested for IEC61000-4 standard – EFT: ESD and Surge requirements with IO Controller platform. The protection circuitry does not negatively affect the design and test results showed typical unadjusted errors were less than 0.1% of the full-scale range (FSR) for the analog input channel and less than 0.2% FSR for the analog output channel.
  • Low-Voltage: Low-Noise Power-Supply Reference Design for Ultrasound Front End
    This reference design is a power supply optimized specifically for providing power to eight 16-channel receive AFE ICs for ultrasound imaging systems. This design reduces part count while maximizing efficiency by using single-chip DC-DC converter + LDO combo regulators to set the LDO input just above the dropout voltage while taking full advantage of the LDO PSRR.  In addition: ultra-low-noise LDOs help to attain the highest resolution possible from A/D conversion: leading to higher image quality. This design is capable of switching frequency synchronization with the master and system clock frequency to aid system designers apply simple filtering techniques to remove power supply switching noise on ground loops or use spreadspectrum clocking to reduce EMI. Additionally: the design implements an eFuse device: providing a simple and flexible means of overcurrent protection.
  • Wide input synchronous buck converter reference design with frequency spread spectrum
    This reference design is a synchronous buck converter for automotive applications utilizing a synchronous buck controller with frequency spread spectrum. The design uses a dual MOSFET in power SO-8 package. Forced pulse width modulation (FPWM) or diode emulation mode (DEMB) is jumper selectable. The features include an enable input and power good flag. The switching frequency is set to 440 kHz. Frequency dithering and input filtering help improve EMI performance. Modified frequency compensation supports all ceramic output capacitors.
  • Low-Power: Low-Noise Analog Front End Design for Circuit Breakers (ACB/MCCB-ETU)
    This reference design is intended for use in molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) electronic trip units.  The op amp based design acts as current monitoring for over-current earth fault relays. Utilizing a low cost op amp: this design provides a pick-up (A) accuracy ±10 % and time delay (s) accuracy 0 to -20%. Additionally: this design takes harsh environment conditions in mind with features such as ambient insensitivity from  -10 to 70 °C and high electromagnetic immunity. Finally the analog front end of this design seemlessly interfaces to TI MSP430 MCU for quicker evaluation and faster time-to-market.
  • 4-Channel LED Spotlight Driver Reference Design
    The PMP10171 reference design is a boost LED driver with four outputs. It has an input voltage range of 10 .. 30V and provides 500mA at 40V maximum. A microcontroller provides an adjustable PWM signal for adjusting the brightness of the LEDs.
  • Two-Channel Source/Sink Combined Voltage & Current Output: Isolated: EMC/EMI Tested Reference Design
    This TI CerTIfied Reference Design implements a two channel combined voltage and current analog output module. The two outputs are independent and can both source and sink voltage and current over the standard industrial output ranges.  While the design has been characterized with outputs of ±10 V and ±24 mA: output ranges of 0-5 V: 0-10 V: ±5 V: ±10 V.4-20 mA: 0-20 mA: 0-24 mA: ±20 mA: ±24 mA are possible by adjusting external resistor values.The design includes the necessary external protection elements required to pass the IEC61000-4-2/3/4/5/6 tests along with the measured test data.  The protection circuitry does not negatively affect the design and test results showed typical unadjusted errors were
  • Electronically Commutated Motor Reference Design for HVAC Blowers with Low BOM Cost
    The TIDA-01353 reference design is a discrete MOSFET based three-phase ECM control module for driving brushless (BLDC) motors rated up to 375W in HVAC blower applications using a sensorless trapezoidal control method. The cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection feature protects the power stage from over currents and the board can work up to an ambient temperature of 85 °C. This design also incorporates opto-isolation for 5 preset blower speed terminals available to the user: and is a direct replacement reference design for permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors.
  • 400-W Continuous: Scalable: ±2.5- to ±150-V: Programmable Ultrasound Power Supply Reference Design
    The TIDA-01352 enables modular and efficient power scaling capability by providing a solution for digitally programmable power supply for powering ultrasound transmit circuit. The design uses push-pull topology to generate high-voltage (HV) and low- (LV) or MID- voltage power supplies. The HV rails are programmable from ±50V to ±150V: whereas the LV or MID rails are programmable from ±2.5V to ±50V. The power supply is capable of providing a continous power of 100-W on each rail. The programmability is implemented using onboard: 12-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs). All the power supply rails are capable of being synchronized to a master clock. The design is scalable and modular allowing same supply to be duplicated or removed depending on number of channels and number of levels of pulser. The reference design also consists of other LV power supplies necessary for the pulser operation. This reference design is ideal for the high-voltgae DC-DC boost stage to use in conjuction with the floating (post) regulator design TIDA-01371.
  • 1kW: Compact: 97.5% Efficiency: Digital PFC Reference Design for Telecom and Server PSU with E-Meter
    TIDA-00707 is a 1-kW: compact (100mmX80mm) power factor converter (PFC) designed for telecom: server: and industrial power supplies. This reference design is a continuous conduction mode boost converter: implemented using a UCD3138A Digital Power Supply controller with all protections built-in. Hardware is designed and tested to pass conducted emissions: surge: and EFT (as per EN55014) requirements.This reference design provides a ready platform of front-end PFC to address various power supplies up to 1 kW:  Improves overall system performance lower bus capacitance: lower RMS currents: and front-end protections. It meets stringent current THD and power factor norms and protects from output overcurrent: overvoltage: and undervoltage conditions.
  • 30W Ultra Wide Range Power Supply for Protection Relays Reference Design
    This power supply solution for Protection Relays handles an ultra-wide range of both AC (88-276V AC) and DC (24-250V DC) inputs making it a suitable platform to power a variety of Protection Relays. The power supply is designed to output industry standard voltages (such as +/- 12V and isolated 6.75V) required in many Protection Relays while also providing excellent line and load regulation (
  • Synchronous Buck Converter for Automotive Cluster Reference Design
    PMP20682 is a synchronous buck converter reference design utilizing the LM5141-Q1 synchronous buck controller I.C. The design accepts an input voltage of 5V to 40V and provides a 3.3V output capable of supplying 10A of current to the load. An EMI filter is incorporated on the input. Optional frequency dithering and slew rate control are available for additional EMI control. Mounting holes are provided for a bottom-side MOSFET heat sink.
  • CC1110MDR-868-915-RD CC1110 蛇形槽天线 868/915 MHz 参考设计
  • TIDA-00149 汽车类电容式压力传感器接口
  • PMP9146 集成的 FET DCAP3 转换器:1V/12A
    The PMP9146 utilizes the TPS53515 DCAP3-mode SWIFT stepdown DC-DC converter to power high-current ASIC core rails at 1.2Vout/12A, with only 247mm2 of total power supply area and 27 total components.
  • TIDA-00741 面向 PoE PD 应用的 UPOE 高效反激转换器 (12V/3.8A) 参考设计
  • TIDA-00760 适用于 PLC 且采用多路复用单通道 DAC 的多通道模拟输出模块参考设计
  • LM27402 Step-Down Regulator Delivering 1.2V at 3A Reference Design
    PMP7882 is a single-phase switching regulator accepting an input voltage range of 10.8Vin to 13.2Vin and providing an output voltage of 1.2Vout capable of supplying 12A of current. This design uses the LM27402 synchronous buck controller with lossless inductor DCR current sensing capability: which eliminates the need to add resistive powertrain elements and increases overall efficiency.
  • USB-C DFP 5V3A Charger Reference Design
    The PMP4488 is low cost 5V3A charger reference design providing Type C DFP feature and is compliant with BC1.2 device.  The design includes a non-synchronous step-down regulator TPS54340 and highly integrated USB type-C controller TPS25810. The PMP4488 demonstrates high efficiency: good line/load regulation and thermal performance.
  • 9.8~13.5-V input: 46-V 300-W output interleave boost reference design
    This reference design is a 300-W power output interleaving combination of two boost converters using LM5155 controller. Each converter outputs continuous 150-W and 200-W peak. A LMC555 circuit generates 150k-Hz square wave signal and its anti-phase signal for synchronous clock for the two LM5155: making two converters working with 180 ° phase shift: which helps reduce the output voltage ripple. An amplifier samples input current of the two converters: outputs error signal VC to control slave phase to share current with master phase. There is only 4.6 °C temperature difference between two phases in the thermal result: good current sharing is achieved. Efficiency of the design is higher than 91% at 400-W peak output. Peak to peak ripple is within 250-mV during 200-W to 400-W transient. The design shows a valid way to expand the output power by paralleling two boost converters.
  • PMP20026 TPS53515 低功耗 DDR 存储器电源参考设计
    The PMP20026 reference design provides an efficient low power solution for DDR4 memory.  The power supply is powered from a 12V source and regulates the output to 1.2V at up to 6A.  The TPS53515 operates in a single phase buck mode at 500kHz that allows for very high efficiency con
  • PMP7990 33V 至 60V 输入电压;12V 输出电压 (30A);两相同步降压转换器
    A dual-phase synchronous buck converter accepting an input voltage of 33Vin to 60Vin and providing an output of 12Vout capable of supplying 30A
  • PMP9506 具有 90V 至 305V 交流输入和 15V/0.25A 输出的初级侧稳压反激
    The PMP9506 reference design uses the UCC28910 primary-side regulated flyback controller with integrated MOSFET to generate a 15V/0.25A output from a 90V to 305V AC input with safety isolation rated transformer. Less than 160mW power consumption is observed during no load condition.
  • PMP7967 135W 汽车类多相升压转换器
    The PMP7967 converts a DC input of 6V-42V to an output of 90V at 1.5A.  The design uses four interleaved LM5122 boost controllers with each controller switching at 100kHz. The resulting 4-phase boost converter has a ripple frequency of 400kHz. Freqeucny can also be synchronized to an externa
  • PMP10600 Xilinx® Zynq®7000 系列 (XC7Z015) 电源解决方案 (5W) - 参考设计
    The PMP10600.1 reference design provides all the power supply rails necessary to power Xilinx® Zynq® 7000 series (XC7Z015) FPGA.   This design uses several LMZ3 series modules, LDOs, and a DDR termination regulator.  It also features one LM3880 for power up and power d
  • TIDA-00949 采用单层 TO-247 封装的 3.3V 1A、低 EMI、效率达 92% 的直流/直流模块参考设计
    TI 参考设计 TIDA-00949 展现了采用 TPS54202 的 15mmx20mm、效率高达 92% 的低电磁干扰 (EMI) 直流/直流模块,取代了大多数家电应用中的低压降稳压器 (LDO)。高效率消除了对散热器的需求,从而实现了尺寸更小、成本更低的解决方案。较高的电流容量支持添加更多功能(WiFi、传感器等)。高效率和低电流消耗有助于实现严格的能效评级。
  • Small Form Factor 12W Ultra Wide Range Power Supply for Protection Relays - Reference Design
    This small form factor: 12W power supply solution for protection relays handles an ultra-wide range of both AC and DC inputs making it a suitable platform to power a variety of lower power protection relays that need to be placed in a small housing.  The power supply is designed to output industry standard voltages required in protection relays while also providing excellent line and load regulation.  This solution has been engineered for high wattage with good efficiency and has also been pre-compliance tested for IEC61000-4 (EFT and Surge) and CISPR 11 Class A (Interference).
  • PMP8869 具有 85-265VAC 输入的初级侧稳压反激 (12V @ 3W)
    The PMP8869 reference design uses the UCC28700 primary-side regulated flyback controller to generate a 12V/250mA output from a universal AC input. The valley switching of the UCC28700 allows this low-cost design to achieve a maximum load efficiency over 80%; no load losses are less than 30mW. This circuit fits onto a 23mm x 37mm PCB.
  • CC1150EM868_REFDES CC1150EM 868-915Mhz 参考设计
    The CC1150EM reference design contains schematics and layout files for the CC1150EM module used in development kits. The reference design demonstrates good techniques for CC1150 decoupling and RF layout. For optimum RF performance, these parts should be copied accurately. This is a 2-layer refere
  • 600V Uni-directional Current/Voltage/Power Monitoring for Solar Smart Combiner Box Reference Design
    The TIDA-00639 reference design is a non-isolated high-side current and voltage sensing design for a smart combiner box in a grounded or ungrounded system.  The non-isolated current sensing topology enables accurate power monitoring for high voltage systems.  This design is optimized for any voltage between 95 V and 600 V: and with minor component changes this sensing topology can be optimized for any voltage from 40 to 1000V.
  • TIDA-00772 具有堵转电流限制功能的 18V/400W 高效 (98%) 紧凑型无刷直流电机驱动器参考设计
    TIDA-00772 是适用于由 5 节锂离子电池供电(最高电压 21V)的电动工具中三相无刷直流 (BLDC) 电机的 18A RMS 驱动器。该设计是可实现基于传感器的梯形控制的 45 x 50 mm 紧凑型驱动器。该设计使用一个分立式紧凑型基于 MOSFET 的三相逆变器,可提供 18A RMS 连续(持续 1 秒的 60A 峰值)绕组电流,无需任何外部冷却装置或散热器。栅极驱动器的转换率控制和电荷泵可确保实现最大逆变器效率(>98%,18V 直流)并具有最佳 EMI 性能。逐周期过流保护功能可防止功率级出现大的堵转电流,并且板可以在高达 55°C 的环境温度下工作。小巧的外形支持灵活放置板,高效率使电池的持续时间更长,60A 的峰值电流容量可在电动工具中提供高瞬时峰值扭矩。
  • PMP5364 36V-72V 输入 5V/20A 95% 效率有源钳位正向;1/4 砖型
    PMP5364 参考设计可通过标准 48V 电信输入提供 5V@20A (100W) 的电源,效率高达 95%。此设计使用 UCC2897A 有源钳位控制器以及 TI NexFET 同步整流器。CSD17301Q5A 的低导通电阻可降低同步整流器的传导损耗和裸片面积。该电路内置于行业标准的 1/4 砖型封装内。
  • TIDA-00709 适用于 PSU 且效率大于 90% 的 36W 通用输入双输出辅助电源参考设计
    TIDA-00709 是一种采用通用直流输入的 36W 双输出辅助电源,面向服务器和电信电源。此参考设计是使用 UCC28740 恒定电压/恒定电流 (CV-CC) 反激式控制器来实现的准谐振 (QR) 反激式转换器,具有针对电压的光耦合反馈和针对电流的初级侧调节 (PSR)。为了提高效率,TIDA-00709 将同步整流器与同步控制器 UCC24636 和低 RDS(on) MOSFET 结合使用,从而实现 12V_ISO/2.75A 主输出。此设计小巧而经济,具有几乎所有的必要内置保护机制,例如针对输出过压和短路的保护。此外,该设计具有内置电子保险丝,用于在 12V 主输出电压轨上实现故障隔离,而不影响任何其他输出。
  • 18-bit: 2-Msps Isolated Data Acquisition Reference Design to Achieve Maximum SNR and Sampling Rate
    This “18-bit: 2-Msps Isolated Data Acquisition Reference Design to achieve maximum SNR and sampling rate”  illustrates how to overcome performance-limiting challenges typical of isolated data acquisition system design:Maximizing sampling rate by minimizing propagation delay introduced by digital isolatorMaximizing high-frequency AC signal chain performance (SNR) by effectively mitigating ADC sampling clock jitter introduced by the digital isolator
  • Reference Design to Measure AC Voltage & Current in Protection Relays w/Delta-Sigma Chip Diagnostics
    The TIDA-00810 reference design accurately measures analog inputs performance and includes chip diagnostics to help identify power  systems failures early by using a highly accuracy AC voltage and current measurement analog front end (AFE) and a four-channel: 24-bit simultaneously-sampling differential input Delta-Sigma ADC for measurement over wide dynamic range. The ADC is configured to measure 0-5 V unipolar. The inputs are scaled to ADC measurement range using a fixed gain amplifier with 2.5 V DC output level shift. The AFE can be used to measure output of a current transformer: potential divider with analog isolation and Rogowski active integrator. The AFE uses 10-Bit low resolution successive approximation register (SAR) ADC in parallel with a 24 bit ∑-∆ ADC for ADS131A04 diagnostics.
  • TIDA-00237 面向模拟可编程逻辑控制器模块的超小型 1W、12V-36V 隔离式电源参考设计
    Analog input and output modules are a standard component in Programmable Logic Controllera (PLC) or Distributed Control Systems (DCS). More channels per module and slimmer modules bring design challenges to the isolated power supply in those modules. Anyone facing those challenges will benefit fr
  • PMP5715 21V 至 26V (4A) LED 驱动器
    The PMP5715.1 is a transition mode (TM) Boost PFC that, from high line (176Vac to 280Vac), supplies 410V @ 283mA to the second block: the LLC stage.
  • TPA3244 Dolby Atmos Soundbar Reference Design
    The TPA3244 Dolby Atmos® Soundbar Reference Design combines Ultra-HD audio and high dynamic range to create room filling audio experience from a small form factor system. The design leverages TI's high-performance TPA3244 amplifier: PCM5252 high-performance DAC with processing: and an integrated SoC for decoding and rendering Dolby Atmos®. The soundbar reference board provides 10 DAC + amplifier channels using TI's integrated audio DSP for independent channel processing which includes digital active crossovers: DRCs: and biquads to support the 5.1.2 soundbar output configuration. The design uses the 66AK2G audio SoC for Dolby Atmos® decode and rendering.
  • PMP8762 用于消费类电子产品的低线路、宽输入范围 LLC 谐振式转换器 (12V/10A)
    PMP8762 参考设计使用单 LLC 谐振转换器级通过低线路输入电压(100Vac 至 132Vac)提供 12V/10A 输出。该设计的特点是电路成本低、电磁干扰(感应和辐射)小且效率高(满负荷时超过 87%)。该设计使用 UCC25600 谐振转换器控制器及 UCC27702 高侧闸极驱动器来控制 LLC 谐振转换器。
  • PMP5239 适用于通信的同步降压 (5V@200mA)
    PMP5239 使用 TPS40021 搭配 NexFET 在 18A 时提供 1.8V,关断时为 3.3V。TPS61027 还在 200mA 时提供 5V 电压。
  • Isolated Current Shunt/Voltage Measurement Reference Design for Automotive Battery Pack Monitoring
    This TI Verified Design provides the theory: component selection: TINA-TI simulations: Verification & Measurement Performance: Altium Schematics: PCB Layout for automotive Battery Pack monitoring application.  The design uses a automotive AEC-Q100 qualified 12-bit: 4-Channel: 1Msps SAR ADC: ADS7950-Q1 with isolated system hardware design.This isolated input design with four-wire shunt resistor is well suited for such applications using high and low voltage automotive battery packs. It can be used to monitor the current from -5A to +5A and extremely high voltage (up to 750V) of battery pack.The TINA simulations for the input and reference drive verify the design solution and componsent selection: and  the measured results  demonstrate  the performance of the precision design.
  • PMP7305 10 - 28V 输入、12V(2A)SEPIC(采用 LM5022)
    PMP7305 参考设计在 SEPIC 配置中使用 LM5022,以便在 2A 下生成 12V。此设计可提供高达 90% 的效率,且体型小巧。
  • Dual Polarity Output Isolated Flyback (12Vout@-.25A)
    This is an isolated flyback converter with input voltage range of 12V to 24Vin and dual polarity outputs (+/-12Vout) at 0.25A each (total of 0.5Aout).

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