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  • 1. United States of America
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  • 6. Germany
  • 7. South Korea
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  • 9. Israel
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: Where can I find the Button cell CR2032 battery wiki?

    A: CR2032: lithium, 20 mm diameter, 3.2 mm height more

  • Q: What is a CR2032 lithium coin cell battery?

    A: perfect match for our sew-able coin cell holder. This non-rechargeable coin cell is CR2032 sized: 20mm diameter, 3.2mm thick. It has a nominal voltage output of 3V (although it starts a little high at 3.2V and slowly drifts down to 2.5V as it is used. The capacity is 220mAh assuming a draw of constant .2mA. more

  • Q: Where can I find a sewable CR2032 battery holder?

    A: This battery holder is by far the easiest way to add a battery to a small wearable project. By coincidence, there are two small 1mm diameter holes in the metal connection tabs, just large enough for a #5 or smaller needle to pass through. One tab connects to common ground (negative) and the other tab is +3 Volts. more

  • Q: Where can I find CR2032 specifications?

    A: CR2032/BR2032/LIR2032 3V Lithium Primary/Rechargeable Coin Cell Batteries - Specifications and Recommendations more

  • Q: Is a CMOS battery rechargeable?

    A: Most CMOS batteries are CR2032 lithium button cell batteries and are not rechargeable.There are rechargeable batteries (e.g. ML2023) that are the same size, but they can't be charged by your computer. more

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