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Reference Designs

  • LMG5200 48V to 1V/40A Single Stage Converter Reference Design
    The PMP4497 is a GaN-based reference design solution for the Vcore such as FPGA: ASIC applications. With high integration and low switching loss: the GaN module LMG5200 enables a high efficiency single stage from 48V to 1.0V solution to replace the traditional 2-stage solution. This design shows the GaN performance and the system advantages: compared with the 2-stages solution.  A low cost ER18 planar PCB transformer is embedded on the board. The design was achieved in a compact form factor (45mm*26mm*11mm). The size could be further reduced by optimizing frequency and components.
  • UART to Wi-Fi Bridge with 24 VAC Power Reference Design
    This reference design uses our SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 internet-on-a-chip wireless MCU module to create a data bridge between existing hardware with a logic-level UART interface and a Wi-Fi network. The design also contains a simple switcher power supply with a wide-input range suitable for 24-V HVAC systems. The UART interface has buffers to allow this design to interface with equipment that has logic levels between 3.3 V and 5 V.
  • 200W 92% Efficient Low THD 10% Dimmable AC/DC LED Driver Reference Design With Adjustable Output
    This reference design is a 200-W: dimmable: low THD AC/DC LED power supply with a tunable output voltage from 100 to 200 V. It is designed for use in outdoor lighting applications such as street lighting: road lighting: and so on. This design uses a CCM PFC as front end to achieve low  THD and high power factor and proposes two-switch flyback architecture as second stage which helps to meet the cost: efficiency : and design simplicity aspects of LED power supply with adjustable output voltage.
  • Low-Voltage: Low-Noise Power-Supply Reference Design for Ultrasound Front End
    This reference design is a power supply optimized specifically for providing power to eight 16-channel receive AFE ICs for ultrasound imaging systems. This design reduces part count while maximizing efficiency by using single-chip DC-DC converter + LDO combo regulators to set the LDO input just above the dropout voltage while taking full advantage of the LDO PSRR.  In addition: ultra-low-noise LDOs help to attain the highest resolution possible from A/D conversion: leading to higher image quality. This design is capable of switching frequency synchronization with the master and system clock frequency to aid system designers apply simple filtering techniques to remove power supply switching noise on ground loops or use spreadspectrum clocking to reduce EMI. Additionally: the design implements an eFuse device: providing a simple and flexible means of overcurrent protection.
  • Automotive Dual USB Type-C™ PD DFP 5/9/12/15V Output Car Charger Reference Design
    PMP40312 is a dual port USB Type-C™ PD car charger reference design. The design's normal input voltage range is from 9V to 14.5V: and the maximum input voltage can be to 42V.The pure analog configuration for the USB type-C source controller--TPS25740B makes the PD negotiation easy. The solution supports 4 sets of output voltage options including 5V/9V/12V/15V. Each port provides a maximum of 32.5W output power for the USB Type-C device. This solution achieves high efficiency as a SMBus battery Buck-Boost charge controller BQ25700A and I2C battery Buck-Boost Charge Controller BQ25703A are implemented in the design.
  • High efficiency scalable 3-phase 1V/90A PMBus power supply for ASIC core rails
    The PMP10962 reference design is a 3-phase PMBus converter for high current ASIC core rail regulation. It employs  DCAP+ control for fast transient response and TI's proprietary AutoBalance for tight steady and dynamic phase-to-phase current balance. It drives three TI NexFET smart power stages for high power density and efficiency. It  easily scales-up/scales-down to meet a wide load range. PMBus capability and on-board NVM enable easy design: configuration: and customization: with telemetry of output voltage: current: temperature: and power.
  • IO-Link Sensor Transmitter Booster Pack
    This reference design offers a rapid prototyping platform for IO-Link sensor transmitters. Due to its design: it can be connected to TI LaunchPad / BoosterPack ecosystem on which the fully-validated IO-Link stack is implemented. The design has easy access to all interface and status signals. The different optional settings make this design flexible to adjust for several use cases. With the ability to connect sensor front-ends: the design can be used either as an evaluation platform of the IO-Link interface or as an entire sensor transmitter system. With the industry standard M12 connector: it can be connected to an IO-Link master system.See more information on TMG.
  • Smart lighting & backlight control by ambient light & noise-immune proximity sensor reference design
    This reference design demonstrates a proximity sensor implementation for HMI applications. The design can be used for backlight control that dynamically adjusts LCD backlight brightness relative to environment ambient light levels. A capacitive proximity sensor saves power and increases LCD backlight life by waking up the system from sleep or standby mode when a person approaches.
  • Automotive Off-battery VCM Supporting 2.5-V Cold Crank Profile Reference Design
    This reference design is a high-current: wide input voltage range circuit that can handle engine cold crank profile down to 2.5V. The dual-output voltages are 5V and 3.3V that support up to 10A for each output. The design is suitable for an automotive off-battery infotainment application that needs to support a very stringent starting profile down to 2.5V.
  • RF Sampling 4-GSPS ADC Reference Design with 8-GHz DC-Coupled Differential Amplifier
    Wideband radio frequency (RF) receivers allow greatly increased flexibility in radio designs. The wide instantaneous bandwidth allows flexible tuning without changing hardware and the ability to capture multiple channels at widely separated frequencies.This reference design describes a wideband RF receiver utilizing a 4-GSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC): with an 8-GHz: DC-coupled: fully differential amplifier front end. The amplifier front end provides signal gain and allows capture of signals down to DC: which is not possible with a balun-coupled input.
  • Automotive 2-MHz Class-D: 4-Channel: 21-W Audio Amplifier in Class AB Form-Factor Reference Design
    The TIDA-00743 reference design is a small module designed for evaluation of a digital-input class-D audio amplifier in a system which has been designed for a typical class AB audio power amplifier module. This design demonstrates the reduction in power dissipation that a class D amplifier provides. This design demonstrates how 2.1 MHz operation of a TAS6424-Q1 enables a compact power amplifier solution.
  • Portable Audio Amplifier with Auto Audio Control 1S1P BMS Reference Design
    High performance: 10Watt (5W per speaker) portable audio amplifier that includes everything you need to implement a BMS (Battery Management Solution) for a portable audio amplifier (including a Charger: Fuel (Gas) Gauge and Protection for a 1S1P 18650 2400mAh Lithium battery) for a Class D Audio Amplifier. Get extended operating time by using efficient power regulators: Class D amplifier and proper battery management.
  • PMBus Power System for Enterprise Ethernet Switches Reference Design
    PMP11399 is a complete PMBus power system for 3 ASIC/FPGA cores: DDR3 core memory: VTT termination: and auxiliary voltages commonly found on high-performance Ethernet Switches. The hardware is accompanied by a GUI that allows the user to perform real-time configuration and monitoring of the power supplies.
  • IEEE802.3at Type-1 PoE and 12V adapter input to point of load reference design for IP network camera
    Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables power to be delivered over the same ethernet cable as data with no danger of cross-talk: interference: or corruption of the data streams. This reference design showcases end-to-end power tree for an IP network camera powered using PoE or 12-V adapter based on the TI’s DaVinci™ Digital Media Processor or different application processor. The power tree also derives rails required for different peripherals of an IP network camera like: Image sensor: motor control: Ethernet PHY: RS485 interface: IR LED illumination: audio: motion sensing and the alarm interface.
  • Touch on Metal Buttons With Integrated Haptic Feedback Reference Design
    This reference design uses our inductance-to-digital converter technology to provide a high-precision method to sense button presses on a metal surface and our haptic drivers provide high-quality haptics feedback to the user. TIDA-00314 demonstrates techniques for system design: environmental compensation and electromagnetic interference protection.Watch the TIDA-00314 overview video on the touch-on-metal buttons with integrated haptic feedback.
  • CISPR 25 Class 4 Rated Design for Dual Automotive USB Charger Reference Design
    PMP20249 is an EMI optimized design for dual automotive USB charger system utilizing the LMS3635 and LMS3655 regulator ICs (400kHz fully-integrated synchronous buck for automotive application) and TPS2549 USB switch (TPS2549-Q1 automotive USB charging port controller with integrated power switch & cable compensation). The design accepts an input voltage range of 6V to 18V and provides the outputs of 5V@3.5A and 5V@2.5A. The design has a differential EMI filter: and has been tested for and passed CISPR25 Class 4 conducted EMI limits without shileding: a common mode choke: or a ferrite bead.
  • Compact Size Dual 2.5A USB Car Charger Reference Design
    PMP9402 is a dual USB car charger. This design utilizes the LM3150: TPS2561 Dual Channel Power Switch and a TPS2513 USB Dedicated Charging Port Controller. This design operates from 6 to 40V in. The output is set to 5V; both channels have a 2.5A current limit. This design has a switching frequency of 300 kHz. This design is intended for after-market automotive applications.
  • Wireless Mesh Network for Predictive Maintenance Reference Design
    This reference design can be used to quickly establish a wireless mesh network that connects various types of sensors directly to the Internet. Inputs like RS232: RS485 or RTD are on the board to collect data for predictive maintenance from different sensors and machines. For data processing a high performance ARM Cortex M4F MCU with Floating Point Unit and DSP acceleration is on the board.
  • Connected LED Lighting With IEEE802.3bt Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Reference Design
    This Power over Ethernet (PoE) reference design supplies power and data over a single Ethernet cable to a connected LED lighting ballast. This reference design uses TI's TPS2372-4 PoE powered device (PD) interface: LM3409 buck controller: LM5165 buck converter: TPS62740 buck converter: TM4C1292NCPDT microcontroller (MCU): TPD4E05U06-Q1 ESD protection device: and DP83822I Ethernet PHY to provide power to the LED light remotely controlling the brightness and dimming parameters of the LED light while connected to the network. In need of an IEEE802.3bt-ready PSE controller? Check out the TPS23881.
  • Automotive Reverse Polarity Protection Reference Design
    Reverse polarity is standard protection required in an automotive environment. When battery cables are detached and reconnected there is a probability of connecting the wires to wrong terminals of the battery. This mistake could damage the components in Electronic Control Units (ECU). To avoid damage to the ECU there is a need for reverse polarity protection. Schotky diodes could be used but will have a constantly high power loss.  This reference design uses the LM5050-Q1 along with n-channel mosfet to provide reverse polarity protection and reduce the power dissipation.
  • Distance and Weight Measurement Using Inductive Sensing Reference Design
    The Distance and Weight Measurement Using Inductive Sensing Reference Design is a sub-system design which converts a distance measurement to a weight measurement. This design is intended as a reference design for building automation and weigh scale applications. In mechanical systems: there are many situations that require precise and accurate measurements of distance. One such scenario is the conversion of a distance measurement to a weight measurement: through the use of springs with well-known characteristics. This reference design enables weight and distance measurements to be incorporated into end systems: without the use of expensive magnets or other sensing materials.
  • Small 5W Wireless Power Transmitter Reference Design
    The TIDA-00623 wireless power reference design is a practical layout in a compact 1 sq inch area. The solution uses the bq500511 digital chip and bq50002 analog front end Gen3 transmitter solution: combined to provide ease of use and product quality with a cost competitive solution.  The design can be used as a starting point or prototype design for customer applications  such as personal electronics: industrial and medical systems.
  • Automotive emergency call (eCall) audio subsystem reference design
    The efficiency and diagnostics necessary for automotive emergency call (eCall) systems generate unique requirements for the audio subsystem: such as speaker diagnostics and low-power consumption.  This reference design shows how to use our automotive two-channel audio codec (TLV320AIC3104-Q1) and a class-D audio amplifier (TAS5411-Q1) for eCall applications.
  • RGB Signal Light With IO-Link Interface Reference Design
    This reference design implements a five-segment LED smart stack light with 20 LEDs used in factory floor and industrial process automation of greater complexity. An IO-Link interface is implemented for controlling the stack light and reading back status information. The design features low power consumption to be powered through the IO-Link interface.This signal light reference design demonstrates how the power dissipation of the RGB LED driver can be reduced by 30% and the range of the brightness control can be extended. Automatic brightness control adapts the brightness to ambient light. The reference design uses a simple PWM to modify the output voltage of a switching regulator to implement dynamic headroom control.
  • Three Different Buck Converter Circuits to Convert 12V to 1.2V at >6A Load Current Reference Design
    PMP11438 is a vehicle used to compare three different power solutions for converting a 12V bus to 1.2V at 6-10A. The 1.2V output voltage is applicable to DDR4 memory applications. Each solution offers an advantage in either full load efficiency: light load efficiency: density: height: transient response: or some combination of these.
  • ADAS multi-sensor hub reference design with quad 4-Gbps FPD-Link III: dual CSI-2 output: and PoC
    The TIDA-01323 camera hub reference design allows connection of up to four 2-megapixel: 60-fps cameras over coax cable. This design utilizes these coax cables to provide power: back-channel communication: and clock synchronization to the sensors. The 4-Gbps FPD-Link III quad deserializer supports dual-output Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Camera Serial Interface-2 (CSI-2) over a Samtec connector to application processors. This design also allows the user to connect other types of sensors for sensor fusion applications.
  • Complete PMBus Power System for Enterprise Ethernet Switches Reference Design
    Complete PMBus power system for 3 ASIC/FPGA cores: DDR3 core memory: and auxiliary voltages found on high-performance Ethernet Switches.
  • Humidity & Temp Sensor Node for Star Networks Enabling 10+ Year Coin Cell Battery Life Ref Design
    This reference design uses our nano-power system timer: SimpleLink™ ultra-low power wireless microcontroller (MCU) platform and humidity sensing technologies to demonstrate an ultra-low power method to duty-cycle sensor end nodes. These technologies lead to an extremely long battery life of over 10 years with a standard CR2032 lithium-ion coin-cell battery. The design includes techniques for system design: detailed test results and information to get the design up and running quickly. 
  • Reference Design for Voltage: Current & Temp Monitoring for Solar Module Level Power Electronics
    The TIDA-00640 verified reference design provides an overview on how to implement a solar module level monitoring and communication sub-system. This design addresses the key need of a highly cost optimized monitoring and communication sub-system for solar Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE). This design showcases a highly integrated solution for accurate voltage: current and temperature monitoring along with ZigBee communication using CC2538 to enable Solar Module level monitoring. 
  • Energy Efficient and Isolated CANopen Interface Reference Design
    CAN and CANopen are legacy fieldbus protocols used in many applications in factory automation. Whenever high voltage could damage the end equipment there is need for isolation. Today’s smart factories utilize several energy efficient automation nodes. This reference design: which incorporates the ISO1050 and SN6501 devices: is built as a BeagleBone Black CAPE. The design can then  be easily tested on the BeagleBone Black development board using the existing Linux software infrastructure.
  • RTD replacement for cold junction compensation reference design in a temperature sensor
    Temperature-sensing applications that use a thermocouple (TC) require an accurate local temperature sensor to achieve high accuracy. Solutions for design challenges such as cold-junction compensation (CJC) or including an ultra-low power TC analog front-end are highlighted and addressed in this reference design. Performance in terms of power consumption and accuracy is optimized for accurate 4 to 20 mA sensors while also demonstrating the performance of different CJC and TC front-end implementations.
  • Xilinx Virtex® UltraScale™ FPGA Multi-Gigabit Transceiver (MGT) Power Solution
    The PMP10520 reference design provides all the power supply rails (1V/20A: 1.2V/30A: 1.8V/4A) necessary to power the multi-gigabit transcievers (MGT) in Xilinx's Virtex® Ultrascale™  FPGAs.  This design uses a 5V input and has a PMBus interface for current and voltage monitoring: margining: timing delays: and fault monitoring.  It uses both TPS544C20 and TPS544B20 which feature internal current sensing and eliminate the need for an external current sense resistor.  This design also meets Xilinx's low output voltage ripple requirements of the MGT rails.
  • Enhanced Accuracy Battery Fuel Gauge Reference Design for Low Power Industrial IoT Field Metering
    The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is efficiently connecting applications and instruments: enabling battery powered: wide scale very low power sensor deployment.  New technologies: such as TI’s advanced sensor and low power connectivity devices: are enabling these instruments to be designed as battery powered wireless systems dramatically improving cost: deployment: reliability: performance and complexity.Enabled by Texas Instruments’ SimpleLink™ ultra-low power wireless micro-controller (MCU) platform: the TIDA-01014 reference design utilizes the TIDA-01012 wireless DMM reference design to demonstrate how the bq27426 can be used to enhance the battery management system’s fuel gauge performance and ultimately optimize consumption. The TIDA-01014 features a wirelessly connected: 4½ Digit: 100kHz true RMS: DMM with Bluetooth Low Energy® (BLE) connectivity: NFC Bluetooth pairing: and an Automatic Wake-Up feature enabled by TI’s CapTIvateTM technology.
  • TPS53515 Low Power DDR Memory Power Supply Reference Design
    The PMP20026 reference design provides an efficient low power solution for DDR4 memory.  The power supply is powered from a 12V source and regulates the output to 1.2V at up to 6A.  The TPS53515 operates in a single phase buck mode at 500kHz that allows for very high efficiency conversion.  The solution size is25mm x 15mm.  The peak effciency approaches 90% at 5A.  At very light loads the efficiency is still above 40%.
  • RGB LED Signal Tower With IO-Link Interface Reference Design
    The objective of the TIDA-00980 reference design is to develop an embedded firmware to interface and control the functions of a multi-segment RGB signal tower used in factory floor and industrial process automation of greater complexity. This design helps to give more flexible usage along with a sequence of terminal commands. The stack light can be controlled either via IO-Link or USB and different patterns can be configured.
  • High Light-Load Efficient 120VAC Input: 25W/5VDC Reference Design with 4 POL Outputs
    This 25-W design uses the UCC28740 in a flyback topology to minimize no-load standby power and the UCC24636 synchronous rectifier controller to minimize power MOSFET body-diode conduction times. The design also features point-of-load converters from the main 5V rail that implement an energy-saving Ecomode. All of the devices within the design work together to improve light-load efficiency to help meet agency approvals.
  • USB-IF Certified USB Type-C™ DFP 20V/3A/60W Out: Universal AC Input Reference Design
    This power reference design provides up to 20 V/60 W over USB Type-C from a universal AC input range of 85 to 265 VAC for charger applications. The UCC24636 synchronous rectifier driver allows this design to provide 91% average efficiency. A daughter card provides the PD port control over the USB Type-C output connector. The required companion daughter card for this reference design is PMP11455. This design is USB-IF certified as a captive-cable power brick.
  • Automotive 8-Channel Class-D Amplifier with 2.1 MHz Switching Power Supply Reference Design
    TIDA-00733 is a reference design for an eight-channel: Class-D amplifier that is capable of driving 2-Ω loads and an off-battery step-down power supply with 5-V and  3.3-V outputs. The amplifier design provides audio inputs for each audio channel. A  high-performance audio analog-to-digital converter (ADC) creates the digital data stream from the audio inputs and creates the digital timing for the system.
  • 8V-36V Input 12V/7A; Active Clamp Forward Reference Design
    This reference design generates an isolated 12V/7A output from an 8V to 36V DC input.  The UCC2897A controls an active clamp forward converter power stage.  The low gate charge and low RDSon of the CSD19533Q5A and CSD19534Q5A allow this design to achieve a max load efficiency over 93%: with a peak efficiency of over 94%.  The compact UCC27511 drivers simplify the gate drive circuitry for the synchronous rectifiers.
  • Bidirectional high density GaN CCM totem pole PFC using C2000™ MCU
    This reference design is a 3.-kW bidirectional interleaved continuous conduction mode (CCM) totem-pole (TTPL) bridgeless power factor correction (PFC) power stage using a C2000™ real-time controller and LMG3410R070 gallium nitride (GaN) with integrated driver and protection.  This power topology is capable of bidirectional power flow (PFC and grid-tied inverter) and it uses LMG341x GaN devices: which enables higher efficiency and reduction in size of the power supply. The design supports phase shedding and adaptive dead time for efficiency improvements: input cap compensation scheme for improved power factor at light loads: and non-linear voltage loop to reduce voltage spikes under transient in PFC mode. The hardware and software available with this reference design accelerates time to market. 
  • 500-mA wireless charger BoosterPack™ with gauge reference design
    The TIDA-00669 is a BoosterPack reference design that provides a wireless charger and an entire battery managment solution to power any TI LaunchPad ( This design is a  highly integrated power management solution that is well-suited for low power applications. The primary method of storage is an exteranl Li-Polymer rechargable Battery.
  • SiC/IGBT isolated gate driver reference design with thermal diode and sensing FET
    This reference design is an IGBT or SiC isolated gate driver power stage driving a IGBT module with advanced protection features. The design consists of a single phase power stage from a traction inverter supporting high level of safety features. The IGBT module has integrated thermal diode for temperature monitoring and sensing FET for over current protection: providing fast and accurate protections. It includes the bias supplies and its output voltage monitoring: isolated DC bus sensing in redundant circuits: temp sensing for high side and low side drivers: PWM gate signal monitoring: fault signal injection diagnostics. The supply accepts a wide input range of 4.5V to 65V DC: and delivers up to 180mA output current. The isolated gate driver has up to ±10A drive strength and also includes an analog to PWM converter: which is utilized for temperature and voltage sensing.
  • PMP7672 用于 T8 灯具的 18W 初级侧稳压反激式 LED 驱动器
    This reference design describes an 18W power supply for driving a string of 13 LEDs (3.3V) at 420mA. The targeted application for this design is T8 fixtures transitioning from standard fluorescent tubes to more efficient LEDs. With an operating efficiency of over 87%, an input voltage range of 90
  • 50-Ohm 2-GHz Oscilloscope Front-end Reference Design
    This reference design is part of an analog front-end for 50Ω-input oscilloscope application. System designers can readily use this evaluation platform to process input signals from DC to 2 GHz in both frequency-domain and time-domain applications.
  • PMP6811 120VAC 输入、5V/0.8A 输出、非隔离反向
    此参考设计在非隔离式反向拓扑中使用 UCC28C42 生成 5V 电压(0.8A 电流时),由 US line AC 输入供电。这项低成本、紧凑型设计在最大负载下可实现超过 70% 功效。
  • PMP8508 5.0V/0.35A 降压转换器(修订版 A)
    该设计是用于汽车应用及非汽车应用的降压转换器。它提供 5.0V (0.35A) 的输出电压,输入电压范围为 7.5-24V。它可以用最高 60V 的电压短时间工作。
  • SM3320-BATT-EV SolarMagic™ SM3320-BATT-EV 充电控制器参考设计
    The SM72442 MPPT digital controller and SM72295 photovoltaic full bridge drivers are designed to control high efficiency DC/DC conversion used in photovoltaic applications. This application note will detail the usage of those devices in a battery charging application. The reference design is mean
  • PMP6002 TRIAC 可调光 120V LED 照明驱动器控制器 (32V@350mA)
    The PMP6002 reference design is an isolated (flyback) dimmable LED Lighting Driver Controller using the TPS92210. This reference design accepts an input voltage from 90V - 145V. The output voltage is set to 32V and the LED string current to set to 350mA
  • CARDVRRDK DaVinci DM385 based Car DVR RDK
    Car DVRs, also known as car black boxes and dashboard cameras, are an aftermarket car accessory designed to deal with the unpredictability of other drivers on the road and drivers’ misinterpretation of traffic rules. By recording live streams from the front and rear of the vehicle, car DVRs
  • PR2084 使用 TPS650061 为 OMAP-L132/OMAP-L137/OMAP-L138 供电
    此参考设计为 OMAP-L132、OMAP-L137 和 OMAP-L138 处理器提供了一套完整的电源解决方案和低成本离散排序电路。
  • PMP8581 采用TO-220 封装的微型同步降压转换器参考设计
    This design is a tiny synchronous buck converter which can be used either for 3.3V or 5.0V output voltage and a maximum current of 600mA. It has the same size like a TO-220 package and can directly replace linear regulators like the well-known uA7805.
  • TIDA-00066 高增益多级放大器参考设计
  • PMP4497 LMG5200 48V 至 1V/40A 单级转换器参考设计
    PMP4497 是一款基于 GaN 的参考设计解决方案,适用于 FPGA、ASIC 等 Vcore 应用。凭借高度集成和低开关损耗,GaN 模块 LMG5200 可实现高效率单级 48V 至 1.0V 解决方案,从而取代传统的两级解决方案。此参考设计展示了与两级解决方案相比,此解决方案具有的 GaN 性能和系统优势。低成本 ER18 平面 PCB 变压器嵌于板上。此参考设计尺寸紧凑 (45mm*26mm*11mm)。还可通过优化频率和组件进一步减小尺寸。
  • PMP4478 已优化轻负载效率的交流输入、5V/3A 准谐振反激转换器参考设计
    The PMP4478 is an optimized reference design for appliance applications which provides high current.  Low ripple & noise < 50mV is achieved via Pi type filter at the output. The design also achieves good light load efficiency with optimized transformer design. When the load is 300mW,
  • PMP8001 LM3448 – 220VAC、8W 可调隔离型
    This demonstration board highlights the performance of a LM3448 based Flyback LED driver solution that can be used to power a single LED string consisting of 6 / 7 series connected LEDs from an 198 VRMS to 264 VRMS, 50 Hz input power supply. The integrated high-voltage and low Rdson MOSFET reduces design complexity while improving LED driver efficiency. This is a two-layer board using the bottom and top layer for component placement. The demonstration board can be modified to adjust the LED forward current, the number of series connected LEDs that are driven and the switching frequency. Refer to the LM3448 datasheet for detailed instructions. A bill of materials is included that describes the parts used on this demonstration board
  • TIDA-01226 采用 DLP Pico 技术的紧凑型全高清 1080p(高达 16 安培)投影显示参考设计
    此参考设计具有 DLP Pico™ 0.47 英寸 TRP 全高清 1080p 显示芯片组并在 DLP LightCrafter Display 4710 G2 评估模块 (EVM) 中实现,支持在配件投影仪、无屏幕显示、交互式显示、可穿戴设备(包括头戴式显示)、标牌、工业和医疗显示等投影显示应用中采用全高清分辨率。此参考设计中使用的芯片组由 DLP4710 (0.47 1080p) DMD、DLPC3439 显示控制器和 DLPA3005 PMIC/LED 驱动器组成。
  • PMP4460 24Vin、24V 和 5Vout、1W 隔离式 SIP DC/DC 模块参考设计
    The PMP4460 is a 24Vin 24Vout 50mA, 5Vout 100mA reference design module which is implemented in an industry standard SIP pinout. It includes a constant on-time synchronous Flybuck controller LM25017. The solution has high efficiency, good line and load regulation with 1,500V DC isolation. The pow
  • PMP7883 交流离线转换器,电流为 2A 时提供 5VDC 或 12VDC 输出
    The following design, driven by the LM5023, takes an AC input, like the ones located in the common US power outlet, and generates 5V/12V out, 2A DC signal, outputs commonly used for USB connections.
  • TIDA-00448 具有增强型数字隔离器的灵活型高电流 IGBT 栅极驱动器参考设计
    The TIDA-00448 reference design is an isolated IGBT gate driver with bipolar gate voltages intended for driving  high power IGBT’s requiring high peak gate current up to 40 A. TI’s NexFET power blocks which scales in this range, with same package, enables single design to be used
  • PMP7892 具有隔离式输出的有源钳位正向转换器
    PMP7892 is an isolated active clamp forward converter capable of 42W output power. This design uses the LM5026 active clamp current-mode controller. Output voltage regulation is maintained using an LMV431 shunt regulator and opto-coupler feedback. Schottky rectifiers allow for holdup of 10ms usin
  • Universal AC Input: 12V/3A Single stage PFC-Flyback Reference Design with Synchronous Rectification
    The PMP9730 reference design employs the UCC28051 power factor correction controller to implement a single stage PFC-Flyback AC/DC converter that generates an isolated 12V output at 3A from a universal AC input. The design features UCC28910 primary side regulation Flyback switcher for generating the VDD bias rails and the UCC24610 for 2ndary side synchronous rectification.  This provides an excellent solution for systems such as motor drives requiring an isolated bus voltage: good power factor and high efficiency.
  • PMP30165 5W 隔离式三路输出反相 Fly-Buck-Boost 参考设计
    PMP30165 参考设计是一种反向 Fly-Buck-Boost 转换器,它利用 LM5160-Q1 生成 3 种隔离式输出电压。该参考设计支持 10V 至 14V 的输入电压。LM5160-Q1 器件是配有集成高侧和低侧 MOSFET 的 65V、2A 同步降压转换器。恒定导通时间控制不需要任何环路补偿。此转换器无需光耦合器即可调节次级侧输出,并且能够实现良好交叉调节效果。
  • TIDA-01240 射频采样 S 频带雷达发送器参考设计
    借助使用 DAC38RF80(一种 9GSPS 16 位数模转换器 (DAC))的射频采样架构,对适用于 S 频带多功能相控阵雷达 (MPAR) 的波形合成进行了展示。该射频采样发送架构可简化信号链,拉近数据转换器与天线之间的距离,从而实现灵活性和高性能。
  • PMP30159 3V 至 13.2V 输入电压、5V/5A 输出 SEPIC 参考设计
    PMP30159 参考设计在 3V 至 13.2V 的输入电压范围内工作,可提供最大为 5V/2A 的输出。启动所需输入电压须大于 4.5V。此参考设计已通过搭建和测试,可提供完整的测试报告。
  • PMP7899 具有隔离输出的非同步反激转换器
    PMP7899 is an isolated flyback converter utilizing the LM5022 for industrial applications. This design has a minimum operating input voltage of 8V and a maximum input voltage of 18V. A custom flyback transformer from Coilcraft is used in this design.
  • PMP5040 18V-60V Input Flyback 6.5V@2A
    PMP5040 参考设计在反向控制中使用 TPS40210 PWM 控制器生成隔离式 6.5V/2A 输出,效率达到 80% 以上。
  • PMP9689 具有 85-265VAC 输入和 5V/0.3A 输出的初级侧稳压反激参考设计
    The PMP9689 reference design uses the UCC28910 primary-side regulated flyback controller with integrated MOSFET to generate a 5V/0.3A output from an univeral AC input for metering applications.
  • OAD_FB_REFDES OAD 闪存板参考设计
    The OAD (Over the Air Download) flash board reference design demonstrates how to connect an external SPI flash to the SoC debug/flash connector on several Chipcon development boards.
  • PMP8014 用于使用 TPS92314 的 A19,具有 PFC 的晶闸管可调光反激式 LED 驱动器
    此参考设计的主要目的在于展示基于 TPS92314 且具有 PFC 的高性能、紧凑型和 TRIAC 可调光离线反激式 LED 驱动器。该 LED 驱动器旨在将交流输入转换为 LED 调节电流。该参考设计的工作条件和性能如下:● 198VAC 至 264VAC 50Hz 输入电压 ● 18V 至 22V LED 电压 ● 350mA LED 调节电流 ● 典型系统效率 84% ● 典型功率因数 0.9 ● 输出短路和断路保护
  • PMP9676 面向 PoE PD 应用的第 1 类非隔离式降压转换器 (5V/560mA) 参考设计
    This converter is used for Class 1 PoE PD applications where isolation is not required.  The TPS2378 PD controller plus LM5006 buck converter provide 5V/560mA with good efficieny in a small size.  The LM5006 can be configured with a diode rectifier for lowest cost or a synchronous FET r
  • 3-6Vin: 0.6-3.3Vo/6A Pico Module Reference Design
    The PMP4481 reference design is designed for telecom application with a DC input of 3V~6V achieving the lowest component count. Detailed data is provided. The output voltage could be modified by resistors over the resistor divider from 0.6V to 3.3V. A typical application is for 0.9V/6A.
  • PMP20795 具有低待机功耗的 200kHz LLC 系列谐振转换器参考设计
    PMP20795 参考设计将 UCC256301 增强型 LLC 控制器与集成型驱动器配合使用,以通过标称 380VDC 输入提供 24V/12A 输出。UCC256301 可提供混合滞回控制 (HHC),以实现快速瞬态响应。在此设计中,可实现一个具有超过 6kHz 带宽的一阶系统。此外,借助先进的突发模式,此转换器在无负载时可实现低于 200mW 的功耗。借助 200kHz 的标称开关频率,此转换器可实现超过 96% 的峰值效率。
  • PMP20692 36W 工业 PoE 隔离式反激参考设计
    PMP20692 是采用 LM5022 的隔离型反激式转换器,适合工业应用。该设计接受 54V ± 10% 的 PoE 输入电压。此处的测试报告适用于 54V 输入 ± 10%、12V 输出(负载电流为 3A)。开关频率设置为 250kHz。该测试报告中针对所有范围采集使用了定制变压器。
  • PMP20774 60W USB Type C 车载充电器参考设计
    PMP20774 参考设计是一款通用的 USB C 类充电器,利用了 LM5175 直流/直流和 TPS25740B PD 控制器,适用于售后市场车载充电器应用。此设计的最小工作输入电压为 6V,最大输入电压为 40V。此设计能够在 5Vout、9Vout、15Vout 和 20Vout 下持续提供 3A 电流。开关频率设为 350kHz。输入电压为 12V 和 24V 时对波形进行采集。
  • PMP5688 24V @ 2A、5V @ 0.6A PFC 反向
    From universal mains to 24V @ 2A constant voltage, this converter, that includes the PFC function, found typical application in LED bus voltage generation. A further Buck provides 5V @ 600mA for the digital part of the load.
  • 200V to 400V Input (Nominal): Triple-Output Bias Supply with Input Voltage Sensing Reference Design
    This reference design is a compact and thermally efficient design intended to be used as a bias supply for half-bridge converters. A DCM Flyback with UCC3813-4 controller is used to generate two isolated 12V supplies for half-bridge converter primary driving circuitry. One 5V is generated at the secondary side for secondary rectifier driving circuitry and controller. The second winding at secondary side can be used to sense input voltage level while the Flyback converter is operating.
  • TIDA-00293 采用 DLP® 技术的顶级立体光固化成型印刷 3D 打印机
    The DLP 3D Printer reference design employs Texas Instruments’ DLP 3D Structured Light Software Development Kit (SDK) and enables developers build best-in-class resolution 3D objects. The highly differentiated DLP technology uses stereo-lithography technique popular in high accuracy and hig
  • TIDA-01223 适用于电器的单层 180° 正弦 24V/2A 无传感器 BLDC 驱动参考设计
    此单层参考设计用于落地扇和其他类似电器,拥有 2 英寸直径的焊盘以及可减少组件数量的集成控制器。此外,无传感器控制使得无需配备霍尔传感器,并提供诸如过流保护、欠压闭锁、过热保护等多种保护功能,每种功能均可提升该设计的稳健性。此参考设计适用于 8V-24V 输入电压,并能够提供 3A(峰值)/2A (rms) 相电流。
  • TIDA-00429 DevSleep 功能与 TPS25940X
    The Real-time Digital LED Control reference design demonstrates the control of three boost converters to drive three LEDs (red, blue, and green) strings. This design allows development with real-time digital control of the various LEDs which makes it perfect for any industrial or automotive appli
  • PMP8536 9.5V @ 1.5A Automotive Boost Converter
    该设计是用于汽车应用的升压转换器,可以在启动时将电池电压提升到 9.5V (1.5A)。它可以承受最高 40V 的输入峰值。
  • Data Collector With M-Bus And RS-485 Protocol Conversion Reference Design
    This reference design implements a smart meter data collector with protocol conversion between Meter Bus (M-Bus) and RS-485 networks. M-BUS and RS-485 networks can be mixed together in some network domains: requiring bridging capability to fully integrate the system. This design becomes an intermediate node that collects M-BUS data packets from individual flow meters and formats them for transmission across a larger RS-485 network to the primary data concentrator.
  • TIDA-00576 采用 DLP Pico 技术的全高清 1080p 投影显示参考设计
  • PMP10379 12V 输入、3W、双路 5V 输出同步降压转换器
    This supply uses the TPS562209 buck converter to generate a 5V/0.5A regulated output and an auxilliary 5V/0.2A unregulated output.  A two winding coupled inductor is used to generate the auxilliary output.   The auxilliary output is left floating, and could be used as a -5V output
  • Universal AC Input: 24V/1A PFC-Flyback Reference Design
    This UCC28050-based reference design provides both isolation and power factor correction in a single stage.  The circuit is built on a 76mm by 50mm: two layer board.  The test report documents performance with regards to efficiency: power factor: thermal: EMI: and more.
  • TIDA-00597 适用于时钟发生器的低噪声电源解决方案参考设计
    The TIDA-00597 can provide very low noise output power for clock generator.
  • TIDA-00425 12Gbps SAS-3 链路扩展器参考设计
    This reference design extends the link distance and loss budget of high speed SAS-3 data paths, using configurable equalization, de-emphasis, and output voltage. It supports SAS and SATA interfaces from 1.5 Gbps to 12 Gbps using a miniSAS-HD interface.
  • PMP8000 高效小尺寸 150W 同步降压参考设计
    PMP8000 is a single-phase synchronous buck converter rated for 5V output at 30A from an input voltage of 12V. This design uses the LM27403 synchronous buck controller and CSD87350Q5D power block MOSFETs provide maximum efficiency when combined with a 250nH ferrite output inductor. The design solu
  • PMP8803 用于 PoE 应用的低成本 12V/1A 反激转换器
    该转换器用于 3 类 PoE 应用。采用二极管整流器的反激式转换器成本低、效率高。该转换器非常适合 IP 安全监控相机等 PoE 应用。TPS23753A 包含基于 PoE 的器件和 PWM 控制器功能。
  • PR1070 采用适配器或 USB 输入为主机控制的单体锂离子电池供电
    PR1070 配置 bq24160 电池充电器,以在从 USB 电源 (4.2V to 6V) 或墙壁适配器 (4.2V- 10V) 对单体锂离子电池充电的同时,提供至少 3.7V 的系统轨。使用 I2C 通信,充电电压最高可设置为 4.44V,充电电流最高可设置为 2.5A,USB 输入的每个输入电流限制最高可设置为 1.5A,适配器输入的每个输入电流限制最高可设置为 2.5A。在适配器检测期间,bq24160 使用它的 D+/D- 输入以确定端口为 SDP(电流限制为 100mA)还是 CDP/DCP(电流限制为 1.5A)。
  • PMP6711 120VAC 输入 - 5V/1.25W 输出、超紧凑隔离式 SEPIC
    PMP6711 电压电平转换器件可在不到 1 平方英寸的电路板空间中通过 120VAC/60Hz 输入提供隔离式 5.5V(250mA 时)。此设计在具有初级侧稳压的隔离式 SEPIC 拓扑中采用 TPS40210,节省了额外的空间和与光耦合器反馈有关的成本。SEPIC 钳位电容器可减少 MOSFET 漏极上的振铃并重新获得泄漏的能量以提高效率。
  • Universal AC Input: 5V/10A/50W PSR Flyback Power Supply W/over 88% Avg Efficiency Reference Design
    PMP11281 is a quasi-resonant Flyback power suppy based on the UCC28730 primary side regulation (PSR) controller. The elimination of optocoupler using PSR topology promises higher reliability and lower system cost. The design achieves less than 40mW standby power losses and over 88% average efficiency. The design also features UCC2463x synchronous rectification controller.
  • PMP4325 具有初级侧稳压器的通用 AC 输入 4.2W GU10 LED 照明驱动器
    此参考设计展示了使用德州仪器 (TI) TPS92310 的通用 85V~277V 交流输入 4.2W LED 照明驱动器。它证实了该解决方案可通过高效、低成本的初级侧稳压器支持 3~4 个串联的 LED,二次侧无需任何反馈。
  • TUSB8040AEVM TUSB8040A 评估模块
    The TUSB8040AEVM board is a free-standing reference design for a four-port SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0) hub. It is used to evaluate system compatibility. A SuperSpeed enabled host system and cable is required to evaluate SuperSpeed data transfer. The TUSB8040AEVM will work with USB 2.0
  • TIDA-00750 通过 3D 飞行时间 (ToF) 进行由需求控制的通风的人数统计参考设计
    采用 3D 飞行时间 (ToF) 的需求控制通风人数统计参考设计是一种子系统解决方案,它使用 TI 的 3D ToF 影像传感器以及跟踪和检测算法对给定区域中的人进行计数,可实现高分辨率和高精度。该传感器技术是在标准 CMOS 中开发的,使系统能够以较低的系统成本实现很高的集成度。由于 ToF 影像传感器以三维处理可视化数据,因此传感器可以检测到人体的精确形状并以前所未有的精度跟踪人的移动和位置(包括微小的移动变化)。因此,ToF 摄像头能够比传统监控摄像头和视频分析更加高效地执行实时人数统计和人员跟踪功能。
  • Universal AC Input 5V/6A/30W PSR Flyback Power Supply Reference Design w/Over 89.5% Avg Efficiency
    PMP11232 is a quasi-resonant Flyback power suppy based on the UCC28730 primary side regulation (PSR) controller. The elimination of optocoupler using PSR topology promises higher reliability and lower system cost. The design achieves less than 40mW standby power losses and over 89.5% average efficiency. The design also features UCC2463x synchronous rectification controller.
  • TIDM-MSP430AFE253SUBMETEREVM 单相能量测量参考设计
    This design implements a high-accuracy single-phase embedded energy measurement application using MSP430AFE253. This EVM has built-in support for measuring AC voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency, power factor, DC voltage, DC current, and DC active power. It h
  • Automotive Reinforced Isolation CAN Reference Design
    This reference design is built for isolated CAN communication: which is widely used in automotive environments. In hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV/EVs): a high-voltage network is floating with respect to the chassis ground. Isolation is required for the power and communication channels interfaced between floating high- to low-voltage systems. TIDA-01255 supports applications with a simple isolated transformer driver to transfer power. This reference design has a low-transmission delay which reduces the loop delay and supports higher baud rates of the CAN.
  • Low-Power Flood/Freeze Detector Reference Design With Sub-1 GHz and 10-Year Coin Cell Battery Life
    This reference design uses Texas Instruments low-power consumption digital dual temperature and humidity sensors and the SimpleLink™ ultra-low power Sub-1 GHz wireless microcontroller (MCU) platform to demonstrate a flood and freeze detector with extremely long battery life and no wiring required.

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