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  • TIDA-00982 非军用无人机、机器人或 RC 2S1P 电池管理解决方案参考设计
    TIDA-00982 参考设计是一款用于 2S1P 电池管理解决方案 (BMS) 的子系统设计,适用于无人机、机器人或无线电控制 (RC) 的项目和设计。可快速将监测、保护、平衡和充电功能添加至适用于无人机、机器人或 RC 产品的任何新设计,或使用此板将高级功能添加至现有设计。此 TI 参考设计将让您快速且轻松地投入工作并测试高级电池管理功能。
  • Ultralow Power Multi-sensor Data Logger with NFC Interface Reference Design
    TIDA-00524 provides a complete reference design for asset tracking & cold chain data logging with over 5 year battery life and a simple NFC (Near Field Communication) interface for configuration & read back.For maximum flexibility: the system offers the choice of multiple sensor configurations to monitor temperature (TMP112): ambient light (OPT3001): and/or humidity (HDC1000/HDC1010).NFC is provided by TI’s RF430CL331H and up to 64KB of non-volatile FRAM memory is available with the MSP430FR5969 MCU.
  • Secured 6LoWPAN mesh end-node with enhanced network capacity reference design
    This reference design implements an RF mesh network end node with DTLS security for smart meter Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) networks. The network is an IPv6 over low-power wireless personal area networks (6LoWPAN) solution. The design implements this network in a single CC1312R SimpleLink™ Wireless MCU to enhanceperformance and minimize system cost. The complete 6LoWPAN mesh network runs on top of the TI-15.4 stack based on IEEE 802.15.4e/g protocols and implements an un-slotted channel hopping (USCH) mode to provide protection against network interference. Network capacity is improved and the security is enhanced compared to TIDA-010003 end node design with the inclusion of larger neighbor and routing tables that optimize packet routing decisions.
  • PMBus Power System for Enterprise Ethernet Switches Reference Design
    PMP11399 is a complete PMBus power system for 3 ASIC/FPGA cores: DDR3 core memory: VTT termination: and auxiliary voltages commonly found on high-performance Ethernet Switches. The hardware is accompanied by a GUI that allows the user to perform real-time configuration and monitoring of the power supplies.
  • Portable Audio Amplifier with Auto Audio Control 1S1P BMS Reference Design
    High performance: 10Watt (5W per speaker) portable audio amplifier that includes everything you need to implement a BMS (Battery Management Solution) for a portable audio amplifier (including a Charger: Fuel (Gas) Gauge and Protection for a 1S1P 18650 2400mAh Lithium battery) for a Class D Audio Amplifier. Get extended operating time by using efficient power regulators: Class D amplifier and proper battery management.
  • 40-V to 80-V adjustable output voltage boost reference design for LIDAR applications
    This reference design utilizes a non-synchronous boost controller to provide an adjustable output of between 40 V and 80 V capable of delivering a maximum of 100 mA of current to the load. This is an automotive design intended to power various applications such as LiDAR systems: which require an adjustable voltage supply.
  • RF Sampling 4-GSPS ADC Reference Design with 8-GHz DC-Coupled Differential Amplifier
    Wideband radio frequency (RF) receivers allow greatly increased flexibility in radio designs. The wide instantaneous bandwidth allows flexible tuning without changing hardware and the ability to capture multiple channels at widely separated frequencies.This reference design describes a wideband RF receiver utilizing a 4-GSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC): with an 8-GHz: DC-coupled: fully differential amplifier front end. The amplifier front end provides signal gain and allows capture of signals down to DC: which is not possible with a balun-coupled input.
  • Automotive Dual USB Type-C™ PD DFP 5/9/12/15V Output Car Charger Reference Design
    PMP40312 is a dual port USB Type-C™ PD car charger reference design. The design's normal input voltage range is from 9V to 14.5V: and the maximum input voltage can be to 42V.The pure analog configuration for the USB type-C source controller--TPS25740B makes the PD negotiation easy. The solution supports 4 sets of output voltage options including 5V/9V/12V/15V. Each port provides a maximum of 32.5W output power for the USB Type-C device. This solution achieves high efficiency as a SMBus battery Buck-Boost charge controller BQ25700A and I2C battery Buck-Boost Charge Controller BQ25703A are implemented in the design.
  • 200W 92% Efficient Low THD 10% Dimmable AC/DC LED Driver Reference Design With Adjustable Output
    This reference design is a 200-W: dimmable: low THD AC/DC LED power supply with a tunable output voltage from 100 to 200 V. It is designed for use in outdoor lighting applications such as street lighting: road lighting: and so on. This design uses a CCM PFC as front end to achieve low  THD and high power factor and proposes two-switch flyback architecture as second stage which helps to meet the cost: efficiency : and design simplicity aspects of LED power supply with adjustable output voltage.
  • Automotive 2-MHz Class-D: 4-Channel: 21-W Audio Amplifier in Class AB Form-Factor Reference Design
    The TIDA-00743 reference design is a small module designed for evaluation of a digital-input class-D audio amplifier in a system which has been designed for a typical class AB audio power amplifier module. This design demonstrates the reduction in power dissipation that a class D amplifier provides. This design demonstrates how 2.1 MHz operation of a TAS6424-Q1 enables a compact power amplifier solution.
  • Back-up battery power reference design for automotive emergency calling applications
    This back-up power reference design is for automotive E-Call application. It uses one cell LiFePO4 as the backup battery. The minimum backup battery voltage can be down to 2 V with boost converter TPS61088-Q1; the maximum output power can be 8 V/1.7A. This reference design is low-cost: high efficiency with a small size. The value this has over the integrated solution competition is much better efficiency and less redundancy when boosting from the back-up battery.
  • High Light-Load Efficient 120VAC Input: 25W/5VDC Reference Design with 4 POL Outputs
    This 25-W design uses the UCC28740 in a flyback topology to minimize no-load standby power and the UCC24636 synchronous rectifier controller to minimize power MOSFET body-diode conduction times. The design also features point-of-load converters from the main 5V rail that implement an energy-saving Ecomode. All of the devices within the design work together to improve light-load efficiency to help meet agency approvals.
  • 500-mA wireless charger BoosterPack™ with gauge reference design
    The TIDA-00669 is a BoosterPack reference design that provides a wireless charger and an entire battery managment solution to power any TI LaunchPad ( This design is a  highly integrated power management solution that is well-suited for low power applications. The primary method of storage is an exteranl Li-Polymer rechargable Battery.
  • High efficiency power supply architecture reference design for protection relay processor module
    This reference design showcases various power architectures for generating multiple voltage rails for an application processor module: requiring >1A load current and high efficiency . The required power supply is generated using 5-: 12- or 24-V DC input from the backplane. Power supplies are generated using DC-DC converters with an integrated FET and a power module with an integrated inductor for size. The design features a HotRod™ package type for applications requiring low EMI. It is also optimal for design time constrained applications. Additional features include DDR termination regulator: input supply OR-ing: voltage sequencing: eFuse for overload protection: and voltage and load current monitoring. This design can be used with a  processor: digital signal processor and field-programmable gate array. It has been tested for radiated emission: per CISPR22 meeting class A and B requirements.
  • Complete PMBus Power System for Enterprise Ethernet Switches Reference Design
    Complete PMBus power system for 3 ASIC/FPGA cores: DDR3 core memory: and auxiliary voltages found on high-performance Ethernet Switches.
  • Bidirectional high density GaN CCM totem pole PFC using C2000™ MCU
    This reference design is a 3.-kW bidirectional interleaved continuous conduction mode (CCM) totem-pole (TTPL) bridgeless power factor correction (PFC) power stage using a C2000™ real-time controller and LMG3410R070 gallium nitride (GaN) with integrated driver and protection.  This power topology is capable of bidirectional power flow (PFC and grid-tied inverter) and it uses LMG341x GaN devices: which enables higher efficiency and reduction in size of the power supply. The design supports phase shedding and adaptive dead time for efficiency improvements: input cap compensation scheme for improved power factor at light loads: and non-linear voltage loop to reduce voltage spikes under transient in PFC mode. The hardware and software available with this reference design accelerates time to market. 
  • 8V-36V Input 12V/7A; Active Clamp Forward Reference Design
    This reference design generates an isolated 12V/7A output from an 8V to 36V DC input.  The UCC2897A controls an active clamp forward converter power stage.  The low gate charge and low RDSon of the CSD19533Q5A and CSD19534Q5A allow this design to achieve a max load efficiency over 93%: with a peak efficiency of over 94%.  The compact UCC27511 drivers simplify the gate drive circuitry for the synchronous rectifiers.
  • Small 5W Wireless Power Transmitter Reference Design
    The TIDA-00623 wireless power reference design is a practical layout in a compact 1 sq inch area. The solution uses the bq500511 digital chip and bq50002 analog front end Gen3 transmitter solution: combined to provide ease of use and product quality with a cost competitive solution.  The design can be used as a starting point or prototype design for customer applications  such as personal electronics: industrial and medical systems.
  • Automotive 8-Channel Class-D Amplifier with 2.1 MHz Switching Power Supply Reference Design
    TIDA-00733 is a reference design for an eight-channel: Class-D amplifier that is capable of driving 2-Ω loads and an off-battery step-down power supply with 5-V and  3.3-V outputs. The amplifier design provides audio inputs for each audio channel. A  high-performance audio analog-to-digital converter (ADC) creates the digital data stream from the audio inputs and creates the digital timing for the system.
  • Three Different Buck Converter Circuits to Convert 12V to 1.2V at >6A Load Current Reference Design
    PMP11438 is a vehicle used to compare three different power solutions for converting a 12V bus to 1.2V at 6-10A. The 1.2V output voltage is applicable to DDR4 memory applications. Each solution offers an advantage in either full load efficiency: light load efficiency: density: height: transient response: or some combination of these.
  • 36W USB Dual Port USB Type-C™ PD Reference Design with Port Power Management DC/DC Charger
    The PMP20172 reference design provides up to 36W on two USB Type-C outputs.  Input is a 17VDC bus.  The two outputs implement port power management.  If only one port is in use: it is allocated the full 36W.  If both ports are in use: power is split into 18W on each port.  Output voltages of 5V: 9V: or 15V are supported. The PMP20172 has been certified as a power brick by the USB-IF (Product Test ID: 1020023).
  • TIDA-01240 射频采样 S 频带雷达发送器参考设计
    借助使用 DAC38RF80(一种 9GSPS 16 位数模转换器 (DAC))的射频采样架构,对适用于 S 频带多功能相控阵雷达 (MPAR) 的波形合成进行了展示。该射频采样发送架构可简化信号链,拉近数据转换器与天线之间的距离,从而实现灵活性和高性能。
  • TIDA-01064 具有 MOSFET 的低 BOM 成本交流固态继电器参考设计
    采用 MOSFET 参考设计的低成本交流固态继电器是单个继电器的替代产品,可实现高效的电源管理,适用于在恒温器应用中以低功耗继电器替代标准机电式继电器。此 SSR 参考设计是自供电 SSR 的基础模型,可为低成本恒温器提供低成本解决方案。
  • TIDC-CC1120-LRM-420-470MHZ 采用 CC1120 且低于 1GHz 的无线远距离参考设计(420 至 470MHz)
    Narrowband is an industry standard way to get long range RF communication with higher immunity to interference versus wide band solutions.  Use this reference design to test out the longest range solution from TI for your <a href=""
  • PMP4460 24Vin、24V 和 5Vout、1W 隔离式 SIP DC/DC 模块参考设计
    The PMP4460 is a 24Vin 24Vout 50mA, 5Vout 100mA reference design module which is implemented in an industry standard SIP pinout. It includes a constant on-time synchronous Flybuck controller LM25017. The solution has high efficiency, good line and load regulation with 1,500V DC isolation. The pow
  • Universal AC Input: 12V/3A Single stage PFC-Flyback Reference Design with Synchronous Rectification
    The PMP9730 reference design employs the UCC28051 power factor correction controller to implement a single stage PFC-Flyback AC/DC converter that generates an isolated 12V output at 3A from a universal AC input. The design features UCC28910 primary side regulation Flyback switcher for generating the VDD bias rails and the UCC24610 for 2ndary side synchronous rectification.  This provides an excellent solution for systems such as motor drives requiring an isolated bus voltage: good power factor and high efficiency.
  • PMP7672 用于 T8 灯具的 18W 初级侧稳压反激式 LED 驱动器
    This reference design describes an 18W power supply for driving a string of 13 LEDs (3.3V) at 420mA. The targeted application for this design is T8 fixtures transitioning from standard fluorescent tubes to more efficient LEDs. With an operating efficiency of over 87%, an input voltage range of 90
  • 50-Ohm 2-GHz Oscilloscope Front-end Reference Design
    This reference design is part of an analog front-end for 50Ω-input oscilloscope application. System designers can readily use this evaluation platform to process input signals from DC to 2 GHz in both frequency-domain and time-domain applications.
  • 20A Communication/ Enterprise Storage ASIC Adaptive Voltage Scaling Power Supply PMBus Ref. Design
    This is a 20A Communication or Enterprise Storage ASIC Adaptive Voltage Scaling (AVS) power supply using the TPS53819A PMBus PWM controller. The design enables high power density: PCB layout flexibility and ease of test and design for AVS using the PMBus interface and the Vout Adjustment and Margining Commands. The use of the external Power Block enables flexible PCB placement and upgrade to newer power blocks if needed.
  • PMP5040 18V-60V Input Flyback 6.5V@2A
    PMP5040 参考设计在反向控制中使用 TPS40210 PWM 控制器生成隔离式 6.5V/2A 输出,效率达到 80% 以上。
  • SM3320-BATT-EV SolarMagic™ SM3320-BATT-EV 充电控制器参考设计
    The SM72442 MPPT digital controller and SM72295 photovoltaic full bridge drivers are designed to control high efficiency DC/DC conversion used in photovoltaic applications. This application note will detail the usage of those devices in a battery charging application. The reference design is mean
  • CARDVRRDK DaVinci DM385 based Car DVR RDK
    Car DVRs, also known as car black boxes and dashboard cameras, are an aftermarket car accessory designed to deal with the unpredictability of other drivers on the road and drivers’ misinterpretation of traffic rules. By recording live streams from the front and rear of the vehicle, car DVRs
  • PMP7883 交流离线转换器,电流为 2A 时提供 5VDC 或 12VDC 输出
    The following design, driven by the LM5023, takes an AC input, like the ones located in the common US power outlet, and generates 5V/12V out, 2A DC signal, outputs commonly used for USB connections.
  • CC3000BOOST-RD SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3000 Boosterpack 参考设计
    This BoosterPack reference design, featuring TI's easy-to-use CC3000 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi solution, was designed to enable Internet of Things (IoT) (online only) applications when paired wit
  • TIDA-00576 采用 DLP Pico 技术的全高清 1080p 投影显示参考设计
  • PMP8536 9.5V @ 1.5A Automotive Boost Converter
    该设计是用于汽车应用的升压转换器,可以在启动时将电池电压提升到 9.5V (1.5A)。它可以承受最高 40V 的输入峰值。
  • PMP8000 高效小尺寸 150W 同步降压参考设计
    PMP8000 is a single-phase synchronous buck converter rated for 5V output at 30A from an input voltage of 12V. This design uses the LM27403 synchronous buck controller and CSD87350Q5D power block MOSFETs provide maximum efficiency when combined with a 250nH ferrite output inductor. The design solu
  • TIDA-00293 采用 DLP® 技术的顶级立体光固化成型印刷 3D 打印机
    The DLP 3D Printer reference design employs Texas Instruments’ DLP 3D Structured Light Software Development Kit (SDK) and enables developers build best-in-class resolution 3D objects. The highly differentiated DLP technology uses stereo-lithography technique popular in high accuracy and hig
  • Ultra-Low Noise Bias Voltage Reference Design for Microbolometer Detectors in Thermal Cameras
    Uncooled microbolometer detectors require accurate and ultra-low noise bias voltages for their operation. Such requirements cannot be simply met by switching power supplies: LDO or DAC outputs. Enabled by Texas Instruments’ precision DAC: low noise precision amplifier and high PSRR: low noise LDO: this reference design demonstrates how to generate accurate and ultra-low noise programmable bias voltages and power supplies for uncooled microbolometer detectors at low cost.
  • TIDA-00750 通过 3D 飞行时间 (ToF) 进行由需求控制的通风的人数统计参考设计
    采用 3D 飞行时间 (ToF) 的需求控制通风人数统计参考设计是一种子系统解决方案,它使用 TI 的 3D ToF 影像传感器以及跟踪和检测算法对给定区域中的人进行计数,可实现高分辨率和高精度。该传感器技术是在标准 CMOS 中开发的,使系统能够以较低的系统成本实现很高的集成度。由于 ToF 影像传感器以三维处理可视化数据,因此传感器可以检测到人体的精确形状并以前所未有的精度跟踪人的移动和位置(包括微小的移动变化)。因此,ToF 摄像头能够比传统监控摄像头和视频分析更加高效地执行实时人数统计和人员跟踪功能。
  • Universal AC Input: 24V/1A PFC-Flyback Reference Design
    This UCC28050-based reference design provides both isolation and power factor correction in a single stage.  The circuit is built on a 76mm by 50mm: two layer board.  The test report documents performance with regards to efficiency: power factor: thermal: EMI: and more.
  • 60W USB Type C Car Charger Reference Design
    The PMP20774 reference design is a universal USB Type C Charger utilizing the LM5175 DCDC and TPS25740B PD controller for aftermarket car charger applications. This design has a minimum operating input voltage of 6V and a maximum input voltage of 40V. The design is capable of sourcing 3A continuous current at 5Vout: 9Vout: 15Vout and 20Vout. Switching frequency is set to 350kHz. Waveforms were taken at 12V and 24V input.
  • Primary-Side Regulated Flyback with 85 to 265VAC Input (12V @ 1.1A) Reference Design
    The PMP8832 reference design uses the UCC28700 primary-side regulated flyback controller to generate a 12V/1.1A output from a universal AC input. The valley switching of the UCC28700 allows this low-cost design to achieve an average efficiency greater than 83%; no load losses are less than 40mW.
  • 6-12V Input to 1.5V/1.5A Output Reference Design with CC/CV Controls
    The PMP10928 reference design uses the TPS5402 non-synchronous Buck controller along with INA213 current shunt monitor to achieve CC/CV control for an 1.5V/1.5A output from 6-12V input voltage.  +/-5% voltage regulation in CV mode and +/-5% in CC mode is achieved in this design. It is notable that this design allow the output voltage as low as 0.4V in CC mode.
  • 12V to 1V 30A Voltage Mode Synchronous Buck Converter with PMBus Control Reference Design
    Fixed frequency voltage mode control is used for communications and computing applications where a predictable frequency and / or synchronization to an external clock is needed. With control and power in one IC and inductor on top of the IC with its raised leads: a very small size solution is achieved. PMP20023 focuses on ease of electrical testing and ability to make changes
  • Reference Design for Powering a Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ Remote Radio Head (RRH) or Backhaul (BH)
    This design for powering Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ ( Remote Radio Heads (RRH) features the TPS6508640 and is a small and highly efficient solution. The PMIC reduces size: cost: and power loss by having integrated rails into 1 device: high switching frequency and separate rails for core supplies.
  • Automotive High-Voltage Interlock Reference Design
    This reference design is a low BOM design that has good coverage of automotive interlock connection diagnosis. In hybrid or electric vehicles (HEV/EVs): battery management systems: traction inverters: DCDC converters: onboard chargers: and other subsystems that operate at high voltages need to have interlock. Interlock is a current and voltage loop mechanism used to detect tampering or opening of the high-voltage equipment or service disconnect switch.This design covers generating and monitoring mechanism of high voltage interlock system.
  • 85-265VACin: 12V/1.5A PSR Flyback Reference Design
    This reference design uses the UCC28713 primary-side regulated (PSR) flyback controller to generate a 12V/1.5A output from a univeral AC input. The valley switching of the UCC28713 allows this low-cost design to achieve an average efficiency over 87%; no load losses are less than 50mW.  The PSR function eliminates the need for an optocoupler and TL431: greatly simplifying the circuit and reducing cost.
  • Low Power Flyback Bias Supply Reference Design With Ultra Wide Input Voltage Range
    The PMP20708 reference design uses UCC28881 low cost MOSFET integrated controller to provide 24V/30mA and 5V/30mA dual-output from an ultra-wide 24V to 264V (AC or DC) input. The board is in a small form factor of 30mm x 41mm x 12mm with minimized populated parts.
  • PMP7900 双极性输出隔离反激 (12Vout@-.25A)
    This is an isolated flyback converter with input voltage range of 12V to 24Vin and dual polarity outputs (+/-12Vout) at 0.25A each (total of 0.5Aout).
  • PMP20322 适用于企业级 SSD 中闪存电源的 24W/12V 输出参考设计
    PMP20322 是采用 LM5175 的 4 开关降压/升压控制器,适合消费类应用。此设计的最小工作输入电压为 10V,最大输入电压为 14V。此设计能够持续提供 2A/12V 的输出。开关频率设置为 300kHz。PMP20322 组装在 PMP20107 PCB 上。
  • PMP4538 四相移升压 12V 至 28V (20A)
    PMP4538 使用单控制器构建 4 相移升压转换器,提供 560W 功率 (28V (20A))。提供输入欠压和过压保护。
  • TIDA-00288 4 端口 USB 3.0 集线器
  • LP3906-REF LP3906 智能电源参考设计 - 4 输出
    The LP3906 Smart Power Board provides a complete, multirail solution for FPGAs, Microprocessors, or any other systems requiring multiple voltages, special power sequencing, and boot management. This solution utilizes the Texas Instruments LP3906 Power Management Unit and an 8 bit microcontroller
  • PMP4447 具有低待机功耗的通用交流输入、12V 输出 0.5A 电源参考设计
    The PMP4447 is a power reference design with a universal AC input and a DC isolated  <div id="_mcePaste" style="position: absolute; left: -10000px; top: 0px; width: 1px"
  • PMP5596 可提供 1.0V@3A 输出的 TPS40304 降压稳压器参考设计
  • PMP5647 9V 至 36V 输入、24V@0.85A 输出、20.4W SEPIC 参考设计
    PMP5647 是一款基于 TPS40210 控制器的单端初级电感器转换器 (SEPIC) 参考设计。其输入电压范围为 9V 至 36V,提供 24V 输出,最大输出电流为 0.85A。
  • PMP4513 TPS40021, 1V25 @ 6Amps
    synchronous buck for core voltage use at I/O input voltage, first benchmark of NexFETs at TI in 2009 shows best in class efficiency
  • PMP5029 Universal AC 19V/2.2A Adaptor
    PMP5029 参考设计使用 UCC28600 绿色环保模式控制器生成 19V/40W 稳压输出。UCC28600 的准谐振开关使该低成本设计可达到 90% 以上的最大负载效率,无负载损失小于 200mW。
  • PMP7247 具有基于微控制器的色彩混合的 RGB-LED 驱动器
    This design contains three TPS92551 LED-driver modules (buck topology) which can be independently PWM-modulated by a microcontroller for color mixing or dimming. The maximum input voltage is 50V and the circuit offers the possibility, to use several driver boards in master-slave configuration.
  • PMP10822 十路输出 QR 反激和降压转换器参考设计
    The PMP10822 reference design utilizes two QR flyback, and four buck converters. The efficiency for the 12V and 24V flyback approaches 87%, while the 16V buck converter has efficiency greater than 89%.
  • PMP9727 120VAC 输入、48V/12V 32W 反激参考设计
  • TIDA-00037 多节同步开关模式充电器的参考设计
    This reference design, using bq24600, is a highly integrated Li-ion or Li-polymer switch-mode battery charge controller solution. It allows for a highly integrated switch-mode battery charge controller designed specifically to charge Lithium Phosphate battery chemistries. The design contains a hi
  • PMP3612 用于 LED 灯泡的 4 串联驱动器 (500mA@11)
  • TIDA-00277 汽车仪表板蜂鸣装置参考设计
  • High efficiency: low-noise 5-V/3.3-V/1.8-V/1.1-V automotive display reference design
    This reference design is for an automotive display application with a customized form factor. The design demonstrates the excellent thermal performance of LM61460-Q1 with its HotRod™ QFN package as well as the low EMI aided by its spread spectrum feature. It generates four 5-V/3.3-V/1.1-V/1.8-V rails. It is designed for high efficiency and low noise applications where thermal performance and EMI performance are needed.
  • Xilinx Virtex Ultrascale FPGA Multi-Gigabit Transceiver (MGT) Power Reference Design with PMBus
    The PMP9408 reference design provides all the power supply rails necessary to power the multi-gigabit transcievers (MGT) in Xilinx's Virtex® Ultrascale™ FPGAs.  It utilizes a PMBus interface for current and voltage monitoring and meets Xilinx's low output voltage ripple requirement.  This design uses a 5V input and offers a low cost discrete solution.
  • Cascade imaging radar capture reference design using Jacinto&trade; ADAS processor
    The cascade development kit has two main use cases:To use the MMWCAS-DSP-EVM as a capture card to fully evaluate the AWR2243 four-chip cascade performance by using the mmWave studio tool: please read the TIDEP-01012 design guide.To use the MMWCAS-DSP-EVM to develop radar real time SW application: please read the TIDEP-01017 design guide.This reference design provides a processing foundation for a cascaded imaging radar system. Cascade radar devices can support front: long-range (LRR) beam-forming applications as well as corner- and side-cascade radar and sensor fusion systems. This reference design provides qualified developers the design materials to create a functioning  software evaluation platform for developing and testing ADAS applications. The design will assist in shortening the development time of a base platform supporting multiple automotive radar front end and antenna subsystems.
  • 85-265VAC Input: 54V/30W Power Over Ethernet PSE Reference Design
    This reference design provides a universal AC input: 30W PSE solution for Power Over Ethernet.  The UCC28700 uses primary side regulation to create an isolated 54V rail at low cost.  The TPS23861 injects the 54V rail onto the ethernet cable.
  • Reference Design Realizing Output Current Sensing and Limit: Plug-in Detection in Power Bank
    A power bank is a portable device that can supply USB power using stored energy in its built-in batteries. This reference design demonstrates a circuit based on the TPS61236 for the USB output port of the power-bank. The reference design features a 5V and 2.4A output capability: auto detection of a portable device plug-in: output current sensing and limiting: short circuit protection: temperature protection: and battery voltage indication.
  • Automotive USB Battery Charging Reference Design
    This USB battery charging reference design is optimized for size in order to fit within an automobile power accessory port. The design features a USB dedicated charging port controller with integrated current limiting power switch and a 42V DC/DC converter. High integration and small package sizing allows a small form factor.
  • 75V/10A Protected Full-Bridge Power Stage Reference Design for Brushed DC Drives
    Low voltage brushed DC drives are used in many applications. TI offers a rich family of brushed DC motor driver solutions with flexible control interface options for one or more brushed DC motors up to 60V.  For applications which require higher torque and power: often voltages above 60VDC are used. The TIDA-00365 protected full-bridge operates at nominal 75VDC input and 10A output current and features bipolar high-side current sensing leveraging a 100V full-bridge gate driver SM72295 with integrated amplifiers and four 100V NexFET power MOSFETs with ultra-low gate charge and small SON5x6 package with low thermal resistance. The power stage is protected against over-temperature: over-current and short-circuit between the motor terminals and motor terminals to ground. Onboard power supplies provide a 12V and a 3.3V rail for the gate driver and signal chain. The host processor interface is 3.3V I/O to connect a host MCU like C2000 Piccolo MCU for brushed DC motor current control.
  • Uniquely Efficient Isolated DC/DC Converter for Ultra-Low Power and Low Power Apps Reference Design
    This reference design is an isolated DC/DC converter turn-key design that delives high efficiency up to 85% from ultra-low power up to 60 mW. Open-loop control removes the need for opto-couplers: while a primary side half-bridge topology operating at 60 kHz and secondary side Schottky rectification provides low-switching losses: enabling highly-efficient power conversion. The single-side populated PCB board provides a convenient tool for evaluation and on-the-fly optimization of the design with adequate headers: jumpers and test points for covering a wide variety of applications.Watch a TIDA-00349 overview video on the isolated DC/DC converter turn-key reference design.
  • Small Form Factor 1W Wireless Power Transmitter Reference Design
    This wireless power transmitter reference design is a practical layout in a compact 14mm X 22mm (280mm sq) area. The solution uses the bq500511 digital chip and bq50002 analog front end Gen3 transmitter solution: combined to provide ease of use and product quality with a cost competitive solution.  The design is targeted at low power wearable solutions with small receiver coils such as personal electronics: industrial and medical systems.
  • Half-bridge point-of-load converter reference design with GaN technology
    This reference design modifies the inboard transformer turns ratio from 5:1 to 3:1 to reduce input the range. The board supports input voltages from 24 V to 32 V and output voltages between 0.5 V to 1.0 V with output currents up to 40 A. This topology efficiently supports the high step-down ratio while providing significant output current and controllability. The original EVM was designed to evaluate the LMG5200 GaN half-bridge power stage and the TPS53632G half-bridge point-of-load (PoL) controller. This board implements the converter as a single-stage hard-switched half-bridge with a current-doubler rectifier.  The board is a redesign of the LMG5200POLEVM-10 evaluation module.
  • 5V/20W PSR Flyback with CCCV Regulation and Cable Compensation Reference Design
    This reference design is a 120Vac to 5V primary side regulated flyback converter with synchronous rectification on the secondary side. PMP11500 has built in cable compensation  which adjusts the regulation set point to offset the resistance in long cables. The reference design has extremely low standby power and its wake-up detection scheme offers superior transient response. UCC28730 features integrated CCCV regulation without the use of an optocoupler. PMP11500 utilizes synchronous rectification which improves system efficiency across the designed load range.
  • 6A: 0.05% Current Accuracy Power Solution for Battery Test Systems Reference Design
    This reference design circuit introduces a highly accurate: bi-directional current power solution used in battery test systems (BTS). The maximum current capability is 6A with lower than 0.05% full scale accuracy. Controlling through a logic pin: the circuit can be used to charge or discharge a battery. During charging: the battery voltage can also be controlled through an analog signal. With fully integrated buck and boost converters: the circuitry is simple and easy to design. An evaluation board was built to validate the performance of this solution.
  • 18-60VDCin: 6V/31A Active Clamp Forward Reference Design
    This reference design generates a 6V/31A output from a wide range 18V to 60V DC telecom input.  The UCC2897A controls an active clamp forward converter power stage.  The low gate charge and low RDSon of the CSD18540Q5B: implemented as self-driven synchronous rectifiers: allow this design to achieve a max load efficiency over 94%.  The compact UCC27511 drivers simplify the gate drive circuitry for the synchronous rectifiers.
  • Proximity Switch With CapTIvate Teach Button Reference Design
    This reference design demonstrates the implementation of a capacitive touch button using an MSP430™ MCU with CapTIvate™ technology in an ultra-small 3.5-mm width PCB. This button is commonly used as a set button in proximity switches. In combination with the highly integrated IO-Link PHY: a flexible output: either PNP or NPN: is realized. This SIO stage protects against reverse polarity: ESD: EFT: and surge: allowing the design to meet IEC 61000-4 standards. The Hall sensor with an analog output signal enables flexible usage by touching the distance of the magnetic object with the capacitive touch button. The analog signal is captured by the integrated ADC of the MCU.
  • 18- to 36-VDC input: 25-W DC/DC active clamp forward reference design
    This active clamp forward design converts an 18-V to 36-V input to a 5-V: 25-W output. The reference design uses the UCC2897A advanced current-mode active-clamp PWM controller to simplify active clamp implementation with a P-channel auxiliary FET. The design achieves 91.7% peak efficiency at 24-V input. The active clamp topology allows for self-driving synchronous rectifier (SR) FETs: lowering cost and complexity on the secondary side. This design also uses a catalog transformer and inductor.
  • 48Vin: 300W 1/8brick Digital Module with GaN FET Reference Design
    The PMP4435 is a DC-DC isolated digital module with GaN mosfet reference design targeted for industrial and telecom applications. The DC input range is 36V-60V: with 12V typical and the output is 12V/5A. An digital controller UCD3138A is used in the design. The efficiency is up to 95.8% with good thermal performance.
  • 85 to 265VAC Input 12V@3A High Efficiency Adapator Reference Design
    This reference design provides an isolated 12V/36W output from a universal AC input range with over 89% peak efficiency. The UCC24610 synchronous rectifier controller and CSD19531Q5A FET reduce the rectifier loss and provide high efficiency with a minimal increase in cost. The UCC28740 flyback controller uses a combination of peak current modulation and frequency modulation to maintain excellent efficiency at lighter loads and minimize no load power consumption.  The current regulation feature of the UCC28740 provides accurate current limit protection. This compact design consumes a volume of only 2.0
  • High Density 200 A (255 A Peak) 6 Phase DC-DC Buck Converter with PMBus Interface Reference Design
    Advanced DCAP+ control is used to provide the high speed dynamic control needed for CPU: Memory and ASIC applications. Six high current synchronous power stages provide the high currents and low losses needed for these applications. Multi-phase also allows output ripple cancellation and effective higher bandwidth control for a given switching frequency. PMP9738 focuses on ease of electrical testing and ability to make changes
  • Car access Bluetooth&reg; low energy + CAN satellite module reference design
    This satellite module reference design is intended for Bluetooth® low energy passive entry passive start (PEPS) and phone as a key / digital key car access systems. The design demonstrates how control area network flexible data rate (CAN-FD) communication capabilities can be implemented with our Bluetooth wireless MCUs for systems that require higher bandwidth in-vehicle networking communications. Further benefits include reduced power consumption in the sleep state: our CAN auto-addressing method for improved manufacturing: connection monitor capabilities for improved Bluetooth localization accuracy and a compact printed-circuit board (PCB) capable of measuring Bluetooth angle of arrival (AoA) and received signal strength index (RSSI).
  • Automotive 2.4A Dual-Port USB Hub Reference Design With Short-to-Battery Protection
    The TIDA-00887 is comprised of a two-port USB 2.0 hub with short-to-battery (STB) and short-circuit protection on both downstream ports provided by the TPD3S716-Q1. Both downstream ports are configured either as a custom divider mode or a dedicated charging port (DCP) provided by the TUSB4020BI-Q1 USB 2.0 hub if no upstream device is connected.  When an upstream is connected: the TUSB4020 hub supports charging via CDP. The ports automatically switch between divider mode: CDP mode: and DCP mode depending on the portable devices connected: in order to provide the fastest charging rate to the connected device.This reference design is similar to the TIDA-00845: however: it removes the in-system STB simulator and adds functionality for 2.4-A charging and automatic charge detection.
  • Isolated Ultra-Low Power Design for 4 to 20 mA Loop Powered Transmitters
    The objective of this design is to provide a turn-key solution able to power the electronics of isolated loop powered 4 to 20 mA transmitters or other low power applications with limited input current budget. It addresses the key requirements of such applications like operating over wide input voltage range: providing isolated and no-isolated noise-free outputs and offering a complete set of protection features. Multiple test points on the board: a dual layer - single side populated construction and a comprehensive documentation enable easy testing: modification and optimization by the user.Watch the TIDA-00349 Overview video: covering the same isolated power topology as used in the TIDA-00167 NOW
  • High Efficiency and Low Total Harmonic Distortion 200W AC-DC LED Driver Reference Design
    The PMP20612 reference design is a high efficiency AC-DC LED driver reference design with very low total harmonic distortion (THD). This design uses CCM PFC with the UCC28180 controller to provide power factor correction (PFC) functionality from 108VAC to 305VAC input. A two-switch Flyback converter with the UCC28740 controller is used to provide 200V/1A constant current (CC)/ constant voltage (CV). The voltage sensing and current sensing circuit at the output side with the TL431 and INA180 allow an external circuit to process a dimming function. As a result this design achieves 92.9% peak efficiency at 230VAC/50Hz input. At 277VAC: the board also has less than 20% THD with 20% load.
  • 85-265VACin: 5V/1.5A AC/DC USB Charger with Auto-Detect based on PSR Flyback with BJT Switch
    This reference design provides an isolated 5V/1.5A output from a universal 85-265VAC input with an efficiency greater than 78%. Employing the UCC28722 Primary Side Regulation (PSR) Flyback controller which helps to eliminate the opto-coupler and secondary side regulation components: this design delivers additional cost savings by employing a bipolar power switch. Additionally: the design features the TPS2511 USB Dedicated Charging Port Controller and Current Limiting Power Switch to safely charge most smart phones and tablets. The energy saving features of the UCC28722 allow this design to consume less than 50mW when plugged into the wall with no device attached to the USB port.
  • 9-36V Input: 5V/3A Output Synchronous Flyback Converter Reference Design
    The wide 9-36Vdc input range of this design is well suited for applications operating from 12V/24V dc inputs.  The synchronous rectifier provides excellent efficiency over the full input range.
  • High Speed: Linear Transimpedance Reference Design
    The high-speed: linear transimpedance amplifier reference design is a high-speed: linear: two-stage transimpedance amplifier (TIA) application which uses the LMH5401 fully differential amplifier (FDA). Included in the reference design is a photo diode with integrated fiber pigtail. The provided photo diode allows for ease of testing as it represents a nearly ideal current source.
  • 120VAC Input: 93.2% Efficient 17V 39W Flyback Reference Design
    This reference design is a 120-Vac to 17-V flyback converter with synchronous rectification on the secondary side. The lossless passive clamp on the primary side helps this reference design achieve efficiency over 93% at maximum load.  When combined with PMP20172 this reference design makes a 36W USB Type-C® dual port design to meet your needs.
  • 85 to 265VAC Input 5V@30W Dual Port Charger For Tablets and Smart Phones Reference Design
    This reference design is capable of charging two devices at 2.5A each with over 82% efficiency. The UCC24610 synchronous rectifier controller and CSD17312Q5 FET reduce the rectifier loss and provide high efficiency with a minimal increase in cost. The TPS2561A provides accurate and independent current limit protection for each port. The TPS2513 communicates with the mobile device under charge to ensure that the charger is accepted by most phone and tablet models. This compact design consumes a volume of only 2.15
  • 48V-60Vdc Input: 12V/150W Active Clamp Forward - Reference Design
    This reference design generates a 12V/13A output from 54V DC input.  The UCC2897A controls an active clamp forward converter power stage.  The low gate charge and low RDSon of the CSD18532Q5B: implemented as self-driven synchronous rectifiers: allow this design to achieve a max load efficiency over 95%.  The compact UCC27511 drivers simplify the gate drive circuitry for the synchronous rectifiers.
  • Two-Port Automotive USB 2.0 Hub With Short-to-Battery Protection Reference Design
    TIDA-00845 is a dual-port USB 2.0 hub with the ability to withstand a short of up to 18-V DC on both downstream ports: as well as Level 4 IEC 61000-4-2 ESD protection: overcurrent conditions: and shorts to ground. This protection is provided by an integrated protection device - the TPD3S714-Q1. With short-to-battery (STB) protection: short-circuit protection: and a fixed current-limit load switch on both downstream ports: the TUSB4020BI USB 2.0 hub is isolated and protected from overvoltage and overcurrent conditions. Downstream port 1 includes a STB test simulator for applying 18-V DC: and two TPD3S714-Q1s to protect both the hub and a peripheral for easily demonstrating USB STB protection functionality.
  • Reference Design - DDR3/DDR4 Power Supply with 5V Input and 10A Load for Industrial PCs
    This reference design shows a universal power supply solution for DDR3 and DDR4 memory. A synchronous Buck converter provides an output voltage of 1.35V for a 9A load in DDR3L configuration. A linear regulator provides a second voltage of 0.675V for a 2A load.
  • 3.3V/15A Active Clamp Forward Reference Design
    This reference design is a 50W active clamp forward converter with synchronous rectification on the secondary side. The design provides an isolated: 3.3V/15A output from a standard telecom -36V to -72V input at >91% efficiency. PMP20850 utilizes a self driven: synchronous rectifier which requires no secondary gate driver which minimizes cost and improves efficiency. This device also features programmable dead-time: which is fine tuned to maximize efficiency of the design. Output voltage regulation is based on current mode control: simplifying loop compensation. PMP20850 features a catalog transformer: minimizing the cost of magnetics in the design.
  • 30A PMBus Reference Design for Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ ZU9EG MPSoC Core Rail for Base Stations
    The PMP11328 is a high power density 30A PMBus power supply meeting the Xilinx Ultrascale+ ZU9EG FPGA core rail power specifications for Base Station Remote Radio Unit (RRU) applications. The power supply regulates 0.85V for the core rail at 25A in 55mm x 40mm total power supply PCB area. PMBus capability enables easy programming: and custom configuration of the power supply through on-board Non-Volatile Memory (NVM): as well easy Adaptive Voltage Scaling (AVS): and Voltage Margining. The power supply also enables monitoring of the output voltage: current: and external hot spot temperature through PMBus. Overall ±3% tolerance is met while efficiency is >82%.
  • High efficiency GaN CCM totem pole bridgeless Power Factor Correction (PFC) reference design
    Interleaved Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) Totem Pole (TTPL) Bridgeless Power Factor Correction (PFC) is an attractive power topology with use of high band-gap GaN devices: because of high efficiency and reduced size of the power supply. This design illustrates a method to control this power stage using C2000™ MCUs and the LMG3410 GaN FET module. Adaptive dead-time & phase shedding methods are implemented for improved efficiency.  The Non- Linear Voltage Compensator is designed to  reduce overshoot and undershoot during transients. A software phase locked loop(SPLL) based scheme is chosen to drive the totem pole bridge accurately. The hardware and software available with this design helps accelerate your time to market.
  • CISPR 25 Class 5 USB Type-C&trade; Port Reference Design with USB 3.0 Data Support
    TIDA-00987 is a reference design for Automotive Media Ports that require data transfer. This design has the capability to support USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 data through a 15W USB Type-C™ port. Customers can accelerate their media port systems by taking advantage of a complete reference design comprised of analog AEC-Q100 qualified integrated circuits (ICs) that are CISPR 25 Class 5 tested. This design creates a robust: flexible solution which allows the system to charge both USB Type-C and legacy devices all within a small 1in x 2.5in solution.
  • Dynamic Field-Powered NFC for Data Logging Access Control &amp; Security Applications Reference Design
    This reference design is a sub-system design for NFC (Near Field Communication) and authentication.  This subsystem design is intended as a reference design for part authentication: access control: personal identification: battery-less sensor interface: security token transfer: and low power transfer of local data.  In many systems: especially safety critical applications: it is imperative that only authentic: inspected: and properly maintained parts are utilized. The documentation describes the implementation of a subsystem capable of storing such information and communicating this data to the outside world by way of NFC or I2C/SPI/UART to a connected host controller. This reference design provides an easy method for wireless data and power transfer to any standard NFC compliant device.

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