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Rectifier Diode, 1 Element, 1A, 600V V(RRM), Silicon, GREEN, PLASTIC, POWERDI 123, 2 PIN

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Distributors with Stock

Part Number Description Manufacturer Compare
DFLR1800-7 Diodes Rectifier Diode, 1 Element, 1A, 800V V(RRM), Silicon, GREEN, PLASTIC, POWERDI123, 2 PIN Diodes Incorporated DFLR1600-7 vs DFLR1800-7
DFLR1200-7 Diodes Rectifier Diode, 1 Element, 1A, 200V V(RRM), Silicon, GREEN, PLASTIC, POWERDI 123, 2 PIN Diodes Incorporated DFLR1600-7 vs DFLR1200-7
DFLR1400-7 Diodes Rectifier Diode, 1 Element, 1A, 400V V(RRM), Silicon, GREEN, PLASTIC, POWERDI 123, 2 PIN Diodes Incorporated DFLR1600-7 vs DFLR1400-7

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  • 1. China
  • 2. United States
  • 3. Belarus
  • 4. Austria
  • 5. Latvia
  • 6. Montserrat
  • 7. Poland
  • 8. South Africa
  • 9. Faroe Islands
  • 10. Brunei Darussalam

Estimated Price History

Estimated Stock History

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  • 1. Newark element14 $0.0950 Buy Now
  • 2. Newark element14 $0.4050 Buy Now
  • 3. Future Electronics $0.4500 Buy Now
  • 4. element14 Asia-Pacific $0.4715 Buy Now
  • 5. element14 Asia-Pacific $0.4715 Buy Now

Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • Small Form Factor 10W Offline Flyback Power Supply Reference Design
    PMP9517: The PMP9517 is a high density constant voltage / constant current power supply with an 85VAC-265VAC input range and 5V/10W outptut. The design features primary side regulation (PSR) of a low cost power transistor (BJT). With low component count and low cost, the design is suitable for USB type power supplies used in smart phones, tablets, PDAs or digital cameras. This design is similar to PMP9135 but with a smaller overall size.
  • 5V1A low standby power AC Charger with low cost BJT solution
    PMP4373: This reference design demostrates a low cost single PCB board solution for 5V1A adapter. By using primary side regulation (PSR) mode chip UCC28720 which drives bipolar power device, average efficiency is 76%@115V and 77%@230Vac. PMP4373 achieves high precise CC and CV regulation with 0.15V cable compensation The overall size is limited in 35.7mm(L)* 25.7mm(W)*14mm(H) and no load power is less than 10mW. The design is done with single PCB layer.
  • Universal AC Input 7.5W Adapter Reference Design
    PMP4391: This 5V / 1.5A adapter solution is fully tested and passes EMI and EMC (CE,RE) safety requirements. It implements a low cost primary side Bipolar controller UCC28722. The efficiency of the design is 78% with standby power less than 100mW. The design is very slim; the size is 30mmX35.3mmX8mm and has been thermally characterized.
  • 5V@2A adapter with universal input range
    PMP4351: This reference design demostrates a low cost 5V2A adapter solution with primary side regulation controller UCC28700 which eliminates opto-coupler. Feature: 1.) Efficiency > 80%@230Vac; 2.) Pricise CC and CV control; 3.) Protection features like OCP, SCP and output OVP 4.) Low no-load power <35mW.

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