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The Series KPXI-DAQ are high performance modules designed for applications involving high density analog signals with varying input ranges and sampling speeds. At full speed, a module can scan up to 96 analog input channels with various gain settings and scan sequences while performing output functions. You can add more channels by synchronizing up to six KPXI-DAQ or other PXI modules through the PXI trigger bus with low latency.
  • Maximum channel density of 96 single-ended or 48 differential analog inputs
  • 3MSample/s maximum sampling rate
  • Up to 18 selectable ranges, from ±10V to 0μ-0.1V
  • Maximum channel-gain queue of 1024 configurations
  • 24 digital I/O lines
  • Up to 2 general purpose, 16-bit counter/timers
  • KDAQ-DRVR drivers for Visual Basic, Visual C, .NET, and KI-DAQ drivers for LabVIEW®
  • Free configuration, calibration, Code Creator, and data file converter software tools included with drivers
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