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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, Polarized, Aluminum (wet), 100V, 20% +Tol, 20% -Tol, 33uF, Surface Mount, 4141, CHIP

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Price Range $0.1972 / $1.0615

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  • 1. India
  • 2. Germany
  • 3. United States
  • 4. Portugal
  • 5. Hong Kong
  • 6. China
  • 7. Bulgaria
  • 8. France
  • 9. Netherlands
  • 10. Luxembourg

Estimated Price History

Estimated Stock History

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  • 1. Ameya Holding Limited $0.1972 Buy Now
  • 2. LCSC $0.3884 Buy Now
  • 3. Avnet Americas $0.7051 Buy Now
  • 4. element14 Asia-Pacific $0.9004 Buy Now
  • 5. element14 Asia-Pacific $0.9004 Buy Now
  • 6. Farnell element14 $1.0615 Buy Now
  • 7. Farnell element14 $1.0615 Buy Now

Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • Wide input 18V to 75V, 3.3V @ 20Amax
    PMP7032: wide input range 4:1 telecom active clamp forward 3V3 bus converter that provides I/O voltage up to 20Amps peak
  • 18V to 60Vin to +/-12V, 13W
    PMP5666.1: The PMP5666 is a two outputs, +/-12V (+800mA and -250mA), isolated flyback working in continuous conduction mode thus reducing peak currents. The loop is closed to the +12V main output. The input voltage range is 18V…60V.
  • SEPIC (13.5 - 18.0V @ 1.2A) for LED Drivers
    PMP4729: PMP4729 is a wide input voltage range (8024V) LED driver for automotive application. It supplies a string of 3-4 LEDs (13.5 .. 18V) with a current of 1.2A. The converter with TPS40211 is in sepic configuration, has a dimming input (100..200 Hz PWM) and additional circuitry for input protection (transient protection, active reverse polarity protection).
  • LED Driver with 730mA @ 16 .. 32V and 9 .. 19V input voltage range
    PMP5748: This design is a LED driver providing an ouput current of 730mA within an voltage range of 16-32V. The input voltage range is 9-19V.

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