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Fixed Resistor, Metal Glaze/thick Film, 0.1W, 10000ohm, 75V, 1% +/-Tol, 100ppm/Cel, Surface Mount, 0603, CHIP

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Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • XGA Digital Video SerDes w/ OpenLDI Parallel Interface for Automotive TFT LCD Displays
    TIDA-00135: The TIDA-00135 reference design is a high speed serial video interface to connect a remote automotive XGA TFT LCD display with OpenLDI (LVDS) Interface to a video processing system. It uses TIs FPD-Link II SerDes technology to transmit uncompressed video data over shielded twisted pair cable. Application examples are rear seat entertainment systems, automotive clusters, and Heads Up Display. This design incorporates the DS90UR907Q-EVK and DS90UR908Q-EVK boards together to create the solution.
  • Automotive Digitally Controlled Boost Power Supply
    TIDA-00282: This TI reference design is an automotive voltage boost converter module. The purpose of this module is to supply a steady voltage to vehicle electronics by boosting during voltage droop events such as engine crank. The design is based on the C2000 Real-Time Microcontroller, and will provide up to 400 Watts of power from a 12V automotive battery system. This solution supports continuous operational input voltage of 6V-16V with protection against 36V load dump to provide a stable 12V output supply with reverse battery protection.
  • 85-265Vin, 5Vout, 1Aout, AC-DC Fly-Buck Converter Reference Design
    PMP10834: The PMP10834RevA reference design is a compact and thermally efficient design intended to step down a wide range of AC inputs (85VAC to 265VAC). This non-isolated Flybuck design incorporates the UCC28C42 PWM with an optocoupler feedback to provide 1% output voltage regulation. All the circuit components (including magnetics) are standard parts.
  • Ultrasonic Distance Measurement BoosterPack Reference Design
    TIDA-00462: The TIDA-00462 ultrasonic distance measurement reference design can measure the distance up to 99 inches with an accuracy of ±1.5 inches. The scope of this design guide is to give system designers a head-start in integrating TI’s industrial ultra-low-power MCU, analog signal conditioning, and power management technologies into their end-equipment systems. This design guide describes the principle of operation and basic design process for a low cost distance measuring system based on ultrasonic sound utilizing the MSP430 ultralow-power microcontroller. This design guide also addresses component selection, design theory, and test results of the TI Design system. All the relevant design files like Schematics, BOM, Layer plots, Altium files, Gerber and MSP430 MCU firmware are provided.
  • High Definition (HD) Automotive SerDes w/ 24 Bit RGB Interface over twisted pair for TFT LCD Display
    TIDA-00132: The TIDA-00132 reference design is a high speed serial video interface to connect a remote automotive TFT LCD display with 720px60 format and 24Bit parallel RGB Interface to a video processing system. It uses TIs FPD-Link III SerDes technology to transmit uncompressed video data (with Content Protection - HDCP option) and bidirectional control signals over shielded twisted pair. This design incorporates the DS90UB925QSEVB and DS90UB926QSEVB boards together to create the solution
  • Three-Phase BLDC / PMSM Motor Drive with High-Performance Microcontrollers Reference Design
    TIDM-RM46XDRV8301KIT: This TI design describes a motor control evaluation kit for spinning 3-phase brushless DC and brushless AC (BLAC) - often referred to as permanent magnet synchronous (PMSM) – motors with example of sensorless Field Oriented / Vector Control (FOC). The implementation leverages the DRV8301 gate-driver IC as well as the TPS65381 Power-Management IC. This reference design can be used as a high-performance, power-efficient, cost-effective platform to speed up development of PMSM control algorithms.
  • Basestation Transceiver with DPD Feedback Path
    TIDA-00068: The design is for a small cell base station development platform. It provides two real receive paths, two complex transmit paths, and a shared real feedback path. This design has macro basestation performance, but with small cell base station footprint. The current design handles up to 20MHz of bandwidth.
  • XGA digital video SerDes w/ 24bit Parallel RGB Interface for automotive TFT LCD Displays
    TIDA-00139: The TIDA-00139 design is a high speed serial video interface to connect a remote automotive XGA TFT LCD display with 24 bit Parallel RGB Interface to a video processing system. It uses TIs FPD-Link II SerDes technology to transmit uncompressed video data over shielded twisted pair cable. Application examples are rear seat entertainment systems, automotive clusters, and HUD. This design incorporates SERDESUR-65USB the board to create the solution.
  • Power-optimized 16-bit 1MSPS Data Acquisition Block for Lowest Distortion and Noise Reference Design
    TIPD149: This TI Verified Design is the realization of a high precision, 16-bit 1MSPS data acquisition system suitable for applications such as digital audio that require front-ends with very low distortion and noise. The circuit uses a high performance Successive Approximation Register Analog to Digital Converter (SAR ADC) and has been optimized to provide superior dynamic performance, without excessive power consumption.
  • Optimizing LMH6554 to Drive High Speed ADCs
    TIDA-00092: This reference design shows the ability of the high-speed amplifier, LMH6554, to perform single-ended to differential conversion to drive high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) while maintaining excellent noise and distortion performance. Performance versus input frequency is shown for both AC and DC coupled applications while interfaced to the ADS4449 quad, 250-MSPS, 14-bit ADC. Various options for common-mode voltages, power supplies, and interfaces are discussed and measured to meet the requirements of a variety of applications. Anti-aliasing filter examples are shown along with the performance improvements that they provide.
  • Dual-Wideband RF-to-Digital Receiver Design
    TIDA-00073: The TSW1265EVM is an example design of a wideband RF to digital dual receiver solution capable of digitizing up to 125MHz of spectrum. The system provides a reference on how to use the ADS4249, LMH6521, LMK0480x, and a dual mixer to achieve this. This reference EVEM coupled with a capture card such as the TSW1400 can be used to capture and analyze narrow band and wideband signals. Instructions are provided on how to change the LO and IF frequencies for different application needs. The TIDA-00073 was implemented with hardware from the TSW1265EVM.
  • Isolated IGBT Gate Driver Evaluation Platform for 3-Phase Inverter System Reference Design
    TIDA-00195: The TIDA-00195 reference design consists of a 22kW power stage with TI’s new reinforced isolated IGBT gate driver ISO5852S intended for motor control in various applications. This design allows performance evaluation of the ISO5852S in 3-phase inverter incorporating 1200V rated IGBT modules of current ratings ranging from 50A-200A. Some of the important functionality and performance evaluated are short circuit protection using DESAT detection, Soft-shutdown, effectiveness of the Active Miller Clamp at different inverter dv/dt, and ESD/EFT performance of IGBT gate driver at system level derived from adjustable speed electrical power drive systems (IEC61800-3). Piccolo launch pad LAUNCHXL-F28027 is used to generate the PWM signals required for controlling the inverter.
  • 16-bit 400KSPS 4-Ch. Multiplexed Data Acquisition Ref Design for High Voltage Inputs, Low Distortion
    TIPD151: This TI Verified Design implements a 16-bit, differential 4-channel multiplexed data acquisition system at 400KSPS throughput for high voltage differential input of ±20 V (40 Vpk-pk) industrial applications. The circuit is realized with a 16-bit successive-approximation-resistor (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a precision high voltage signal conditioning front end, and a 4-channel differential multiplexer (MUX). The design details the process for optimizing the precision high voltage front end drive circuit using the OPA192 and OPA140 to achieve excellent dynamic performance with the ADS8864.
  • 1-GHz Bandwidth Dual Channel Transmitter up to 4-GHz Reference Design
    TIDA-00409: The TSW38J84 EVM reference design provides a platform to demonstrate a wideband dual transmit solution that incorporates an integrated LO. The reference design utilizes the 2.5 GSPS DAC38J84 device with the high performance modulators: TRF3722 (including integrated PLL/VCO) and TRF3705. The TRF3722 and TRF3705 can be combined to form a dual transmit solution with the TRF3722 generating the local oscillator (LO) for both modulators. The interface between the DAC38J84 and the modulators is discussed as well as measurements showing the combined performance of the DAC and modulators. The measurements illustrate the bandwidth performance, output third order intercept performance, harmonic distortion and sideband suppression performance.
  • Schematic and Layout Recommendations for the Giga Sample Per Second (GSPS) ADC
    TIDA-00071: This reference design is a guide to the schematics and layout for the system designer using a GSPS ADC in their system. Use this reference design along with the datasheet — the datasheet is always the final authority. Also, the ADC1xDxxxx(RF)RB Reference Board provides a useful reference design. All design source files for the Reference Board as well as the CAD/CAE symbols for the ADC are available on the product web page or TI-Designs for download. For the purpose of this document, ADC or GSPS ADC refers to the ADC12D1800RF, ADC12D1600RF, ADC12D1000RF, ADC12D800RF, ADC12D500RF, ADC12D1800, ADC12D1600, ADC12D1000, ADC10D1500, ADC10D1000, ADC12D1600QML, and ADC10D1000QML.
  • Automotive Brushed Motor Driver for Power Folding Side Mirrors
    TIDA-00145: This TIDA-00145 reference design features the DRV8801EVM which enables a simple to use platform to demonstrate the capabilities and performance of the DRV8801 motor driver for power folding side mirrors. This TI Design is also intended to allow easy evaluation of the automotive qualified version part, DRV8801-Q1. The DRV8801 is a 2.8A peak Full Bridge Brushed DC motor driver capable of driving the retracting function of vehicle side view mirrors. With the built-in automotive protection features of overcurrent, thermal, shoot-through, UVLO protection, and wide input voltage range, this motor driver provides the necessary features to survive the harsh automotive environment. Also, this TI Design provides test data to allow the designer to quickly evaluate the performance of the DRV8801 for their folding wing mirror modules.This design incorporates the DRV8801EVM board to create the solution.
  • Synchronizing Multiple JESD204B ADCs for Emitter Position Location Reference Design
    TIDA-00467: A common technique to estimate the position of emitters uses the amplitude and phase shift data of a signal derived from an array of spatially distributed sensors. For such systems, it is important to guarantee a deterministic phase relationship between the sensors to minimize errors in the actual measured data. This application design will discuss how multiple Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs) with a JESD204B interface can be synchronized so that the sampled data from the ADCs are phase aligned.
  • XGA digital video SerDes 18bit to 24bit Upscaler Solution for Automotive TFT LCD Displays
    TIDA-00140: The TIDA-00140 reference design is a high speed serial video interface to connect a remote automotive XGA TFT LCD display with 24 bit Parallel RGB Interface to a video processing system. Image enhancement features - dithering and white balance - optimize display performance. It uses TIs FPD-Link II SerDes technology to transmit uncompressed video data over shielded twisted pair cable. This design incorporates the SERDESUR-916ROS/NOPB board to create the solution.
  • Direct Down-Conversion System with I/Q Correction
    TIDA-00078: The I/Q Correction block implemented in the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) of the TSW6011EVM helps users to adopt a direct down conversion receiver architecture in a wireless system. The I/Q correction block consists of a single-tap blind algorithm, which corrects the frequency-independent I/Q imbalance in a complex zero-IF receiver system. Along with the I/Q correction block, the FPGA includes a digital gain block, a digital power-measurement block, x2 of interpolation block, an I/Q offset correction block, and a quadrature mixing block.
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