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Fixed Resistor, Metal Glaze/thick Film, 0.1W, 10000ohm, 75V, 5% +/-Tol, 200ppm/Cel, Surface Mount, 0603, CHIP, ROHS COMPLIANT

Manufacturer Panasonic Electronic Components
Price Range $0.0040 / $0.2280

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Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • Near Field Communication (NFC) Reader/Writer Reference Design
    TIDM-NFC-RW: This Near Field Communication (NFC) reference design provides a firmware example for the implementation of an NFC Reader/Writer application using the TRF7970A NFC transceiver. This reference design provides a number of easy-to-use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which allow users to quickly implement NFC Reader/Writer functionality. The documentation, hardware and example C code provided will allow designers to develop NFC Reader/Writer applications with ultra-low-power MSP430/MSP432 MCUs or easily ported to another MCU of choice.
  • NFC & RFID Ultra-Low-Power Card Presence Detection Reference Design
    TIDM-NFC-READER: This reference design, featuring the TRF79xxA paired with an MSP430 microcontroller, is a fully-functional, battery-operad RFID & NFC reader. This design features in-depth details on how to add NFC/RFID capabilities to an existing design by adding a simple circuit and small firmware control logic loops.
  • -48V Telecom Current/Voltage/Power Sense with Isolation
    TIDA-00313: This verified design can accurately measure current, voltage and power on a bus that carries -48V and is able to provide this data using an I²C compatible interface. This design is targeted for Telecom applications because the most common Telecom equipment’s are fed with this negative supply voltage. It uses INA226 and ISO1541. The INA226 is a current shunt and power monitor with an I²C compatible interface. This device will precisely take these measurements and will use ISO1541 to translate the negative voltage to ground referenced signals. The ISO1541 is a low-power, bidirectional I²C compatible isolator.
  • Schematic and Layout Recommendations for the Giga Sample Per Second (GSPS) ADC
    TIDA-00071: This reference design is a guide to the schematics and layout for the system designer using a GSPS ADC in their system. Use this reference design along with the datasheet — the datasheet is always the final authority. Also, the ADC1xDxxxx(RF)RB Reference Board provides a useful reference design. All design source files for the Reference Board as well as the CAD/CAE symbols for the ADC are available on the product web page or TI-Designs for download. For the purpose of this document, ADC or GSPS ADC refers to the ADC12D1800RF, ADC12D1600RF, ADC12D1000RF, ADC12D800RF, ADC12D500RF, ADC12D1800, ADC12D1600, ADC12D1000, ADC10D1500, ADC10D1000, ADC12D1600QML, and ADC10D1000QML.
  • Compact CAN-to-Ethernet Converter using 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F MCU Reference Design
    TIDA-00203: This reference design demonstrates a small form-factor Controller Access Network (CAN)-to-Ethernet converter using the TM4C129XNCZAD 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M4F MCU. Supporting 10/100 Base-T compliant with IEEE 802.3 standard, this reference design is useful for industrial drives monitoring and control, as well as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. The same hardware can be used as a CAN-to-Ethernet gateway or bridge with simple changes in the firmware. The gateway application is useful for monitoring remote CAN networks over Ethernet, while the bridge application is useful for coupling CAN networks via the the internet or local area netowork (LAN).
  • Uncompressed Digital Video SerDes over Twisted Pair for Automotive Camera Systems
    TIDA-00138: The TIDA-00138 reference design is a high speed serial camera interface to connect a remote automotive camera module to a display or machine vision processing system. It uses TIs FPD-Link III SerDes technology to transmit uncompressed video data and bidirectional control signals over a twisted pair cable. Application examples are back-up camera, rear view camera, surround view system, arround view monitor, camera based park assist ssytems, mirror replacement, blind spot detection. This design incorporates the DS90UB901Q-Q1 and DS90UB902Q-Q1 devices to create the solution.
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