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Fixed Resistor, Metal Glaze/thick Film, 1W, 0.003ohm, 1% +/-Tol, 350ppm/Cel, Surface Mount, 2512, CHIP, ROHS COMPLIANT

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Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • High Efficiency 15V@1.5A Synchronous Boost Converter Powers Solar Panel Controller Reference Design
    PMP9052: This synchronous boost converter operates from 4.5V to 15V input and achieves a peak efficiency of 99% at full load. Two size options for the inductor allow for high efficiency or reduced size.
  • Automotive Boost Converter with Reverse Battery Protection
    PMP7936: PMP7936 is a boost converter capable of 138W output power and targeted for automotive appli-cations. This design uses the LM5122 synchronous boost current-mode PWM controller. The circuit will start at a minimum input of 6.5V and has an operating input voltage range of 4.5V to 42V. The output is 13.8V at 8A continuous, 10A peak. The LM5122 incorporates bypass mode operation, so that when VIN > 13.8V, VOUT is approximately equal to VIN. Reverse battery protection is provided by the LM5050-1 high side OR-ing FET controller.
  • 12Vin 1V 50A TPS40422 & Power Block II CSD87384 2 Phases w/PMBus Interface Reference Design
    PMP8999: It is a two phase Synchronous Buck converter to provide high current with low ripple and fast dynamic response for high speed processor core applications. Same approach can also be used to power Memory and Input / Output power voltages, typically 1.2V to 3.3V. The two phase interleave reduces output ripple and allows faster response to rapidly changing loads. The two phases distribute power loss to eliminate need for added heat sink hardware. The "Project File" for the TPS40422 to communicate with TI's Fusion GUI is included. Output voltage and current limit can be adjusted and monitored thru the GUI. Additional settings can be accessed thru the same GUI. Test Report includes thermal images to show load capability, both with and without fan cooling. Testing done at 12Vin, where voltage stresses, losses and output ripple greatest. Design will work also at 5Vin with same high speed control loop, due to Input Voltage Feed Forward in the TPS40422.
  • 12V@5A Synchronous SEPIC Converter Reference Design
    PMP10886: This reference design operates from a 6V to 16V input and supplies 12V @ 5A out. It utilizes the LM5122 synchronous boost controller to operate as a synchronous SEPIC converter. The circuit achieves greater than 95% efficiency at maximum load.
  • 12V@4A Sync Boost Converter Operating from Single or Dual Li-Ion Batteries Reference Design
    PMP8921: This synchronous boost converter efficiently operates from 3.0V - 8.6V (one or two Li-Ion cells) and regulates a 12V@4A output. Efficiency of greater than 97% is achieved when running from two cells.
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