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Fixed Resistor, Metal Glaze/thick Film, 1W, 0.0015ohm, 1% +/-Tol, 450ppm/Cel, Surface Mount, 2512, CHIP, ROHS COMPLIANT

Manufacturer Panasonic Electronic Components
Price Range $0.5990

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Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • 12Vin to 67Vin; 54Vout @ 4.8A; Dual-Phase Synchronous Boost Converter
    PMP7979: A dual-phase synchronous boost converter that accepts an input voltage of 12Vin to 67Vin and provides an output of 54Vout capable of supplying 4.8A. Whenever the input voltage is at or above the 54Vout threshold, the output voltage will follow the input voltage, minus a small voltage drop.
  • Power Solution for an Automotive Voltage Quality Module
    PMP7916: The PMP7916 is a boost converter that can be used by a voltage quality module in a start-stop car to condition the battery voltage seen by electronic loads. For such a car to utilize existing electronic assemblies, input voltage to the assemblies is not allowed to dip to 6V during warm cranking or else they will momentarily shut down. The PMP7916 keeps the input voltage above 10.5V during cranking, and bypasses the battery voltage when it goes above 12V. When boosting a low battery voltage during cranking, the PMP7916 can support a 500W load for 5 seconds.
  • High-Efficiency Dual-Phase Synch Boost Conv for Automotive Voltage Stabilizing App Reference Design
    PMP10502: PMP10502 is a synchoronous dual phase boost converter accepting an input voltage of 6Vin to 8Vin and providing an output of 12Vout capable of supplying 17A continuous current (34A peak).
  • Multi-Phase Boost (Step-Up) Converter
    PMP7850: PMP7850 is a Multiphase Boost (Step-Up) reference design with an input of 6 Volts to 8 volts while generating an output of 12 volts out at 17 Amps continuous and a max of 34 amps. This design is used in industrial applications.
  • Power Solution for an Automotive Voltage Stabilizer
    PMP7919: The PMP7919 is a 2-phase synchronous boost converter that can take a minimum 5.5V input and put out 11.5V or higher at 15A. It is used in the Voltage Quality Module in a start-stop vehicle where warm cranking is not allowed to cause certain electronic loads (such as the head unit) to power cycle. When the start-stop vehicle goes through warm cranking, the lead acid battery voltage may dip to 6V (in the US) momentarily. The PMP7919 boost converter will, in this case, immediately respond to the transient so that its output voltage will stay in specifications, preventing downstream electronic loads from shutting down. When the battery voltage is higher than the boost converter's output regulation point (typically 11.5V), the synchronous boost converter will operate in bypass mode and leave the high-side FETs on 100%, saving extra bypass FETs and a control circuit that would be required if a non-synchronous boost converter were to be used.
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