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Details for: FX11A-100S/10-SV(71)

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Board Stacking Connector, 100 Contact(s), 2 Row(s), Female, Straight, 0.02 inch Pitch, Surface Mount Terminal, Locking, Beige Insulator, Receptacle
  • The transmission characteristics have been improved through a design that fixes ground plates to both sides of the header and receptacle.
  • Signal and ground are arranged in a ratio of 10:1 to stabilize the ground.
  • Reinforced fittings that make a firm connection to the ground also provide greater adhesion to the board, protecting against peeling.
  • Low-profile connectors, yet a solder gap has been designed into the contact SMT portion to prevent solder from migrating.
  • The secured mating length of the contact block is 0.55mm for the 2mm B to B type, and 1mm for the 2.5 or 3mm B to B type to ensure high contact reliability.
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  • Notebook PC
  • Portable terminals (PDA)
  • Portable electronic equipment

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Hirose Electric

Conn Board to Board RCP 100Signal/10Ground POS 0.5mm Solder ST SMD Tray

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