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Details for: H11L2SR2VM

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Logic IC Output Optocoupler, 1-Element, 7500V Isolation, 1MBps, SURFACE MOUNT, DIP-6
  • • High data rate, 1MHz typical (NRZ)• Free from latch up and oscilliation throughout voltageand temperature ranges.• Microprocessor compatible drive• Logic compatible output sinks 16mA at 0.4Vmaximum• Guaranteed on/off threshold hysteresis • Wide supply voltage capability, compatible with allpopular logic systems• Underwriters Laboratory (UL) recognized—file #E90700, Volume 2• VDE recognized – File#102497 – Add option V(e.g., H11LIVM)

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ECIA (NEDA) Authorized Distributor

Fairchild Semiconductor

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