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IC VREG 1.2 V-37 V ADJUSTABLE POSITIVE REGULATOR, MBFM2, METAL CAN, TO-3, 2 PIN, Adjustable Positive Single Output Standard Regulator

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Part Number Description Manufacturer Compare
LM317AHVT Power Circuits Linear Voltage Regulator, Positive, Adjustable Output, 1.5 A (60V), 1000-TUBE ON Semiconductor LM317AKC vs LM317AHVT
LM317H/NOPB Power Circuits 1.5-A, 40-V, adjustable linear voltage regulator 3-TO 0 to 0 Texas Instruments LM317AKC vs LM317H/NOPB
LM317AH/NOPB Power Circuits 1.5-A, 40-V, adjustable linear voltage regulator with high-accuracy 3-TO -40 to 125 Texas Instruments LM317AKC vs LM317AH/NOPB
LM117HVH/NOPB Power Circuits Extended Temperature 1.5A Adjustable Output Voltage Regulator / LDO 3-TO -55 to 125 Texas Instruments LM317AKC vs LM117HVH/NOPB
LM317T Power Circuits 1.2 V to 37 V adjustable voltage regulators STMicroelectronics LM317AKC vs LM317T
M38510/11703BXA Power Circuits Military Grade 1.5A Adjustable Output Linear Regulator / LDO 3-TO -55 to 125 Texas Instruments LM317AKC vs M38510/11703BXA
LM317H Power Circuits 1.5-A, 40-V, adjustable linear voltage regulator 3-TO 0 to 0 Texas Instruments LM317AKC vs LM317H
LM117H/883 Power Circuits IC VREG ADJUSTABLE POSITIVE REGULATOR, MBCY3, METAL CAN, TO-39, 3 PIN, Adjustable Positive Single Output Standard Regulator Linear Technology LM317AKC vs LM117H/883
LM317AT Power Circuits 1.5-A, 40-V, adjustable linear voltage regulator with high-accuracy 3-TO-220 -40 to 125 Texas Instruments LM317AKC vs LM317AT
LM117K Power Circuits Extended Temperature 1.5A Adjustable Linear Regulator with Short Circuit Protection 2-TO-3 -55 to 125 Texas Instruments LM317AKC vs LM117K

Datasheets & Reference Designs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: What is an LM317 voltage regulator?

    A: LM317 Voltage regulator IC is an adjustable three-terminal voltage regulator IC, with a high output current value of 1.5A. The LM317 IC helps in current limiting, thermal overload protection and safe operating area protection. It can also provide float operation for High voltage application. more

  • Q: How can I calculate values for LM317 voltage?

    A: The output voltage from the LM317 and LM338 is set using two resistors (R1 and R2) with their values chosen according to the following equation... more

  • Q: What is an Adjustable Voltage Regulator?

    A: The LM317T is an adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage regulator capable of supplying different DC voltage outputs other than the fixed voltage power supply of +5 or +12 volts, or as a variable output voltage from a few volts up to some maximum value all with currents of about 1.5 amperes. more

  • Q: Where can I find an LM317 pinout diagram?

    A: Pin Configuration:Pin 1 : Adjust This pins adjusts the output voltage ; Pin 2 : Output Voltage (Vout). The regulated output voltage set by the adjust pin can be obtained from this pin ; Pin 3 : Input Voltage (Vin). The input voltage which has to be regulated is given to this pin more

  • Q: Where can I find LM317 regulator specifications?

    A: The LM317 has three pins: INput, OUTput, and ADJustment. Internally the device has a bandgap voltage reference which produces a stable reference voltage of Vref= 1.25 V followed by a feedback-stabilized amplifier with a relatively high output current capacity. How the adjustment pin is connected determines the output voltage as follows. more

  • Q: How can I design an LM317 power supply?

    A: Lets make a High Current power supply with LM317 Voltage Regulator which can supply upto 5 Amp. LM317 is one of the oldest, most used and wonderful linear voltage regulators. I personally love this IC (yes, it’s not a transistor) a lot, not because it server it purpose well, but because it’s cheap, easy and never disappoints you while making a regulated DC power supply. more

  • Q: How do I test an LM317?

    A: I usually make two tests when I have to test this or other type of regulator IC short circuit test and voltage regulating testing. The best and most effective testing technique to test this IC is out of the PCB. For the pin out of this IC please refer to the exactly IC datasheet what you have to test. In this document, I will use the LM317T regulator and the pin out is usually the same with other LM317 family. more

  • Q: How do I use an LM317 to regulate voltage?

    A: The LM317T Voltage Regulator is an integrated circuit which is very useful in many renewable energyapplications. It can be used to regulate current – for example to regulate the current in a string of LEDs – or it can be used to provide a stable fixed voltage output. more

  • Q: How do I adjust an LM317's voltage?

    A: The calculator allows two ways of calculation: circuit analysisand circuit synthesis. more

  • Q: How do I design constant current circuits with LM317 regulators?

    A: A constant current source (CCS) in electronics is a device/circuit that produces a constant value of current regardless of source voltage or load resistance. A constant current circuit can also be used as a current limiter. more

  • Q: How do I design a circuit with LM317 voltage regulators to output 3.3 Volts?

    A: I created a simple circuit using the LM317 to output 3.3 volts from a 5V or greater input voltage. Here is a handy calculator to calculate the resistance needed to obtain the desired output voltage. I use 545 Ohms (470 + 75) to output the desired 3.3V. more

  • Q: How do I make an LM317 adjustable voltage regulator?

    A: If you are beginner in electronics and you want to have good variable power supply using LM317. This is best project that design for you. It can supply voltage 1.2V to 30V at all range is 1A.This is the First DC power supply in my life that made to use in many projects. It is ideal for those who want to adjust voltage from 1.25V to 30V and currents up to 1A. Which is sufficient for normal use Such as is power supply instead of an one 1.5V AA battery or when you want to listen to music from a 30-watt amplifier that required voltage of 24V 1A, it can be done easily. more

  • Q: How can I make an LM317 variable power supply?

    A: Until now we had discussed about different voltage regulator IC’s including 7805,723 etc but what’s to be noted was that these were all fixed voltage regulators.So now we shall see how design a simple variable voltage regulator using an LM317 IC. more

  • Q: How do I use an LM317 as a current limiter?

    A: LM317 adjustable current limiter more

  • Q: How do I build a 3.3V regulated voltage supply?

    A: Planning to realize an SD Card interface for Arduino, since it requires 3.3V supply, I've realized a simple one based on a general purpouse LM317 Voltage Regulator.In LM317 theory, using 330R (R1) and 545 (R2) one should get 3.31V. Actually, 330R is common, and I've got 545R by adding 470R and 75R in series. more

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