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Ceramic Capacitor, Multilayer, Ceramic, 10V, 10% +Tol, 10% -Tol, X5R, 15% TC, 1uF, Surface Mount, 0402, CHIP

Manufacturer TAIYO YUDEN

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Part Number Description Manufacturer Compare
LMK105BJ105KV Capacitors CAP,CERAMIC,1UF,10VDC,10% -TOL,10% +TOL,X5R TC CODE,-15,15% TC,0402 CASE TAIYO YUDEN LMK105BJ105KV-T vs LMK105BJ105KV
LMK105BJ105MV-T Capacitors Ceramic Capacitor, Multilayer, Ceramic, 10V, 20% +Tol, 20% -Tol, X5R, 15% TC, 1uF, Surface Mount, 0402, CHIP TAIYO YUDEN LMK105BJ105KV-T vs LMK105BJ105MV-T

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