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CAP,CERAMIC,1UF,10VDC,10% -TOL,10% +TOL,X5R TC CODE,-15,15% TC,0402 CASE

Manufacturer TAIYO YUDEN

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Part Number Description Manufacturer Compare
MCCA000506 Capacitors CAP,CERAMIC,1UF,10VDC,10% -TOL,10% +TOL,X5R TC CODE,-15,15% TC,0402 CASE SPC Multicomp LMK105BJ105KV vs MCCA000506
C0402B105K010T Capacitors CAP,CERAMIC,1UF,10VDC,10% -TOL,10% +TOL,X5R TC CODE,-15,15% TC,0402 CASE Holy Stone Enterprise Co Ltd LMK105BJ105KV vs C0402B105K010T
Part Number Description Manufacturer Compare
LMK105BJ105MV-T Capacitors Ceramic Capacitor, Multilayer, Ceramic, 10V, 20% +Tol, 20% -Tol, X5R, 15% TC, 1uF, Surface Mount, 0402, CHIP TAIYO YUDEN LMK105BJ105KV vs LMK105BJ105MV-T
LMK105BJ105KV-T Capacitors Ceramic Capacitor, Multilayer, Ceramic, 10V, 10% +Tol, 10% -Tol, X5R, 15% TC, 1uF, Surface Mount, 0402, CHIP TAIYO YUDEN LMK105BJ105KV vs LMK105BJ105KV-T

Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • Isolated Auto-Polarity RS-485 Transceiver Reference Design
    TIDA-00263: This reference design demonstrates an isolated RS-485 bus node with automatic correction of a reversed bus signal polarity caused by cross-wire faults. The design provides transient protection protecting the signal path against ESD, EFT, and surge transients specified in the IEC 61000 family of transient immunity standards. An isolated DC-DC converter provides power supply across the isolation barrier utilizing the push-pull converter principle.
  • Dual-channel XAUI to SFI Reference Design for Systems with Two or More SFP+ Optical Ports
    TIDA-00234: The TIDA-00234 XAUI to SFI reference design is intended for Enterprise and Service Provider Networking applications like Ethernet Switches and Routers that implement multiple 10G Ethernet compliant Optical (SFP+) ports. This reference design features the TLK10232 device which is the most compact Dual-channel XAUI-to-SFI Transceiver with the lowest power consumption in its category. This reference design allows access to the high-speed signals (up to 10Gbps) generated by the TLK10232 via SMA connectors or an SFP+ Module via the SFP+ optical module cage. Also, featured is the CDCM6208 device that can provide extremely low-jitter Clock input to the TLK10232 in customer systems that do not have one available (or does not meet the jitter requirement of the system).
  • DisplayPort Video 4:1 Aggregation Reference Design
    TIDA-00309: This verified reference design is a complete four channel DisplayPort aggregation and de-aggregation solution. One TLK10022 is used to aggregate four synchronous DisplayPort (DP) sources together into one 10.8 Gbps serial link. The serial data is transferred via copper or optical fiber where a second TLK10022 is used to de-aggregate and seamlessly redisplay the original video content.
  • Reinforced Isolated M-LVDS Transceiver Reference Design
    TIDA-00330: This reference design demonstrates the performance of a reinforced, isolated, full-duplex M-LVDS transceiver node using the ISO7842 and SN65MLVD203. A single reinforced digital isolator replaces two basic digital isolators, reducing cost and PCB area.
  • 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub Reference Design
    TIDA-00288: This verified reference design is a four-port USB 3.0 compliant hub. It provides simultaneous SuperSpeed and high-speed/full-speed connections on the upstream port and provides SuperSpeed, high-speed, full- speed, or low-speed connections on the downstream ports. The hub design provides power control for each downstream port and overcurrent protection.

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