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Reference Designs

  • Low Voltage Flyback Converter Provides 5KV Isolation Reference Design
    This isolated flyback converter provides a regulated 5V @ 1A output from a low voltage input (3.5V - 5.5V). The PMP8871 is built on the TPS55340 boost converter EVM.
  • PMP5665 MR16 LED 更换
    “PMP5665 是 MR16 卤素灯泡的替代品,具有 350mA(约 18V) 的稳压输出电流。该设计基于 TPs40211 的工作电压为 12V AC 和 7-20V DC。”
  • Isolated Flyback Reference Design Without Optocoupler (6.2V @ 1A)
    This flyback without optocoupler generates 12V @ 0.6A and 6.2V @ 1A from an input voltage range of 18 to 28V.
  • PMP9768 中间电压较高的汽车紧急呼叫电源参考设计
    This reference design includes a complete power management solution for a standalone emergency call (eCall) system in an automotive environment. The circuit is supplied directly from the car battery rail. It also manages a backup battery to power the eCall system while the car battery rail is not available. It includes power path management which routes the available power rail directly to four DC/DC converters which are supplying the required functional blocks of the eCall system. The solution is optimized to operate at maximum efficiency while powered from the backup battery.
  • VIRTEX-6-LX130T-REF Virtex-6 LX130T 评估套件
    Made in partnership with Avnet and Xilinx, the Virtex-6 LX130T Evaluation Kit provides a complete development platform for Virtex-6 LXT FPGA family. The Virtex-6 LX130T includes onboard serial gigabit transceiver interfaces (GTX) which, when used with the appropriate FPGA IP, enable support for PCI Express and other serdes applications. The board also includes FMC expansion slots to extend the application specific functions.
  • PMP8011 15W Isolated Downlight / light bulb LED Driver (32V @ 0.4A)
    该参考设计的主要目的是展示基于 TPS92314A(具有 PFC 的 220VAC)的具有 PFC 的高性能离线反激式 LED 驱动器。该 LED 驱动器旨在将交流输入转换为 LED 调节电流。该参考设计的工作条件和性能如下:198VAC 至 264VAC、50Hz 输入电压;28V 至 34V LED 电压;400mA LED 调节电流;87% 典型的系统效率;高功率因数 > 0.9;输出短路和开路保护。
  • 108-VDC - 411-VDC Input non-isolated flyback reference design
    This offline flyback reference design uses the UCC28910 controller to generate 2 non-isolated outputs (6.5 V at 600 mA: 15 V at 67 mA) from a DC input (108 VDC - 411 VDC). The UCC28910 incorporate a 700-V power FET and a high-voltage current source for startup to achieve low stand-by power. The valley-switching technique reduces switching losses and keeps the efficiency high. The controller provides constant-voltage and constant-current regulation without the use of an optical-coupler.
  • TIDM-CAPTIVATE-64-BUTTON 应用采用 CapTIvate 技术的 TI 微控制器的 64 按钮电容式触控面板参考设计
  • LED-Lighting Control Reference Design for Machine Vision
    This LED lighting control reference design demonstrates a unique approach to drive and control a string of multiple high-power light-emitting diodes (LEDs). This reference design is targeted for industrial machine vision systems and is also suitable for other industrial or automotive lighting applications. The design allows users to program LED current and timing to enable the safe overdriving of LEDs for increased brightness. The design can operate autonomously but can also be triggered or generate a trigger through an isolated interface. Internal circuit blocks support a wide input voltage range: a programmable input current: and input power control as well as protect against reverse polarity: overvoltage and overtemperature.
  • CISPR25 Tested Automotive Tail Light Reference Design for Step-Up + Linear LED Driver Based Systems
    TIDA-00678 showcases an automotive LED tail light application (tail/stop: turn and reverse) by using TPS92630-Q1 linear LED driver powered by an upstream boost converter (TPS40210-Q1) which is directly supplied through a smart-reverse battery diode off the automotive battery voltage. The design includes EMI/EMC radiation and pulse tests conducted by CISPR25 and ISO 7637-2 and highlights potential cost savings and efficiency (power dissipation: system thermals). For a similar design with TPS92630-Q1 driven by a buck converter: see TIDA-00677.For a similar design with  TPS92630-Q1 driven directly from a car battery: see TIDA-00679.
  • Low Power Sepic configuration generating output of 5V/800mA
    Wide input range: low power sepic for 5V @800mA w/ TPS61175 (internal switch)
  • Negative non-sync boost -28V@500mA
    negative boost converter w/ TPS40200 - to boost a negative voltage out of a negative source
  • Resolver-Based Motor Control Reference Design With a BLDC Motor and C2000™ MCU
    The TIDA-01507 reference design is a generic development platform for motor-control applications. Control for the system comes from the C2000™ TMS320F28069M microcontroller (MCU). The 3-phase BLDC gte driver: DRV8305-Q1 drives a BLDC motor whereas the resolver-to-digital converter PGA411-Q1 senses the motor shaft position and velocity. Power management integrated circuit (PMIC) TPS65381A-Q1 spplies the MCU and additional circuits on the board. Additionally: an isolated Controlled Area Network (CAN) interface allows connection to various host systems.The implementation of multiple subsystems on a single printed-circuit board (PCB) allows instant development start and validation of the in-system performance of TI's motor control solutions. This reduces learning time: speeds up practical development: and reduces time-to-market.

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