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Reference Designs

  • PMP6252 150 Watt LED TV UCC25710
    PMP6252 是用于90W LCD 电视电源的参考设计,通过使用 UCC28051 构建 PFC,使用 UCC25710 构建 LED 驱动器 LLC 转换器,使用 UCC25600 构建 5V 和 12V 转换器以及使用 UCC28610 构建待机反向转换器。此款驱动器提供 4 路输出,包括 LED 驱动器、12.7V 3A、5V 3A 和 5V 待机 2A;并能够在 90~264Vac 下工作。LED 驱动器旨在使用 UCC25710 提供的多变压器拓扑,可提高效率、提供保护功能和减少组件数。介绍 PFC、LLC、级联 QR 反向操作和性能的全面分析以及设计优化准则。提供基于每个通用情况负载获取的实验结果。
  • PMP11670 具有端口电源管理功能的双路 USB 车载充电器参考设计
    PMP11670 参考设计是一款车用双通道 USB 充电器。它包含高性能降压转换器,可为两个通道提供 3.5A 的总负载电流。端口控制器的端口电源管理功能可通过限制每个通道的最大负载电流来提升热性能。两个端口均支持 USB BC1.2 CDP 和 DCP 充电协议。内置 IEC 保护有助于增强系统可靠性,而低待机电流可延长电池寿命。
  • 1V @ 30A Integrated FET with PMBus Reference Design
    PMP9008 is designed using the TPS544C20 to generate low voltage point of load outputs up to 30A. The design is a very compact form factor sync buck with integrated FETs. The controller also offers PMBus comands for telemetry and monitoring. The efficieny is over 85% for almost the entire load range. DCap control makes the compensation easy and the transient response very fast.
  • SMSPLITRAILISO-REF 小型分离轨隔离 + - 5V 发电机
    A very low noise differential power supply for split rail systems requiring +5V and -5V (higher or lower voltage is possible). This design is fully isolated and capable of floating to over 500V differential from Vin to Vout (higher is possible). The LM5001 IC is a fully integrated flyback regulat
  • Active Clamp Forward Quarter Brick (18 to 60Vdc Input 3.3V/12A) Reference Design
    This reference design generates a 3.3V/12A output from a wide 18V-60V telecom input. The UCC2897A controls an active clamp forward converter power stage. The low gate charge and low RDSon of the CSD17501Q5A and CSD18502Q5B: implemented as self-driven synchronous rectifiers: provide for an efficient design. This design is laid out in a standard quarter brick footprint and includes enable: positive rail remote sense: and output trimming features.
  • Single Stage Power Factor Corrected Isolated Flyback: Converts Offline Voltages to 10.5Vdc @2A
    When input power factor is necessary (like LED lighting: avionics or low THD application as well as the isolation): the single stage PFC Flyback is the best topology. The only drawback of such topology is the 100Hz/120Hz voltage ripple on output.
  • PMP7942 使用 LM5017 的 Flybuck 电源,初级 5V@0.25A 输出,次级 15V@0.1A 输出
    This reference design uses the LM5017 Flybuck regulator to generate two outputs: one on the primary side is 5V at 250mA, and the other on the isolated secondary is 15V at 100mA. The input range is from 17V to 32V.
  • TRIAC Dimmable 230V LED Lighting Driver Controller (32V@350mA)
    The PMP6003 reference design is an isolated (flyback) dimmable LED Lighting Driver Controller using the TPS92210. This reference design accepts an input voltage range from 180V - 265V. The output voltage is set to 32V and the LED string current to set to 350mA.
  • TIDA-00223 车用音频 I2S 同轴 D 类放大器的参考设计
    This reference design is an I²S/TDM-based, low-cost, easy-to-use alternative to fiber optics/analog copper wire for connecting an automotive (sound) control panel to an output stage/power amplifier. Supporting I²S as well as TDM, it is capable of transmitting digital audio signal to 16
  • Flyback 12V@5A
    The PMP4705 is a reference design for a 12V Bus Voltage. It can operate from a wide input voltage range (100VAC to 240VAC). It’s a flyback topology with a pfc.
  • LED Driver for Area Light
    The PMP5732 is a LED driver for area light. It can operate from an input voltage range (100VAC to 277VAC). It's a flyback topology with analog dimming.
  • Voltage and Current Measurement Reference Design for Automotive On-Board Charger System
    This reference design uses our current shunt amplifiers: operational amplifiers (op amp): ADCs and digital isolators to provide current and voltage measurement for an on-board charger in a hybrid-electric/electric vehicle. The measured current and voltage can be used as control signals for battery-charging optimization. The design is capable of measuring high-side current up to 400-V common-mode voltage while being isolated from the AC portion of the charging circuit to reduce noise.
  • Automotive Buck with TL5001A-Q1
    automotive lowest cost buck converter generating 5V @1A w/ TL5001A
  • Universal Input to 40V@700mA Sepic
    This PMP5714 is a non-isolated constant current LED driver that: from universal mains: delivers 20V…40V @ 700mA in a SEPIC topology: achieving high power factor in a small space.
  • PR211 Spartan™-II 电源管理解决方案(设计 3)
    Spartan™-II Design 3 - TPS64203 Switching DC/DC Controller-Based Power Management Solution Providing up to 3 A from VIN = 5.0 V or 3.3 V.
  • PMP5592 正参考 PoE 降压
    低成本、非隔离型以太网供电电源、正参考降压转换器提供 3.3V (600mA)
  • CC1101-CC1190EM869RD CC1101-CC1190EM 869 MHz 参考设计
    CC1101-CC1190EM 869MHz 参考设计包含 CC1101-CC1190EM 869MHz 评估模块的原理图和布局文件。参考设计演示了用于 CC1101-CC1190 去耦和射频布局的精湛技术。为了实现最佳射频性能,这些部件应当被精确复制。这是具有离散不平衡和 SMA 天线连接器(适用于单端 50Ω 天线)的 4 层参考设计。射频部分设计用于在 869.4 - 869.65MHz 的频率子带 (g3) 下工作,另外也可适用于 863 - 870MHz 欧洲频带下的其它频率。
  • PMP7174 针对低交流电输入而优化的工业应用的 24V/1.45A AC/DC 反激式 PSU 参考设计设计
    This design is a compact, low AC line input (Maximum 130Vac) Flyback converter which provides a regulated and fully-isolated 24V@1.45A output. Featuring TI's LM5021 current mode controller working at 135kHz, the converter features fast start-up and delivers greater than 85% efficiency from 30-100
  • Isolated Auxiliary Flyback for Telecom Apps with 5V @ 300mA & 120V @ 80mA Reference Design
    This design is an auxiliary flyback with telecom input range (36..60V) providing two outputs. The two outputs (5.0V @ 300mA and 12.0V @ 80mA) are isolated to the primary side as well as to each other.
  • 18Vin to 20Vin; 53Vout to 84Vout @ 1A; Single-Phase Synchronous Boost Converter
    A single-phase synchronous boost converter that accepts an input voltage of 10.8Vin to 13.2Vin and provides an output of 53Vout to 84Vout capable of delivering 1A.
  • 18 to 20Vin 25 to 85Vout @3A Continuous 5.7A Peak Dual-Phase Sync Boost Converter Reference Design
    A dual-phase synchronous boost converter accepting an input voltage of 18VDCin to 20VDCin and providing an output of 25VDCout to 85Vout capable of supplying 3A continuous and 5.7A peak.
  • USB Type-C DFP Charger 5V3A SSR Control Adapter Reference Design
    The PMP4403 is an AC in 5V 3A reference design for USB Type-C™ DFP charger applications. It also is compliant with BC 1.2 devices. The solution is a synchronous rectified QR flyback which uses the UCC28740 and UCC24636. Good regulation and dynamic performance is achieved by using a secondary side regulation controller UCC28740. Also Volt-Second balancing SR controller UCC24636 is adopted in the design to improve the efficiency. The solution easily exceeds DoE Level VI and EU CoC V5 Tier-2 standards.
  • TIPD158 已通过 EMC/EMI 测试的低功耗回路供电 4-20mA 发送器参考设计
    This CerTIfied Reference Design is a low cost system that implements a 12-bit loop-powered, or 2-wire, transmitter using the DAC7311, OPA317, and TL431B. The design includes a protection circuit that provides immunity to the IEC61000-4 test suite. The design also
  • TIDA-00176 采用高分辨率位置插值的 Sin/Cos 编码器的连接参考设计
    The TIDA-00176 reference design is an EMC compliant industrial interface to Sin/Cos position encoders. Applications include industrial drives, which require accurate speed and position control. The design utilizes a 16-bit dual sample ADC with drop-in compatible 14- or 12-bit versions avail
  • Flexible 3.2-GSPS multi-channel AFE reference design for DSOs: radar and 5G wireless test systems
    This high speed multi-channel data capture reference design enables optimum system performance. System designers needs to consider critical design parameters like clock jitter and skew for high speed multi-channel clock generation: which affects overall system SNR: SFDR: channel to channel skew and deterministic latency. This reference design demonstrates multi-channel AFE and clock solution using high speed data converters with JESD204B: high speed amplifiers: high performance clocks and low noise power solutions to achieve optimum system performance
  • High Density 30W DC-DC PMBus Buck Converter with Inductor Mounted Over the Converter to Save Space
    This design has inductor over converter to achieve 30 A conversion in 1
  • TIDA-00250 压电式空气流量传感器
    This Piezoelectric Airflow Sensor is intended for use in systems that require fan airflow detection. This can include server intake/exhaust airflow detection, as well as desktop computer airflow.  The Piezoelectric Airflow Sensor reference design is a s
  • TIDA-00201 使用磁通门传感器并用于电流和电压测量的差分信号调节电路
    This design provides a 4-channel signal conditioning solution for differential ADCs integrated into a microcontroller measuring motor current using fluxgate sensors. Also provided is an alternative measurement circuit with external differential SAR ADCs as well as circuits for high-speed overcurr
  • Boost Converter With 18 to 30Vin and 300V @ 10mA Output Reference Design
    This design is a boost converter generating 300V @ 10mA from an input voltage range of 18 to 30V.
  • TIDA-00582 100A 电流源参考设计
    A stand-alone, dual-phase power module like the Texas Instruments (TI) PTH08T250W can supply up to 50 A of output load current. However, the PTH08T250W incorporates TI's stackable controller feature that allows the outputs of multiple modules to be connected in parallel, thereby producing a relia
  • 35V to 60V Input: 600W Output Dual-Phase Buck Converter Design with Greater than 97% Efficiency
    This 600W wide voltage input dual phase power converter uses two emulated current-mode controllers 180 degrees out of phase to minimize input and output ripple current. Compared to conventional isolated power converters: this synchronous buck architecture provides a reduced footprint and BOM cost at higher levels of efficiency: greater than 97% over several operating conditions.
  • PMP9018 采用 85-277VAC 输入的初级侧稳压反激 (24V/0.5A)
    The PMP9018 reference design uses the UCC28700 primary-side regulated flyback controller to generate a 24V/0.5A output from an 85V-277V AC input. The valley switching of the UCC28700 allows this low-cost design to achieve efficiencies over 87%; no load losses are less than 50mW.
  • TPS61013EVM-157 固定 2.5V 高效升压转换器
    The Texas Instruments TPS6101x evaluation modules (EVM) helps designers evaluate the different operating modes and the performance of high-efficiency boost converters. If any other output voltage is to be evaluated, the TPS61010 adjustable version can be set up to provide an output voltage betwee
  • PMP7424 24W Boost Converter Optimized for Low Profile/Small Area
    此单节锂离子电池输入升压转换器提供 8V/3A 输出 (24W)。其输出可在 5V 至 8V 之间调节,并可达到 92% 的效率(8V 输出,475KHz)。此设计使用 LM3481 升压转换器。
  • TIDA-00578 笔记本电脑风扇控制器参考设计
    This design uses a single-chip sensorless 3-phase brushless DC motor (BLDC) for driving fans quietly and smoothly. The 180 degree sinusoidal commutation sensorless algorithium is embedded inside of DRV10963, thus eliminating the need of software and firmware. DRV10963 is ideal for battery operat
  • PMP7040 具有 147 至 400 VAC 35V/0.06A 输入,使用 UCC28610 的计量用隔离式反激
    PMP7040.1(20V@0.25A) 参考设计是面向 3 相智能仪表(147-400VAC,20V@0.25A)的隔离型 DCM 反激式 - 使用 UCC28610 的多输出反激式,主要用于计量应用。可以从使用 147 到 400 伏特交流电的输入生成隔离式 20 伏特输出(0.25 安培)。该设计有多个输出。
  • 144W Single-Phase Synchronous Boost Converter With DCR Current Sensing
    PMP9393 is a Single-Phase Synchronous Boost Converter which utilizes the LM5122 controller IC.  The design accepts an input voltage of 18Vin to 20Vin and provides an output of 48Vout capable of supplying a maximum of 3A of current to the load. DCR current sensing has been implemented in order to reduce the BOM cost associated with using a high power current sense resistor.
  • PMP5143 SEPIC 200V@400mA
    This high voltage SEPIC converter provides a regulated 200V output from a 200V input and achieves efficiency as high as 96%. Possible applications include televisions, telecom and industrial.
  • TUSB8040AEVM TUSB8040A 评估模块
    The TUSB8040AEVM board is a free-standing reference design for a four-port SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0) hub. It is used to evaluate system compatibility. A SuperSpeed enabled host system and cable is required to evaluate SuperSpeed data transfer. The TUSB8040AEVM will work with USB 2.0
  • TIDM-METROLOGY-HOST 具有隔离的能量测量功能的单相电表
    Electric meter developers often prefer to separate the energy measurement function from the host processor functions such as ANSI/IEC data tables, DLMS/COSEM, tariff management, and communications. This design demonstrates a method for keeping these meter functions separated by using an individua
  • PMP7769 700V-860V 输入转换为 16.5V、0.5A
    其为高电压非隔离反向转换器。该电路采用 LMC7101BIM5 作为误差信号放大器,从输出获得反馈,然后转至任一输入。Q101、U101 和 R100 提供 UVLO 保护。其具有自举电源。其在轻载时具有滞后模式。
  • PMP4936 50Vdc-60Vdc 输入、2 通道 350mA LED 驱动器(10V 至 40V 灯串)
    此参考设计包含两个相同的 LED 驱动器。每个电路均在 350mA 时驱动 10V 至 40V 串联的 LED。输入范围为 50VDC 至 60VDC。TPS40210 升压控制器用于“反向”降压拓扑,提供简单、低成本的解决方案。此电路包括同步、使能端、PWM 调光、电流微调和电流感应功能,用于连接外部微处理器。
  • PMP4387 用于设备电源的交流输入、12V/0.5A 和 5V/50mA 双轨输出
    The PMP4387 is a low cost single side PCB board solution for AC in, 12V0.5A and 5V50mA dual-rail output on board design.  By using primary side regulation (PSR) mode chip UCC28722 which drives bipolar power device, typical efficiency as high as 86.4% @230Vac full load is achieved.&nb
  • PMP8581 采用TO-220 封装的微型同步降压转换器参考设计
    This design is a tiny synchronous buck converter which can be used either for 3.3V or 5.0V output voltage and a maximum current of 600mA. It has the same size like a TO-220 package and can directly replace linear regulators like the well-known uA7805.
  • TIDA-00814 射频采样 S 频带雷达接收器参考设计
    使用 3Gsps、14 位模数转换器 (ADC) ADC32RF45 演示了在 S 频带工作的雷达系统的直接射频采样接收器方法。射频采样通过取消下变频降低了系统复杂性,并且使用高采样率实现了更宽的信号带宽。通过构建基于 ASR-11 空中交通控制雷达规范的接收器来演示该方法。
  • PMP9689 具有 85-265VAC 输入和 5V/0.3A 输出的初级侧稳压反激参考设计
    The PMP9689 reference design uses the UCC28910 primary-side regulated flyback controller with integrated MOSFET to generate a 5V/0.3A output from an univeral AC input for metering applications.
  • PMP20176 适用于 Intel Stratix 10 GX FPGA 的四相 140A 参考设计
    此参考设计侧重于提供一种紧凑型、高性能多相解决方案,适合为 Intel® Stratix® 10 GX 现场可编程门阵列 (FPGA) 供电,重点关注 SG2800-I1V 型号。集成 PMBus™ 便于轻松设置输出电压和遥测关键设计参数。此设计允许对电源进行编程、配置、智能 VID 调整和控制,并可监控输入和输出电压、电流、功率和温度。TI 的 Fusion Digital Power™ Designer 可用于 FPGA 电源设计的编程、监控、验证和特性描述。
  • TIDA-00420 宽范围 DC 二进制输入模块参考设计
    This reference design enables translation of high DC voltage inputs upto 300VDC into binary logic level voltages that a typical electronic circuit can handle. This solution is very flexible, not only handling input voltages from 18 to 300VDC but also allowing programmable switching thresholds to
  • PMP5250 针对以太网供电 (PoE) 的 4 类反激 (57V/0.7A)
    The PMP5250 reference design uses the UCC28610 green-mode flyback controller to generate an isolated 57V/40W output from a universal AC input source. This supply is designed for use as a PoE power source. The maximum load efficiency approaches 90%, while the no load power consumption is less than 1/3W.
  • PMP7883 交流离线转换器,电流为 2A 时提供 5VDC 或 12VDC 输出
    The following design, driven by the LM5023, takes an AC input, like the ones located in the common US power outlet, and generates 5V/12V out, 2A DC signal, outputs commonly used for USB connections.
  • PMP9796 5V 低功耗 TEC 驱动器参考设计
    此参考设计详细介绍了一个电源管理电路,此电路能够通过拉电流和灌电流来驱动热电冷却器 (TEC),从而控制敏感器件(如激光二极管或传感器)的温度。它支持基于集成型 TPS63070 降压/升压转换器的小尺寸解决方案(仅需少量外部组件)。此转换器具有简单的高阻抗模拟电压输入,可控制流经 TEC 的电流,从而可用作基于微控制器的温度控制系统的电源解决方案。
  • PMP30122 TPS54160A 为噪声敏感型 RF 前置驱动器供电的微型降压参考设计
    PMP30122 参考设计适用于 40V 至 55V 的输入电压范围,输出电压为 28V (0.5A)。该设计也针对 1A 的最大峰值输出电流进行了测试。该降压转换器专用于为敏感负载供电,同时,由于其配备输入滤波器,还可消减对电源的反射纹波。这一布局本身就是为了将辐射噪声降至最低,实现开关节点处无甚高频振铃。反馈分压器适用于 24V、28V 和 32V 输出。
  • PMP4392 具有 PCB 变压器绕组的 48V 输入电压、5V/3A 隔离式电源模块
    This reference design demonstrates a high effeiciency DC power module solution, which converts 36V-72V input voltatge to an isolated 5V@3A. The full featured PWM controller LM5020 and S.R controller UCC24610 are used in the solution and achieve high efficiency up to 87.4% at full load 48Vin. The
  • PMP9780 参考设计:采用 TPS65131-Q1 和电荷泵的双极 TFT LCD 电源
    This reference design details a display power circuit which generates a bipolar voltage rail for source drivers and additional supplies for gate drivers. Charge pumps are used to generate the voltage supply for gate drivers, which makes this design easy to implement. By using only one dc-dc conve
  • LM5025ISO-REF 具有 30-60V 输入、15V 输出、1.5A 的 LM5025 隔离式有源钳位正向转换器参考设计
    This circuit uses the LM5025 voltage mode PWM controller with complementary gate drives to implement a high-efficiency single-ended active clamp forward converter. MOSFET Q10 is an n-channel main primary side FET while Q13 a P-channel clamp FET. Circuitsaround the LM5025 implements variou
  • PMP7390 双端口汽车USB充电器参考设计
  • PMP9727 120VAC 输入、48V/12V 32W 反激参考设计
  • 12.5Vin to 15.5Vin: 24Vout @ 8A Synchronous Boost Converter Reference Design
    PMP9385 is a Single-Phase Synchronous Boost Converter which accepts an input voltage of 12.5Vin to 15.5Vin and provides an output of 24Vout capable of supplying a maximum of 8A of current to the load. Design uses an LM5122 Synchronous Boost controller and CSD18531Q5A FETs.
  • 19 to 30Vin 12V@10A Active Clamp Forward Reference Design
    This reference design provides an isolated 12V at 10A from a 19V-30V input with greater than 93% efficiency. This design uses the UCC2897A active clamp controller with CSD18532Q5B synchronous rectifiers for an efficient: yet cost effective solution that can operate from a 24VDC input bus.
  • Offline AC/DC 77W Quasi-Resonant Flyback Converter Reference Design
    The PMP10121 reference design uses the UCC28600 quasi-resonant flyback controller to generate 22V @ 3.5A from an AC input. This flyback converter is not isolated and no optocoupler is needed for regulation.
  • PMP8502 采用 UCC28701 的 5V@1.6A 隔离式初级侧稳压反激参考设计
    PMP8502 参考设计使用 UCC28701 准谐振反激式转换器生成隔离式输出 (5V/1.6A)。由于无需使用光耦合器来调节输出电压,因此这是一种低成本解决方案。
  • TIDA-00606 采用 TPS65218 的 Altera Cyclone V 电源参考设计
  • Multi-Output Flyback Converter (-24V@.7A)
    This is a flyback converter with an input voltage range of 10.8V-to-14.4Vin and three outputs: 80Vout @ 0.4A: -58Vout @ 0.7A: and -24Vout @ 0.7A
  • TIDA-00652 具有高效、高功率因数电源的市电供电、24V、30W BLDC 电机驱动器
    For achieving energy efficiency, ceiling fans and ventilation fans are moving from simple AC induction motors to brushless DC motors (BLDC). Operation of BLDC motors from AC supply requires AC-DC conversion with high efficiency and power factor. It also needs an inverter which is controlled effic
  • Inverting buck-boost reference design
    This reference design uses UCD3138064A as a digital controller to control two-phase two-rail inverting buck-boost. This non-isolated converter is used for wireless radio power. The input voltage is from -35 V to -60 V. There are two outputs. The default output voltage of rail 1 is 32 V and max current is 8.5 A; the default output voltage of rail 2 is 48 V and max current is 5.5 A. The output voltage is adjustable from 30 V to 56 V. With some component changes and firmware changes: the hardware can be used for current mode control or transition mode control to increase power and improve load transient. Test results of three controls are provided respectively.
  • PMP8629 TPS40170 同步降压参考设计
    This buck converter operates over a 38-V to 42-V input range and delivers 32 V at 5 A.
  • Low Iq Dual Synchonous Buck Converter (10.3V@10A)
    This is a synchronous buck converter with low Iq current. It has an input voltage range of 19V-to-32Vin and two regulated outputs: 10.3Vout @ 15A and 10.3Vout @ 10A.
  • PMP20322 适用于企业级 SSD 中闪存电源的 24W/12V 输出参考设计
    PMP20322 是采用 LM5175 的 4 开关降压/升压控制器,适合消费类应用。此设计的最小工作输入电压为 10V,最大输入电压为 14V。此设计能够持续提供 2A/12V 的输出。开关频率设置为 300kHz。PMP20322 组装在 PMP20107 PCB 上。
  • PMP4190 3V 至 6V 输入、5V/0.5A 1MHz 隔离型反激式
    此参考设计使用 TPS61175 升压转换器驱动反激式功率级。通过使用其集成的 MOSFET,TPS61175 降低了电路复杂性和尺寸。此外,在 1MHz 下操作缩小了无源组件的尺寸。
  • PMP4011_2V5 3.3V 输入、2.5V/0.5A 输出、1.5MHz 同步降压
    此参考设计使用 TPS62510 1.5MHz 同步降压转换器从 3.3V 电源产生 2.5V/0.5A 输出电流。这种紧凑型设计的效率可达 95%,且输出波纹电压低于 10mVpp。
  • TIPD193 采用仪表放大器和电流参考的 RTD 至电压参考设计
  • Ultra-Wide Input Voltage Range PSR Flyback Converter Reference Design
    The PMP10200 reference design uses the UCC28700 primary-side regulated quasi-resonant flyback controller to generate a 28V output from an DC input. The input voltage range is between 25VDC and 520VDC. It is a low cost solution because no optocoupler is needed to regulate the output voltage.
  • PMP20212 输入电压为 9V-15V 的可调节输出升压转换器 (150V-300V/10μA) 参考设计
    此低电流升压转换器采用一个电压加倍器,可实现很高的输入/输出升压比。此设计的成本低,且仅需要 16mm x 27mm 的面积。
  • TIDEP0018 用于 Sitara 处理器的并行摄像机接口
    This camera interface design connects to a 10-bit parallel interface to the AM335x general purpose memory controller (GPMC) 16-bit multiplexed address/data bus. This design consumes roughly 150mW less power than typical USB solutions, and is ideal for applications like portable data terminals, ru
  • PR270 Virtex™-II 电源管理解决方案(设计 4)
    Virtex™-II Design 4 - TPS40021 DC/DC Controller-based Power Management Solution Providing ICCINT = 20A from VIN = 5 V.
  • Automotive Multi-Phase Synchronous Buck Power Module Reference Design
    The PMP10979 is a highly efficient: multi-phase synchronous buck power module. The input voltage range is 11V to 24.30V: with an output of 13.50V at 95A. The design is intended for automotive applications.
  • Buck (1.4 @ 1A)
    PMP5211 uses BQ2000 battery charger controller with external CSD25401 P-FET for a high efficiency 1 A charger of a 1 cell NiMH Battery. Top off is enabled and maximum time out is set to 5.7 hours for protection. With a 10k NTC thermistor on the Battery: thermal protection is also provided.
  • 12V Vin: 1V 30A POL With PMBus Interface and RCC Ripple-Current Injection Reference Design
    PMP4499 is a reference design that uses the TPS544C20 to generate low-voltage point-of-load (POL) outputs up to 30 A. The design is sync-buck topology with integrated FETs to provide high efficiency. The controller also offers PMBus commands for telemetry and monitoring. The design is implemented in an optimized PCB layout and includes RCC ripple-current injection to provide robust stability.
  • 12V to 1V 30A Voltage Mode Synchronous Buck Converter with PMBus Control Reference Design
    Fixed frequency voltage mode control is used for communications and computing applications where a predictable frequency and / or synchronization to an external clock is needed. With control and power in one IC and inductor on top of the IC with its raised leads: a very small size solution is achieved. PMP20023 focuses on ease of electrical testing and ability to make changes
  • 60W Synchronous Boost LED Driver Reference Design for Automotive Application
    TIDA-00748 is a 60W Synchronous Boost Design for automotive LED application utilizing the Synchronous Boost Converter LM5122-Q1.  This design applies to automotive lighting for exterior lighting such as headlights and taillights and also interior LED lighting systems. The design accepts an input voltage of 8Vin to 15Vin and can drive multiple strings of 6 to 7 LEDS (16V to 24V) in series at 3A constant current. It is a low cost solution and provides undervoltage as well as overvoltage protection. This solutions offers 97% efficiency compared to inefficient nonsynchronous Boost solutions.The TIDA-00748 can also be modified to a Boost-to-Battery configuration by connecting the cathode of the LED string (9V to 12V) to the input rather than ground and connecting the output capacitors from input to output. In this configuration: the 8V to 15V input can power strings of LEDs that require voltages lower than: higher than: or equal to the input voltage which would not work with the standard Boost configuration which requires the output voltage to be higher than the input voltage. See Figure 1 for the Boost-to-Battery configuration along with the internal block diagram of the LM5122.
  • High-Efficiency 4 Phase Synchronous Boost Conv for Automotive Trunk Amplifier App Reference Design
    PMP7969 is a very high efficiency 4 phase boost controller synchronizable to external clock. Light load efficiency is excellent due to phase shedding capability. Synchronous rectifier also improves efficiency. High effective switching frequency obtained with multiphase over single phase: and current sharing accuracy of ±10%. Bypass mode capable when Vin > Vout.
  • Dual Sensor Measurement Using Single Current-Loop with FSK Modulation Reference Design
    The TIDA-00483 reference design demonstrates a 4-20mA current loop subsystem capable of measuring the surrounding environment and communicating the temperature: humidity: and ambient light over the loop. The small footprint of the design contains all sensors: filters: and control circuitry to calculate and communicate the sensor data. The reference design is intended for process measurement applications in factory automation: field transmitters and building automation. The sensors: MCU and communication modules all run from the current loop power: requiring less than 3.5 mA.
  • Complete PMBus Power System for Enterprise Ethernet Switches Reference Design
    Complete PMBus power system for 3 ASIC/FPGA cores: DDR3 core memory: and auxiliary voltages found on high-performance Ethernet Switches.
  • 4-Switch buck-boost bi-directional DC-DC converter reference design
    This DC-DC power converter reference design demonstrates a novel approach for battery backup applications. During normal operation: the converter works as a battery charger with CC-CV-Topping charging algorithm compatible for lithium-ion batteries. When DC bus power is lost: the converter immediately changes to backup operation to seamlessly provide power to the system. Once the DC bus power recovers: the converter automatically switches back to battery charge mode. The battery voltage can be higher or lower than DC bus voltage. Depending on the DC bus and battery voltage: the converter operates as either a synchronize buck or a synchronize boost converter in which only two switches are switching: switching loss is reduced and high effieciency is achieved. Only when DC bus and battery voltage are close to each other: then the converter operates as a buck-boost converter.
  • Xilinx Virtex® UltraScale™ FPGA Multi-Gigabit Transceiver (MGT) Power Solution
    The PMP10520 reference design provides all the power supply rails (1V/20A: 1.2V/30A: 1.8V/4A) necessary to power the multi-gigabit transcievers (MGT) in Xilinx's Virtex® Ultrascale™  FPGAs.  This design uses a 5V input and has a PMBus interface for current and voltage monitoring: margining: timing delays: and fault monitoring.  It uses both TPS544C20 and TPS544B20 which feature internal current sensing and eliminate the need for an external current sense resistor.  This design also meets Xilinx's low output voltage ripple requirements of the MGT rails.
  • 36 to 75Vin 22V-32V/5A Output Active Clamp Forward Reference Design
    This reference design generates a 28V/5A output from a 36V to 75V telecom input. The UCC2897A controls an active clamp forward converter power stage. The output is adjustable within a 22V to 32V range.  The UCC27511 is used to drive synchronous rectifiers: and provides for a highly efficient design. This design is laid out on a circuit board with pin placement that is compatible with a 1/4 brick footprint and achieves efficiencies over to 94%.  It uses only surface mount components: including ceramic output capacitors.
  • Universal AC Input to 30Vmax@6A Lead-acid Battery Charger Reference Design with PFC
    The PMP10110 design converts the universal input AC voltage to isolated 17V...30V@6A and is suitable to charge lead-acid or Li-Ion batteries. The converter is a constant-V and constant-I genarator and the set points for output voltage (charge level) and current are settable by means of two PWM signals. The first stage is a PFC boost while the isolation ad current stabilization is performed by DC-DC half bridge stage. An isolated quasi-resonant flyback converter supplies all internal voltages and provide some extra current for external loads (fan or analog section): in details 12V@400mA and 5V@300mA.
  • 180-W universal input PFC + LLC TV power supply reference design
    This AC to DC power supply design for TV application provides 12-V: 5-A and 150-V: 0.8-A output from universal AC voltage (90 Vac to 264 Vac). The design uses CRM/DCM PFC controller UCC28056: and LLC controller UCC256404 with enhanced burst mode which enabled for low standby power and smaller audible noise.  The design achieves 93% peak efficiency at 230-Vac input.
  • High Channel Count JESD204B Clock Generation Reference Design for RADAR and 5G Wireless Testers
    High-speed multi-channel applications require low noise and scalable clocking solutions capable of precise channel-to-channel skew adjustment to achieve optimal system SNR: SFDR: and ENOB. This reference design supports high channel count JESD204B synchronized clocks using one master and multiple slave clocking devices. This design provides multichannel JESD204B clocks using TI’s LMK04828 clock jitter cleaner and LMX2594 wideband PLL with integrated VCOs to achieve clock-to-clock skew of <10 ps. This design is tested with TI’s ADC12DJ3200 EVMs at 3 GSPS: and a channel-to-channel skew of < 50 ps is achieved with improved SNR performance. All key design theories are described to guide users through the part selection process and design optimization. Finally: schematics: board layouts: hardware testing: and test results are included.
  • Automotive Dual USB Type-C&trade; PD DFP 5/9/12/15V Output Car Charger Reference Design
    PMP40312 is a dual port USB Type-C™ PD car charger reference design. The design's normal input voltage range is from 9V to 14.5V: and the maximum input voltage can be to 42V.The pure analog configuration for the USB type-C source controller--TPS25740B makes the PD negotiation easy. The solution supports 4 sets of output voltage options including 5V/9V/12V/15V. Each port provides a maximum of 32.5W output power for the USB Type-C device. This solution achieves high efficiency as a SMBus battery Buck-Boost charge controller BQ25700A and I2C battery Buck-Boost Charge Controller BQ25703A are implemented in the design.
  • Universal AC Input: 10.5V/1.8A DC Output: Isolated Synchronous Flyback Converter Reference Design
    The PMP10164 reference design supplies 10.5V@1.8A from universal AC mains; the isolated Flyback topology is the most used for low power range due to single magnetic component. Since the load is a power line communication chip: a fixed frequency modulation has been chosen. The controller LM5021 performs also pulse skip mode thus improving efficiency at light load. A synchronous rectification controller UCC24630 has been employed to increase the efficiency and the thermal performance.
  • High Efficiency: High Power Density Active Clamp Flyback Adapter with SJ FET Reference Design
    PMP40328 is a maximum 9V 5A reference design for high frequency and high density adapter applications. The solution implements a high efficiency active clamp flyback  controller UCC28780 and secondary rectifier controller UCC24612-2. The efficiency is around 90% at full load. Integrated input UVLO: and output OVP: OCP:SCP improve the power system reliability. The design is achieved in a compact form factor (52mm X 31mm X 31mm).
  • PMBus Power System for Enterprise Ethernet Switches Reference Design
    PMP11399 is a complete PMBus power system for 3 ASIC/FPGA cores: DDR3 core memory: VTT termination: and auxiliary voltages commonly found on high-performance Ethernet Switches. The hardware is accompanied by a GUI that allows the user to perform real-time configuration and monitoring of the power supplies.
  • Xilinx(r) Ultrascale(r) 16nm FPGA/SoC Power Solution for Mobile Radio Basestation with PMBus
    The PMP10555 reference design provides all the power supply rails necessary to power Xilinx® Ultrascale® 16nm family of FPGAs/SoCs in a mobile radio basestation application.   This design uses a PMBus compatible 20A integrated FET buck converter for the core and two multi-output buck regulator ICs to provide the remaining supplies necessary rails to power the FPGA.  It also features two LM3880's for flexible power up and power down sequencing.  This design uses a 12V input.
  • 18-72VDC Input: 12V/120W Active Clamp Forward Reference Design
    This reference design generates a 12V/10A output from a wide range 18V to 72V telecom input. The UCC2897A controls an active clamp forward converter power stage. The low gate charge and low RDSon of the CSD18533Q5A: implemented as a synchronous rectifier: provides for a highly efficient design. This design is laid out in a standard quarter brick footprint and achieves efficiencies near 95%.
  • Optical Sense Backlight Reference Design with Temperature Sensing
    This reference design conserves power and extends life of LCD and backlight by adjusting the backlight brightness relative to the ambient light level. The capTIvate touch slider allows the brightness to be finetuned per the user's brightness preference. The sensitive thermal requirements of the LCD display is monitored by the remote temperature sensors enabling thermal shutdown to protect the system.
  • 40-V to 180-V DC input: 24-V 2-A output half brick power module reference design
    This reference design is an auxiliary power supply with 24-V: 2-A output. The line and load regulation of the power supply is designed to be within 1% using secondary side regulator UCC28740. All components are on the toplayer and the size is the industrial standard half-brick dimension.
  • Small Form Factor: 2-Wire 4 to 20mA Current Loop RTD Temperature Transmitter Reference Design
    This is a reference design for a robust: low power: precise and long-term stable 2-wire loop powered 4 to 20mA current output temperature transmitter. It uses RTD temperature sensor with 4 to 20mA current loop transmitter. It also explains sensor signal conditioning: ratiometric measurement technique: recommended software flow: calibration: sensor linearization: PCB layout and other practical design considerations. Furthermore: external protection circuitry is deployed in-place for compliance with regulatory IEC61000-4 standards – EFT: ESD and Surge requirements. EMC compliance to IEC61000-4 is necessary to ensure that the design not only survives but also performs as intended in the harsh/noisy industrial environment. All the relevant design files like Schematics: BOM: Layer plots: Altium files: Gerber and MSP430 MCU software have also been provided to the users.
  • 25W: 100-264VAC Input: 0-10V Dimmable LED Driver for Downlights: Troffers and Modules
    This is an isolated: 25W: 0-10V dimmable LED driver design with >0.9 power factor (PF) which meets or exceeds commercial lighting PF and total harmonic distortion (THD) requirements.  It is well suited for integral LED luminaires: or ballasts: that use high-brightness LED emitters.  This design is optimized for a 500mA (max) LED output current and LED stack voltages ranging from 45 V to 55 V.
  • Universal Input to 3.3V: 12V: 30V: 200W Continuous PSU for Class-D Amplifier Reference Design
    This power reference design generates all voltages to supply a class-D audio amplifier. The main output voltage is 30V and delivers 200W continuously and 750W peak. The first stage is a power-factor corrected Boost. A Flyback converter supplies 12V on primary side as well as 12V@300mA and 3.3V@200mA on secondary side. A hardware switch + remote input let the converter enter in stand-by mode: in this status the 30V output is disabled while 12V: 3.3V are

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