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PNP Bipolar Transistor, SC-75 (SOT-416) 3 LEAD, 3000-REEL

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  • 1. United States of America
  • 2. China
  • 3. India
  • 4. South Korea
  • 5. HKG
  • 6. Israel
  • 7. Canada
  • 8. Brazil
  • 9. Thailand
  • 10. Taiwan

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Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • USB-C DFP + 5V2A Power Bank With Input Fast Charger Reference Design
    PMP11536: PMP11536 is a power bank reference design with a USB typc C DFP plus a USB type A port employing the boost mode of a Maxcharger. Fast charger input is also supported to save more charging time. It can detect the input port attach/detach events automatically, as well as the output ports.
  • Class 3- 36V-72V Input 2.5V/5A Active Clamp Forward; 1/16 Brick
    PMP6886: The PMP6886 reference design provides 2.5V at 5A from a standard 48V telecom input with greater than 88% efficiency. This design uses the UCC2897A active clamp controller along with TI NexFET synchronous rectifiers. The low gate thresholds of the CSD16323Q3 and CSD16406Q3 allow them to be driven directly from the transformer windings. The circuit is built in an industry standard 1/16 brick footprint. Auxilliary features of this design include remote sense, output over-voltage protection, output voltage trim and primary side enable control.

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