MSP430G2202IN20 by: Texas Instruments

Overview of: MSP430G2202IN20 by Texas Instruments

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71 Tube
  • 1 $2.2500
  • 10 $2.0220
  • 25 $1.9080
  • 100 $1.6256
  • 250 $1.5264
  • 500 $1.3356
  • 1,000 $1.1066
  • 2,500 $1.0303
  • 5,000 $1.0176
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0 Bulk
  • 1 $2.4100
  • 10 $2.2400
  • 25 $2.0900
  • 50 $1.9900
  • 100 $1.8800
  • 250 $1.7800
  • 500 $1.7500
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  • 1 $0.9512
  • 25 $0.9322
  • 100 $0.9132
  • 500 $0.8942
  • 1,000 $0.8752
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0 Each
  • 1 $2.5230
  • 10 $2.2722
  • 20 $2.1246
  • 100 $1.8590
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0 Each
  • 1 $2.3186
  • 10 $1.9628
  • 25 $1.9015
  • 50 $1.8524
  • 100 $1.7911

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Reference Designs

  • TIDA-00736 Universal Stepper Motor Driver Reference Design |
    TIDA-00736: This design achieves a universal high performance stepper driver. With the on-board MCU SPI configuration to DRV8711, it achieves up to 1/256 selectable micro-stepping level and 0.5A to 5A selectable peak current level. The supply voltage can be from 12V to 36V. With optimized decay parameters setting, this solution can ideally work with most bipolar steppers and diversified industrial applications. Optocoupler isolation for inputs signal is included. Also full protections are provided, such as outputs short, over current, and over temperature.

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