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Manufacturer Sullins Connector Solutions
Price Range $0.2324 / $0.2850

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  • 1. Thailand
  • 2. United States
  • 3. Canada
  • 4. Taiwan
  • 5. Papua New Guinea
  • 6. Burundi
  • 7. France
  • 8. Ireland
  • 9. Poland
  • 10. Puerto Rico

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Estimated Stock History

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  • 1. Heilind Electronics $0.2324 Buy Now
  • 2. Interstate Connecting Components $0.2324 Buy Now
  • 3. Future Electronics $0.2850 Buy Now

Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • 50Vdc-60Vdc Input, 2-Channel, 350mA LED Driver (10V to 40V String)
    PMP4936: This reference design contains two duplicate LED drivers. Each circuit drives a 10V to 40V series connected string of LEDs at 350mA. The input range is 50VDC to 60VDC. The TPS40210 boost controller is used in an "upside-down" buck topology for a simple, low-cost solution. This circuit includes synchronization, enable, PWM dimming, current trimming, and a current sense functions for interfacing with an external microprocessor.
  • A Fully Featured, 350W Offline High Performance Power Supply
    PMP5568: This project is a complete 350W, high performance, high speed offline power supply solution. It contains a novel, microcontroller-driven synchronous bridge rectifier, a 2-phase interleaved PFC stage and a phase-shifted fullbridge as down converter. It has an universal input (85 .. 265V AC) and the output voltage is adjustable between 12 and 14V. The continuous output current is 25A, the peak current is 27A. A second microcontroller monitors several values (input voltage, PFC voltage, output voltage, output current, temperatures), is the interface to the user (LCD, push-buttons), adjusts the output voltage and synchronizes the switching frequency of all converters.
  • High performance buck converter with VID interface to supply TI TMS320 TCI6634
    PMP7047: The PMP7047 reference design uses the TPS56221 25A buck converter with the LM10010 6-bit VID interface chip to enable Adaptive Voltage Scaling (AVS) and tight voltage regulation of the TMS320 TCI6634 DSP core rail. At 300KHz switching frequency it is optimized for high efficiency and low power loss, while keeping component count and PCB area small.

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