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Single Color LED, Pure Green, Colorless Transparent, 0.6mm, 1 X 0.60 MM, 0.20 MM HEIGHT, ROHS COMPLIANT, 0402, 2 PIN

Manufacturer ROHM Semiconductor
Price Range $0.0949 / $0.4300

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  • 1. United States of America
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Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • Signal Processing Subsystem and Current Input Based Self Power for Breaker Applications (ACB/MCCB)
    TIDA-00498: THe TIDA-00498 reference design features signal processing front-end and self-power block for electronic trip unit (ETU) used in circuit breakers. A FRAM based micro-controller is used for processing current inputs from signal conditioning amplifiers for 3-phase, neutral and ground current. Two gains are used to extend the range for phase current measurement. This reference design can also self-power using rectified current input. TIDA-00498 is desiged for fast and repeatable tripping (within 30mS) for wide current and temperature range.
  • Automotive Body Control Module Driver Reference Design
    TIDA-00296: TIDA-00296 is a reference design that highlights TI's high-side and low-side relay, motor, and load driver portfolios. The loads for this design (door locks, window lifts, seat heaters, HVAC, lamps, and LEDs) were chosen to show the range of loads that a BCM can drive and how TI's solutions fit into these areas.
  • Backlight and Smart Lighting Control by Ambient Light and Proximity Sensor Reference Design
    TIDA-00373: This system conserves power and extends backlight life by dynamically adjusting the backlight brightness relative to the environment's ambient light. A capacitive proximity sensor wakes up the system when a user is close to save even more power. This reference design uses the HDC1000. This reference design can also be used with the HDC1008. Watch related videos about Sensing NOW.
  • Capacitive-Based Human Proximity Detection for System Wake-Up & Interrupt Reference Design
    TIDA-00220: This TI Design uses Texas Instruments' capacitive-to-digital converter technology to provide a high-precision method to wake up systems when human interaction occurs. TIDA-00220 demonstrates techniques for alternative sensor design, environmental compensation, and electromagnetic interference protection.
  • 2-port 40GbE/10GbE QSFP+ Signal Conditioner Reference Design
    TIDA-00417: This verified reference design is a signal conditioning solution for front-port QSFP+ supporting two 40GbE ports compatible with 40G-CR4/SR4/LR4 and 10G SFF-8431 requirements. The design is applicable to optical and passive/active copper cables. It allows for reach extension between the Switch ASIC and the front-port QSFP+ which is often required for the outermost ports of a Top-of-Rack (ToR) switch or for add-in mezzanine implementations of QSFP+ line cards.
  • High-Speed Front-End for PCIe Gen-3 Cards Reference Design
    TIDA-00423: This verified reference design is a PCIe Gen-3 high-speed front-end card design to extend the PCB trace distance of a PCIe sub-system. The board is designed to fit in a x16 lane width PCIe Gen-3 slot between a motherboard and PCIe Gen3 add-in card. This reference design provides users with a useful guideline to incorporate the DS80PCI810 repeater into PCIe Root Complex ASIC and the Add-in Card designs of their own.
  • Automotive eCall Reference Design
    TIDA-00159: TIDA-00159 is a reference design for vehicles equipped with eCall systems which has the capability to enable phone calls to an emergency service center in the event of an accident. Customers can accelerate the design of their eCall systems by taking advantage of a complete reference design comprised of analog AEC-Q100 qualified integrated circuits (ICs) from TI. This design creates a robust, low cost solution that is scalable with flexible power operations which allows the system to be powered from the main car battery or the back-up cell battery. Note: TIDA-00159 is the second generation eCall reference design and it replaces the previous version TI Design AUTO-ECALL-REF

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