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Interconnection Device, ROHS COMPLIANT

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Part Number Description Manufacturer Compare
2560SU00001 Connectors Interconnection Device Leoco USA Corp SNT-100-BK-G vs 2560SU00001
JUN02SS-HOA Connectors Interconnection Device Mueller Electric Company SNT-100-BK-G vs JUN02SS-HOA
JUN02SS-TOA Connectors Interconnection Device Mueller Electric Company SNT-100-BK-G vs JUN02SS-TOA
MSBG Connectors Interconnection Device Adam Technologies Inc SNT-100-BK-G vs MSBG
JUN02SS-TCB Connectors Interconnection Device Crane Connectors SNT-100-BK-G vs JUN02SS-TCB
JUN02SS-TOB Connectors Interconnection Device Crane Connectors SNT-100-BK-G vs JUN02SS-TOB
JUN02SS-HCB Connectors Interconnection Device Crane Connectors SNT-100-BK-G vs JUN02SS-HCB
JUN02SS-HOB Connectors Interconnection Device Crane Connectors SNT-100-BK-G vs JUN02SS-HOB
JUN02SS-FCB Connectors Interconnection Device Mueller Electric Company SNT-100-BK-G vs JUN02SS-FCB
JUN02SS-GOH Connectors Interconnection Device Crane Connectors SNT-100-BK-G vs JUN02SS-GOH

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  • 1. United States
  • 2. Poland
  • 3. India
  • 4. Estonia
  • 5. Morocco
  • 6. Israel
  • 7. Sweden
  • 8. China
  • 9. Romania
  • 10. Malta

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Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • RF Sampling 4-GSPS ADC Reference Design with 8-GHz DC-Coupled Differential Amplifier
    TIDA-00431: Wideband radio frequency (RF) receivers allow greatly increased flexibility in radio designs. The wide instantaneous bandwidth allows flexible tuning without changing hardware and the ability to capture multiple channels at widely separated frequencies. This reference design describes a wideband RF receiver utilizing a 4-GSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC), with an 8-GHz, DC-coupled, fully differential amplifier front end. The amplifier front end provides signal gain and allows capture of signals down to DC, which is not possible with a balun-coupled input.
  • 15 Cell Lithium Ion Battery Controller Analog Front End Reference Design
    TIDA-00255: The TIDA00255 reference design utilizes the bq76940 analog front end (AFE) IC. It measures cell voltages, and die temperature or external thermistor voltage using a 14 bit ADC. Current is measured separately by a separate 16 bit coulomb counter. The design can turn off low side power FETs to stop discharge or charge based on selected hardware limits. A microcontroller not included in this design would be part of the battery controller to communicate to the AFE to set protection thresholds, turn on the power FETs, provide fault recovery and turn off the FETs for over or under temperature conditions. A battery controller design may contain other features which are not part of this reference design such as secondary over voltage protection, gauging, and isolated communication to let the system know the state of the battery.
  • Power Cycling Reference Design to Extend Battery Life Using an Ultra-Low IQ LDO and Nano Timer
    TIDA-00720: The TIDA-00720 reference design shows a method to extend battery life by power cycling. The power cycling concept consist in time interval period that enables the power management devices for just enough time for the microcontroller to execute the program, transmit data or collect data. Some of the MCUs have sleep modes with low stand-by currents, but the power management devices will continue to dissipate power if they are left enabled. The current leakage is higher during the enabled mode and will add up to the total power waste during the MCU sleep cycles. This design is ideal for systems that operate for various years without replacing the battery; these systems do not need to run constantly instead they operate in periodic intervals of seconds, minutes or even an hour in between operating time.
  • LP5910 and TPS61221 as Power Reference Design for devices Interacting with Ultra-Low Voltage MSP430
    TIDA-00599: The MSP430X09X can operate form ultra-low voltages (ULV) in the range of 0.9V to 1.65V; however most of the devices in the system requires higher voltages. TIDA-00599 provides a solution for those companion devices that requires 1.8V and 3.3V input voltages. A 3.3V voltage rail is generated from a 0.9V to 1.65 V batteries using the TPS61221 boost converter and a 1.8V voltage rail is generated using a high PSRR LDO (LP5910) connected in series with the boost converter output voltage rail. The combine output current is 100 mA at 1.65V input voltage and 50 mA at 0.90 V input voltage. This power solution is deal to power sensors and peripherals from the same ultra-low voltage source powering the MSP430 family line.
  • Clocking Solution Reference Design for GSPS ADCs
    TIDA-00359: Low cost, high performance clocking solution for GSPS data converters. This reference design discusses the use of a TRF3765, a low noise frequency synthesizer, generating the sampling clock for a 4 GSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC12J4000). Experiments demonstrate data sheet comparable SNR and SFDR performance.

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