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60 V, 0.5 A Power Schottky Rectifier

Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Price Range $0.1230 / $0.4955

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Distributors with Stock

Part Number Description Manufacturer Compare
SBR0560S1-7 Diodes Rectifier Diode, 1 Element, 0.5A, 60V V(RRM), Silicon, GREEN, PLASTIC PACKAGE-2 Diodes Incorporated STPS0560Z vs SBR0560S1-7
MBR0560-TP Diodes Rectifier Diode, Schottky, 1 Element, 0.5A, 60V V(RRM), Silicon, ROHS COMPLIANT, PLASTIC PACKAGE-2 Micro Commercial Components STPS0560Z vs MBR0560-TP
PMEG6002EB Diodes Rectifier Diode, Schottky, 1 Element, 0.2A, Silicon Nexperia STPS0560Z vs PMEG6002EB

Global Popularity

Popularity in Diodes

Popularity in Rectifier Diodes

Popularity by Region

Very High




  • 1. United States
  • 2. China
  • 3. Hong Kong
  • 4. United Kingdom
  • 5. Slovenia
  • 6. Japan
  • 7. Turkey
  • 8. Lithuania
  • 9. Egypt
  • 10. Hungary

Estimated Price History

Estimated Stock History

Market Price Analysis

No data available
  • 1. Newark element14 $0.1230 Buy Now
  • 2. Avnet Americas $0.4140 Buy Now
  • 3. Newark element14 $0.4140 Buy Now
  • 4. Future Electronics $0.4600 Buy Now
  • 5. element14 Asia-Pacific $0.4955 Buy Now

Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • High Resolution, Portable Light Steering Reference Design using DLP Technology
    DLP4500-C350REF: This reference design, featuring the DLP® 0.45” WXGA chipset and implemented in the DLP® LightCrafter™ 4500 evaluation module (EVM), enables flexible control of high resolution, accurate patterns for industrial, medical, and scientific applications. With a free USB-based GUI and API, developers can easily integrate TI’s innovative digital micromirror device (DMD) technology with cameras, sensors, motors, and other peripherals to create highly differentiated 3D machine vision systems, 3D printers, and augmented reality displays.

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