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Diffuse Photoelectric Sensor, 0.2mm Min, 15mm Max, 1mA, 1-Channel, Through Hole Mount, 10.20 X 5.80 MM, 7 MM HEIGHT, ROHS COMPLIANT PACKAGE

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  • 1. China
  • 2. India
  • 3. South Korea
  • 4. Singapore
  • 5. France
  • 6. United States
  • 7. Taiwan
  • 8. Estonia
  • 9. Albania
  • 10. Pakistan

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  • 1. Chip1Stop $0.4960 Buy Now
  • 2. Farnell element14 $1.2237 Buy Now
  • 3. element14 Asia-Pacific $1.3627 Buy Now
  • 4. Avnet Americas $1.4600 Buy Now
  • 5. Newark element14 $1.4600 Buy Now

Datasheets & Reference Designs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: How do I connect a TCRT5000 to Arduino?

    A: In this instructable, basic circuitry for TCRT 5000 IR sensor and its working is discussed. a major focus of this instructable is on making a program which enables it to remove all kind of ambiance noise. So after using this method IR sensor need not be calibrated for different ambiance condition. more

  • Q: Where can I download TCRT5000 schematic?

    A: The TCRT5000 is an IR sensor unit. It has both a Photodiode and a Phototransistor coupled in its package. The photo diode has two pins (Anode and Cathode) which can be used to generate an IR signal. Similarly the Photo transistor also has two pins (Collector and Emitter) which can be used to read the IR signal that is reflected back. This sensor can be used to detect the presence of object or any other reflective surface in front it, also with some level of programming it can also calculate the distance of the object in front it. more

  • Q: Where can I download TCRT5000 library?

    A: Only checks for digital proximity. Nothing sophisticated. If you connect a second pin to IR-diode, it will blink for 100us, thus drain less power. more

  • Q: How do I use a TCRT5000 tcrt5000 reflective module?

    A: In this tutorial, we are going to teach you some basics on using TCRT5000 IR Sensor Module. These basic are showing you the analog and digital values at serial monitor. more

  • Q: Where can I find information about TCRT5000 working principle?

    A: The TCRT5000 and TCRT5000L are reflective sensors which include an infrared emitter and phototransistor in a leaded package which blocks visible light. The package includes two mounting clips. TCRT5000L is the long lead version. The TCRT5000(L) has a compact construction where the emitting-light source and the detector are arranged in the same direction to sense the presence of an object by using the reflective IR beam from the object. The detector consists of a phototransistor. more

  • Q: How do I connect a TCRT5000 to an Raspberry Pi?

    A: TCRT5000 line followers are super easy to use! You will need two of these to be able follow a line.Position the line followers next to each other with a slight gap between them. Your line should sit within this gap. The way these work is quite simple. As your robot stays left or right, either the left or right sensor will move over the black line. When this happens, it will trigger that sensor to go low. Knowing which sensor has gone low allows us to move the robot left or right so that the line remains in between the two sensors. more

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