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Board Stacking Connector, 20 Contact(s), 2 Row(s), Male, Straight, 0.05 inch Pitch, Surface Mount Terminal, Guide Slot, Black Insulator, Receptacle, ROHS COMPLIANT

Manufacturer Samtec Inc
Price Range $2.2000 / $9.1500

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  • 1. Sri Lanka
  • 2. Iraq
  • 3. Armenia
  • 4. United States
  • 5. Latvia
  • 6. Mexico
  • 7. Colombia
  • 8. Jamaica
  • 9. Jordan
  • 10. Uruguay

Estimated Price History

Estimated Stock History

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  • 1. Avnet Europe $5.4771 Buy Now
  • 2. Bristol Electronics $5.6000 Buy Now

Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • WI-FI Power Strip/Energy Monitor Reference Design
    TIDC-WIFI-METER-READING: The TIDC-WIFI-METER-READING TI Design adds Wi-Fi® communications to the TIDM-3OUTSMTSTRP smart power strip design. Wi-Fi connectivity is provided by the SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC32000 wireless MCU. A remote user can monitor the electricity consumption of the loads plugged into each of the three outlets and control a relay to switch power on/off. Smart power strips require connectivity to maximize their role in improving energy efficiency for applications such as data centers. The TIDM-BLE-MTR-READING TI Design offers another connectivity option.

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