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Manufacturer TAIYO YUDEN
Price Range $0.2350

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  • 1. United States
  • 2. Mexico
  • 3. South Korea
  • 4. Ukraine
  • 5. Panama
  • 6. Palestinian Territory
  • 7. Italy
  • 8. Albania
  • 9. China
  • 10. Azerbaijan

Market Price Analysis

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  • 1. Newark element14 $0.2350 Buy Now
  • 2. Future Electronics $0.2350 Buy Now

Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • Basestation Transceiver with DPD Feedback Path
    TIDA-00068: The design is for a small cell base station development platform. It provides two real receive paths, two complex transmit paths, and a shared real feedback path. This design has macro basestation performance, but with small cell base station footprint. The current design handles up to 20MHz of bandwidth.
  • Wideband Digital to RF Transmit Solution
    TIDA-00072: The TSW308x is an example design of a wideband digital to RF transmit solution capable of generating 600 MHz of contiguous RF spectrum. The system provides a reference on how to use the DAC34x8x, TRF3705 IQ modulator and LMK0480x to achieve this. This reference EVM coupled with a pattern generator such as the TSW1400EVM can be used to arbitrarily generate narrow band and wideband signals at RF. Examples of configurations to generate standards compliant WCDMA test signals are provided.

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