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Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Price Range $1.9400 / $2.6530

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  • 1. China
  • 2. United States of America
  • 3. Israel
  • 4. South Korea
  • 5. Russia
  • 6. Canada
  • 7. Egypt
  • 8. Mongolia
  • 9. Hungary
  • 10. Czech Republic

Market Price Analysis

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  • 1. Newark element14 $1.9400 Buy Now
  • 2. Texas Instruments $1.9700 Buy Now
  • 3. Farnell element14 $2.2345 Buy Now
  • 4. Farnell element14 $2.2345 Buy Now
  • 5. element14 Asia-Pacific $2.6530 Buy Now

Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • TIDA-01094 Magnetically Immune Transformerless Power for Isolated Shunt Current Measurement Reference Design | TI.com
    TIDA-01094: The TIDA-01094 reference design implements a class 0.5 three-phase transformerless energy measurement system with isolated shunt sensors by using isolated delta-sigma modulators. The delta sigma modulators have their output circuitry capacitively isolated from input circuitry, thereby providing transformerless data isolation. The high-side of each modulator is powered by a cap-drop supply that is also transformerless. Since a transformer is not used in this design, this design is inherently magnetically immune. In addition, the high-side cap-drop power supply reduces the entire system cost, has inherent low conducted and radiated emissions, and reduces the current consumption drawn from the low-side power supply since the high-side is separately powered from Mains instead of being derived from the low-side power supply.
  • Multi-phase Energy Measurement with Isolated Shunt Sensors Reference Design
    TIDA-00601: The TIDA-00601 design implements a Class 0.5% three-phase energy measurement system with isolated shunt sensors. The isolation is achieved through the use of isolated delta-sigma modulators that have output circuitry capacitively isolated from input circuitry. An energy measurement SoC takes the different bit-streams from the isolated modulators and uses its on-board digital filters to produce ADC sample readings. The energy measurement SoC is also used for sensing voltages, calculating metrology parameter values, driving the board’s LCD, and communication to a PC GUI via the board’s isolated RS-232 circuitry. This reference design uses the ISO7420 and ISO7421. This reference design can also be used with the ISO7320C and ISO7321C. This reference design uses the AMC1304M05. This reference design can also be used with the AMC1304M25. This reference design uses the MSP430F67641. This reference design can also be used with the MSP430F67641A.

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