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Power Bipolar Transistor,

Manufacturer Diodes Incorporated

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  • 1. China
  • 2. Turkey
  • 3. United States
  • 4. India
  • 5. Brazil
  • 6. Taiwan
  • 7. Mexico
  • 8. South Korea
  • 9. Japan
  • 10. Italy

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: How do I do a ULN2003 hookup with an Arduino?

    A: Unipolar stepper motors have 5, 6 or 8 wires. They do not require a dual H-bridge to drive them. Instead, you can use a transistor for each phase and a flyback diode to prevent voltage spikes when the power to the coil is turned off and the stepper motor acts like a generator briefly (back-emf). more

  • Q: Where can I find a ULN2003 stepper motor tutorial?

    A: Stepper Motor is a motor controlled by a series of electromagnetic coils. The center shaft has a series of magnets mounted on it, and the coils surrounding the shaft are alternately given current or not, creating magnetic fields which repulse or attract the magnets on the shaft, causing the motor to rotate. more

  • Q: Where can I find ULN2003 driver specifications?

    A: The ULN2003 is a 16-pin IC. It has seven Darlington Pairs inside, where each can drive loads up to 50V and 500mA. For these seven Darlington Pairs we have seven Input and Output Pins. Adding to that we can a ground and Common pin. more

  • Q: How do I set up a ULN2003 driver board with Arduino?

    A: First, lets see the little steppers in action! Our main character, StepperBot, is “instructed” to move in a square path on my coffee table, making 90 degree turns at the corners. Turning exactly at the right time and by the right angle is critical avoid falling off and crashing on the floor in an embarrassing pile of messy wires. more

  • Q: Where can I find a ULN2003 pinout diagram?

    A: ULN2003 belongs to the family of ULN200X series of ICs. Different versions of this family interface to different logic families. ULN2003 is for 5V TTL, CMOS logic devices. These ICs are used when driving a wide range of loads and are used as relay drivers, display drivers, line drivers etc. ULN2003 is also commonly used while driving Stepper Motors. Refer Stepper Motor interfacing using ULN2003. more

  • Q: How do I make a Relay driver using a ULN2003?

    A: In above circuit diagram 5 volt signal is given to coil of electro mechanical relay, when switch is closed, current flows through the coil and energize the coil. When coil energize through 5 volt signal, spring attracts contact form normally open position to closed position. more

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