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Telecom and Datacom Connector, 5 Contact(s), Male, Right Angle, Surface Mount Terminal, Locking, Receptacle

Manufacturer Hirose Electric Co Ltd
Price Range $1.1853

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  • 1. Turkey
  • 2. Malta
  • 3. Greece
  • 4. Denmark
  • 5. Taiwan
  • 6. Hungary
  • 7. Slovenia
  • 8. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  • 9. Vietnam
  • 10. Australia

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  • 1. element14 Asia-Pacific $1.1853 Buy Now

Datasheets & Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • NFC Active and Passive Peer to Peer Communication Reference Design
    TIDM-NFC-P2P: This Near Field Communication (NFC) reference design provides a firmware example for implementing an NFC Peer to Peer (P2P) application. It is used for showing the application developer the correct way to implement a robust peer-to-peer project using the TRF7970A in both active and passive modes. The complexity of the Peer to Peer protocols and amount of NFC documentation that needs to be reviewed has traditionally been a barrier to developers creating NFC applications. This reference design solves this problem by providing a small number (five total) of easy to use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The documentation, hardware, and example code provided allows the designer to quickly implement NFC P2P functionality with an MSP430 or other MCU of choice.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) Card Emulation Reference Design
    TIDM-NFC-CE: This Near Field Communication (NFC) reference design provides a firmware example for the implementation of an NFC Card Emulation application using the TRF7970A NFC transceiver. This reference design provides a small number of easy to use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which allow users to quickly implement NFC Card Emulation functionality. The documentation, hardware, and example C code provided will allow designers to develop NFC Card Emulation applications with an MSP430 or easily ported to another MCU of choice. Sample Code described in this design can be downloaded from the design guide.
  • 3D Printer Controller (12V)
    TIDA-00405: This design is a complete system for controlling 3-axis, single extruder-based 3D printers. The system is managed by the MSP430F5529 LaunchPad and utilizes the DRV8846 for precision stepper motor control. The CSD18534Q5A is used as a low-side switch for the hot bed heater, extruder heater, and cooling fan. The DRV5033 Hall Sensor acts as a contactless limit switch.
  • QVGA 3-D Graphics on Ultra Low Power Microcontrollers
    TIDM-3DGRAPHICS-QVGA: This reference design demonstrates how to implement three-dimensional (3-D) graphics on a QVGA LCD using the low-power and performance MSP430F5529 microcontroller as well as the ultra-low-power MSP430FR5969 FRAM microcontroller. This implementation is made possible by using free and optimized software drivers and math libraries available in MSP430ware™. Using the floating-point and fixed-point libraries in MSPMATHLIB and IQmathLib respectively, developers can improve the math performance in MSP430™ and potentially increase battery life in a number of applications.
  • Inductive Linear Position Sensing Booster Pack Reference Design
    TIDA-00460: Typical implementations of distance measurements use expensive rare-earth magnets. To lower overall system cost, this reference design walks through the implementation of industry’s first inductance-to-digital converters from TI for linear position sensing without the use of any expensive rare-earth magnets. Linear position sensing determines the position of a target that moves laterally across an inductive sensor that is generating a magnetic field. An inductance-to-digital converter (LDC), like the LDC1000 or LDC1101, senses inductance changes of an inductor that comes into proximity with a conductive target, such as a piece of metal. The LDC measures this inductance shift to provide information about the position of a conductive target over a sensor coil. The inductance shift is caused by eddy currents generated in the target due to the magnetic field of the sensor. These eddy currents generate a secondary magnetic field that opposes the sensor field, causing a shift in the observed inductance.

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