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Part Details for mbav99t1

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mbav99t1 Part Data Attributes

MBAV99T1 Freescale Semiconductor
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MBAV99T1 Freescale Semiconductor RECTIFIER DIODE,70V V(RRM),SOT-23
Source Content uid MBAV99T1
Rohs Code No
Part Life Cycle Code Obsolete
Reach Compliance Code unknown
Configuration SINGLE
Forward Voltage-Max (VF) 0.855 V
JESD-609 Code e0
Number of Elements 1
Number of Phases 1
Output Current-Max 0.1 A
Rep Pk Reverse Voltage-Max 70 V
Reverse Recovery Time-Max 0.015 µs
Surface Mount YES
Terminal Finish Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb)

Alternate Parts for mbav99t1

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Part Number Description Manufacturer Compare
BAL99 Rectifier Diode, Galaxy Semi-Conductor Co Ltd MBAV99T1 vs BAL99

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