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Why does it matter?

Open Hardware should be easy to build. has lots of great projects and we want to make them accessible to everyone.

Findchips Pro is a vendor-agnostic way to share BOMs that are always up-to-date, and ready to purchase at the cheapest price.

For members looking to publish open BOMs, it is completely free.

Turn your BOMs into living documents: always up to date, ready to order and simple to share.

FindChips Part Validation

Part Validation

Realizing that a part from a Bill of Materials isn't orderable down the line can cause major disruption in the form of delays and/or redesigns.

Findchips Pro scrubs your BOM / list and looks for misspelled part numbers, obsolete components and instantly creates alerts in your dashboard.

FindChips xRef

Cross References (xRef)

Findchips Pro gives you the ability to immediately identify several alternatives parts that match the form, fit and function (FFF) of a component.

Pin to pin replacements can avoid costly redesigns. Save lists of alternatives for your primary components and quickly assess the available inventory across the market.

Don’t miss a chance, make your life easier.

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Exclusive Market Intelligence

Findchips Pro aggregates and normalizes data from a wide range of sources in the electronics industry, while monitoring marketplace signals to generate a comprehensive view of a component’s market information.
Take advantage of unique granular intelligence to make better design and sourcing decisions.