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Amplifier Type: OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER Subcategory: Operational Amplifier Package Code: DFP

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Texas Instruments
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Obsolete 15 mV 13 V/us 200 pA 80 dB 4 OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER 15 V -15 V BIPOLAR VOLTAGE-FEEDBACK 200 pA YES YES NO -18 V +-15 V 5 V/us 18 V MILITARY 3 MHz 15000 R-GDFP-F14 Not Qualified 86 dB 125 °C -55 °C 14 CERAMIC, GLASS-SEALED DFP FL14,.3 RECTANGULAR FLATPACK YES FLAT 1.27 mm DUAL 2.03 mm 6.285 mm 9.21 mm TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC DFP CERAMIC, DFP-14 14 unknown EAR99 8542.33.00.01

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