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Manufacturer Part Number: asp13448801

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Part Number Composite Price
Rohs Code
Part Life Cycle Code
Total Number of Contacts
Number of Rows Loaded
Terminal Pitch
Number Of PCB Rows Contact Gender
Mounting Type
Insulator Material
Contact Finish Mating
Mounting Style
Connector Type
Filter Feature
Polarization Key
DIN Conformance
IEC Conformance
JESD-609 Code
MIL Conformance
Board Mounting Option
Contact Finish Termination
Contact Material
Contact Pattern
Contact Style
Mating Contact Pitch
Mixed Contacts
Mounting Option 1
Number Of Connectors Option
PCB Contact Pattern
PCB Contact Row Spacing
Plating Thickness
Termination Type
Body Breadth
Body Depth
Body Length
Reach Compliance Code
Samacsys Modified On
Samtec Inc
$21.9448 Yes Active 400 10 1.27 mm 10 MALE BOARD LIQUID CRYSTAL POLYMER GOLD (30) OVER NICKEL (50) STRAIGHT BOARD CONNECTOR NO POLARIZED HOUSING COMMERCIAL NO NO e3 NO PEG Tin (Sn) - with Nickel (Ni) barrier NOT SPECIFIED RECTANGULAR CENTRONIC 0.05 inch NO LOCKING ONE GENERAL PURPOSE RECTANGULAR 1.27 mm 30u inch SURFACE MOUNT 0.578 inch 0.24 inch 2.196 inch compliant 2020-09-08 12:51:23 9.4

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