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Manufacturer Part Number: 74hct132nb

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Part Number Composite Price
Pbfree Code
Rohs Code
Part Life Cycle Code
Supply Voltage-Nom (Vsup)
Propagation Delay (tpd)
Prop. Delay@Nom-Sup
Number of Functions Number of Inputs Surface Mount
Package Code
Load Capacitance (CL)
Schmitt Trigger
Family Logic IC Type
Technology Max I(ol)
Power Supplies
Supply Voltage-Max (Vsup)
Supply Voltage-Min (Vsup)
Temperature Grade
JESD-30 Code
Qualification Status
JESD-609 Code
Operating Temperature-Max
Operating Temperature-Min
Number of Terminals
Package Body Material
Package Equivalence Code
Package Shape
Package Style
Terminal Finish
Terminal Form
Terminal Pitch
Terminal Position
Seated Height-Max
Source Content uid
Ihs Manufacturer
Package Description
Reach Compliance Code
HTS Code
NXP Semiconductors
Check for Price Yes Yes Obsolete 5 V 50 ns 4 2 NO DIP 50 pF HCT NAND GATE CMOS 5.5 V 4.5 V AUTOMOTIVE R-PDIP-T14 Not Qualified e4 125 °C -40 °C 14 PLASTIC/EPOXY RECTANGULAR IN-LINE NICKEL PALLADIUM GOLD THROUGH-HOLE 2.54 mm DUAL 4.2 mm 7.62 mm 19.025 mm 74HCT132NB NXP SEMICONDUCTORS DIP, unknown 8542.39.00.01
Philips Semiconductors
Check for Price No Obsolete 5 V 41 ns NO DIP 50 pF YES NAND GATE CMOS 4 mA 5 V INDUSTRIAL R-PDIP-T14 e0 85 °C -40 °C 14 PLASTIC/EPOXY DIP14,.3 RECTANGULAR IN-LINE Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb) THROUGH-HOLE 2.54 mm DUAL PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS DIP, DIP14,.3 unknown 8542.39.00.01